plain bearingroller bearing

Plain and roller bearings for your construction

Ball bearings, roller bearings, air bearings, linear bearings, ceramic bearings, RTB bearings and much more. made of metal or plastic for many applications

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Linear Technology

Linear technology for movement

Profile rail guides, heavy-duty guides, telescopic guides, ball screws, threaded spindles for mechanical engineering

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Machine elements | For your smart construction

Are machine elements Construction componentsthat are not only contained in machines, but rather can be found in every technical construction. Often they are as inconspicuous as they are important at the same time. If, for example, a seal fails, it can have a major impact on the entire machine or system. We'll bring you the latest Machine Elements such as rolling and plain bearings, linear technology, shock absorbers, shafts, tools, springs, seals, operating elements and so on.

Stainless steel linear guide Rollon


Machine element 2024 – The most important things in brief

Today’s trends in the development of machine elements include the use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing and high-performance plastics. Electronics are also making inroads, for example in the form of Sensors, so that the importance of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for the individual machine element increases.

The smart rolling bearing or the profile rail guide with position measurement offer more intelligence in terms of Industry 4.0All these advances make it possible to develop lighter, more robust and more durable components that perform specific tasks and meet special requirements.

In addition, the digital transformation its general Calculation and selection of machine elements. It is actually a pity not to have to use the textbook on technical mechanics with the complex calculations or the Rohloff/Matek books as well as tables and formula collections from the mechanical engineering course anymore: With the help of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Artificial intelligence Designers can carry out more precise simulations and optimizations than was ever possible before. This leads to more efficient and reliable designs. Printing thousand-page catalogs is also a thing of the past; configurators have long since taken over these tasks.

The Future of machine elements lies in the further integration of IoT and AI, which will significantly expand the functionality of advanced components in terms of predictive maintenance and self-optimizing systems. These technologies will significantly improve the service life and performance of machines and reduce operating costs. The challenge is to integrate these advanced technologies into existing systems while ensuring standards and compatibility. 

These are the new features:


High-precision RTB bearings for machine tools

12.07.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | At the AMB, Rodriguez is presenting moving highlights for the construction of machine tools in high-performance applications with the bidirectional rotary table bearing or RTB bearing. The RTB axial-radial bearings offer high strength, tilting rigidity and rolling accuracy. Among other things, the RTB-ABS bearing type with integrated absolute encoder has been further optimized.

Sealing materials for the hydrogen industry

08.07.2024/2/XNUMX | Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has an innovative HXNUMXPro product family in its portfolio for the hydrogen industry. These sealing materials are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the entire hydrogen value chain and offer solutions for transport, storage and end applications.
roller bearing

Rolling bearings for high-speed and freight trains

02.07.2024 | At Innotrans 2024 in Berlin, NSK will be showcasing its latest innovations in the field of rolling bearing technology, which have been specially developed for high-speed and freight trains. These include tapered roller bearings for high-speed trains, spherical and cylindrical roller bearings for freight trains and subways, hybrid bearings for transaction engines and gearbox bearings for rail vehicles.
slewing ring

Sustainable slewing ring bearing made of wood and plastic

June 10.06.2024, 2024 | Igus presented an innovative slewing ring bearing made of wood-plastic composite (WPC) at the Hannover Messe 50. With a mix of 50% wood and XNUMX% high-performance plastics, the new PRT slewing ring bearing Iglidur offers an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution for industrial applications.
Mini warehouse

Miniature ball bearings and the smallest ball bearing in the world

10.06.2024 | Minebea Mitsumi's miniature ball bearings are available in a wide range of materials and designs, including stainless steel, chrome steel or ceramic, flanged, open or shielded. This flexibility makes it possible to select ball bearings precisely according to the requirements of the respective application.
Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings for heavy industrial gears

April 16.04.2024, 23 | Schaeffler is introducing its new NJ24-ILR series cylindrical roller bearings for construction machinery and heavy industrial gears. The rolling bearings are compact and equipped with the high-performance Mpax cage, which gives them a very high dynamic load carrying capacity. The load rating has been increased by XNUMX% and the rating life has been doubled.
Crown gear

Crown gear production improved

April 14.04.2024, 3967 | In the past, bevel gears had the edge due to their manufacturing advantages. Welter has now further developed its production processes for crown gears and can now produce them in quality 5 according to DIN 0. These gears are very flexible with axis angles from 150 to XNUMX degrees. They enable the pinion to be moved axially.
Door handle

Door handle system displays machine statuses

08.04.2024/40/XNUMX | Schmersal presents its new DHS door handle system. The handles combine the functions of a robust door handle with the display of various machine states. The color of the handle lighting provides information about this. The universally designed handles can be used together with the AZMXNUMX safety interlock, with safety sensors or as a stand-alone solution.
Precision ball bearings

Slim precision ball bearings move high-tech in space

16.03.2024 | In the field of precision bearings, Rodriguez GmbH provides a key technology for the aerospace industry with its Kaydon "Realislim" thin-section bearings. These specialized rolling bearings contributed to the success of the Mars mission in 2021 in the NASA Rover Perseverance.
linear guide

Linear guide with lubrication and seal package

March 14.03.2024, 2024 | At Anuga Foodtec XNUMX, Schaeffler is presenting linear guides for food technology. Such profile rail guides are used in a variety of linear movements when processing and packaging food. An example is the four-row ball recirculating unit from the KUVE..B series.
Spherical roller bearings

3 times more durable spherical roller bearings for food

08.03.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new Food line spherical roller bearings from SKF are specifically tailored to the requirements of the food industry. They offer up to three times longer lifespan and comply with the industry's strict hygiene regulations. These bearings with food-grade lubrication and special seals minimize the risk of contamination.
Thin section bearings

Mega slim bearings save 80 percent installation space

March 01.03.2024, XNUMX | Extremely robust and at the same time small, light and very slim: These are the Kaydon thin section bearings from Rodriguez as a special feature in bearing technology. If you rely on compact design, low weight and miniaturization in your applications in mechanical and plant engineering, these rolling bearings are the right solutions.

