for drives in mechanical engineering

Electrical drive technology such as frequency converters, DC converters, stepper motor drivers for efficient drive technology in Industry 4.0

Image: Mitsubishi Electric


for drives in mechanical engineering

Electrical drive technology such as frequency converters, DC converters, stepper motor drivers for efficient drive technology in Industry 4.0

Image: Mitsubishi Electric

Inverters: News from electrical drive technology

. electric drive technology like frequency converter, DC converters, control cabinet converters, stepper motor drivers, etc. for efficient drive technology in the Industry 4.0 environment. Inverter or frequency converters change the number of oscillations in a certain time or the frequency of alternating current or three-phase current. Rectifiers convert AC voltage into DC voltage. Inverters do the opposite.

KEB converter

In drive technology, frequency or DC converters are used as flexible Regulation of the speed. This allows, for example, the volume flow of a pump to be varied or a smooth start-up of a motor. Converter for electric motors are used particularly in the high performance range. The frequency converter consists of a rectifier and an inverter. The rectifier converts the alternating voltage into a direct voltage. The inverter generates the flexible output voltage from this. The voltage and frequency of the motors can be changed flexibly. The speed and the resulting speed become variable.

Brand new inverters

In the following we present the latest developments in converters and others power Electronics of NORD, KEB, Danfoss etc. In the first block you will find industry-specific applications such as for Renewable Energy, food technology or building automation. Then come the new innovations in converters & Co. for machine and plant construction.

Converters for special industries

  • A high-performance partner for drive concepts in bakery technology is Getriebebau Nord. With corrosion-resistant smooth motors, gearboxes, frequency converters and motor starters in washdown aluminum housings, Nord Drivesystems offers hygienic drive technology for mixing and stirring technology in bakeries.  
  • The shading raises the question of module optimizers or inverters with integrated yield optimization for specialists before installing a solar system. According to SMA Solar Technology, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has the answer. A study shows that a photovoltaic system with a modern string inverter is in almost all...
  • Kostal presents the PV hybrid inverter "Plenticore plus", which, in combination with the "BYD Battery Box H11.5", was recently recognized as the most efficient storage system by an independent jury as the most efficient storage system at the HTW Berlin. Available in five power classes between 4,2 and 10 kW, it is suitable for...

Converters for mechanical and plant engineering

frequency converter have been controlling the speed and thus the speed of electrical machines for over 50 years. Engines are infinitely adjustable, which is the case in many industries these days Automotive industry, air conditioning, food technology, handling technology, processing machines and much more. is essential. We present you here New developments and Application examples before like the Kostal converter with encoderless control.

Kostal frequency converter


NORD is one of the pioneers of innovative frequency converter Technology and has been developing electronic for more than 30 years Drive Technology. The portfolio includes motor starters and converters. Nord Drivesystems presents the brand new Nordac ON Series for decentralized applications and small power ranges as well as the extended Nordac Pro SK 500P Inverter for the switch cabinet with up to 22 kilowatts of power. You can find these and other new products below: 

Getriebebau Nord frequency converter SPS 2021


Baumueller1211Baumüller has further developed the "B Maxx 3400" servo controller and is now introducing the B Maxx 3300, the new generation of high-quality servo controllers for small drives in two sizes with an optional handheld control unit. It is compact, highly dynamic and energy efficient.

The future of production is modular, flexible and autonomous. This requires new systems with decentralized intelligence that can cope with the growing complexity of the processes. NORD developed for more than 30 years electrical drive technology. The pioneer of innovative converters offers a wide selection decentralized drive technology with frequency inverters that can be individually adapted to all desired applications and flexibly integrated in the system field. New ones are particularly noteworthy cabinet inverters and decentralized frequency converter for intralogistics.

North frequency converter


Mitsubishi Electric Has a size frequency converter selection in the portfolio. They cover commercial applications as well as use under harsh conditions. The manufacturer pays particular attention to efficiency. With his Line up series e.g. For example, the high-quality converters only do exactly what they are supposed to do with less functionality. Or the FR-E800 series offers a unique selling point with its standard corrosion detection function. We present these and other innovations in frequency converters below:

Mitsubishi Electric frequency converter


B&R (Bernecker + Rainer) has the functionality of the servo 'Acopos' expanded: With Repetitive Control, the accuracy in manufacturing processes with fixed position disturbances can be significantly improved, since Following error be predictively compensated. The performance of the machine or system increases significantly without great effort. Repetitive Control is available for all Acopos models by means of a firmware update.

BR lag error


nord10417NORD presents further developed concepts for Industry 4.0 based on its drive technology. The “Nordac Link” field distributor series is at the center of the trade fair appearance. This has been expanded to include a new size and, with standardized configurations, enables efficient variant management in conveyor systems.


What would a person be without the theater, without art, without actors, without performances? With art we can cross the boundaries of time and, for example, travel back to ancient Greece, to the origins of theater. But what do art and automation have in common? Quite simply: a modern theater does not work without it. This application in Łódź shows the role Mitsubishi Electric plays in this.

danfoss PLCDanfoss is showing a new, highly efficient drive cooling concept, which is being provided together with Rittal, as well as integrated safety and monitoring modules for VLT frequency converters for the first time. The task of shifting functional machine safety into the drive while maintaining the handling of previous, discrete safety concepts, led to this new approach, which was implemented with the MCB 140/150 safety module.

north logThe "Nordac Link" field distributor series from NORD has been specially optimized for conveyor technology. The drive control for flexible installation close to the motor is available as a frequency converter up to 7,5 kW and motor starter up to 3 kW and offers quick commissioning, easy operation and maintenance.

Sprint Electric has its DC converter of the 3200i and 3600XRi series modified. The innovations on both converter series increase the adaptability, performance and durability of the two- and four-quadrant DC regulators. Both versions can be used for Speed ​​and current control most brushed DC motors  .

Sprint Electric DC converter