Plain bearing made of plastic regranulate

19.10.2023/210/50 | Igus has developed the new Iglidur ECO P5000 plain bearing for machines that regularly come into contact with chemicals. The maximum recommended surface pressure is 2 MPa at room temperature. This corresponds to a pressure of 40 kg/cm100. The application temperature is between -XNUMX° and +XNUMX °C.
Curve carriage

Curve slide made from recycled high-performance plastic

Oct 19.10.2023, XNUMX | The new low-cost linear slides made of recycled high-performance plastic from the Drylin Econ series from Igus are made of recycled high-performance plastic. They can be used to realize movements in a quarter, half or full circle as well as convex and concave arch guides.
snap lock

Stainless steel snaps for all environments

06.09.2023/4/1850 | There are new materials for Kipp's snap fastener range: A variant made of A1851 stainless steel with a Kipp handle is resistant to moisture, acid and sea water. The KXNUMX and KXNUMX locking elements are suitable for a wide variety of applications both inside and outside. The elegant, reduced design is combined with simple and safe handling.
Hygienic Design

Gap-free linear guide in hygienic design

Sep 18.09.2023, XNUMX | Igus is a member of the EHEDG and has developed the first linear sliding guide that is consistently based on the hygienic design guidelines. This is ensured by FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer, high-alloy stainless steel and the flushable internal construction of the slide.
Screwing assistant

Artificially intelligent screwing assistant

21.09.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | Trimiti is an AI-controlled screw assistant for manual assembly processes that Nexustec will present at Motek. An intuitive interface provides the worker with a clear and systematic screw sequence for each cell. This guides him step by step through the assembly process.

Racks now also up to 2 m long

Sep 05.09.2023, 1 | Wittenstein now also offers the proven racks with a length of 2 m with a length of 2 m for linear systems. They simplify assembly, especially in short linear axes. If you combine it with the simple, quick, ergonomic and precise “Inira” assembly concept, there are further advantages with the new XNUMX-meter version.
linear guide

Linear guides now last twice as long

Aug 21.08.2023, XNUMX | NSK presents a new linear guide at EMO. Compared to the proven NH/NS linear guide, the DH/DS series achieves a service life that is twice as long thanks to several design changes.

Ergonomic aluminum handwheels

July 26.07.2023, XNUMX | The new aluminum handwheels from Heinrich Kipp are visually appealing, ergonomic and reliable. The control elements are user-friendly and fit seamlessly into the manufacturing process. Six versions in different sizes and two color variants are available.

Machine elements from A to Z

Drive chain, conveyor chain, roller chain, lifting chain, plain bearing, rolling bearing, ball bearing, roller bearing, air bearing, shock absorber, gas spring, damping plate, seal, O-ring, shaft, spring, clamping element, wheels, rollers, rotary table, gear ring, rotary table bearing, hinge, tolerance sleeve, snap lock, shaft ring, sealing ring, gear, toothed belt, bevel gear, rack, pins, cylindrical pin, spherical bearing, handles, switches, buttons, profiles, handwheel, clamping lever, buttons, rods, lever, locking pin, locking pin, bow handle, ball knob, ball roller, vibration damper, rotation damper, small shock absorber, pallet stopper, rubber buffer, structural damper, compression spring, tension spring, shaft-hub connections, wave spring, housing bearing, thin-section bearing, flange bearing, joint, ball slewing ring, ball bushing, linear guide, guide shaft, linear bearing, linear rail, profile rail, rail guide, telescopic rail, shim, laminated sheet, heavy-duty roller, Heavy-duty guides, locking bolts, screws, nuts, eyebolts, cylinder head screws, Phillips screws, Allen screws, flow drill screws, worm gears – these are just a few examples and by no means all of the machine elements.

We have compiled detailed articles and menus for the following machine elements, connecting elements and drive elements, based on information from numerous manufacturers on the market:

Controls | Ergonomic and safe controls

Unauthorized access, false Machine operation and unwanted electrical discharges can cause considerable damage. In hygiene-sensitive areas, there is another aspect to consider: no foreign bodies may get into the products being processed. Many of these and other dangers can be eliminated with simple means. Safe controls are an example.

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Calculate and order CNC milled and turned parts online

Spanflug Technologies was the first contract manufacturer to offer a completely automate ordering process for CNC milled parts and turned parts online. There are now other providers with online shops that offer the option of immediately calculating, ordering and manufacturing individual components. 

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Damping technology | Shock absorbers, vibration dampers, rotation dampers

Damping technology for industrial applications is used to control vibrations, shocks and unwanted movements. shock absorber, Rotary damper and vibration are special machine elements that ensure optimal performance and longevity of machines. 

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Sealing | Small component – ​​big responsibility

Seals are small but indispensable machine elements that are used to seal components against liquids and gases. Their development enables efficient and long-lasting connections in numerous applications. This article highlights current innovations on the market and shows a wide range of possible uses for seals.

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Springs | compression spring, tension spring, wave spring

Spring technology includes small but essential machine elements that are used in a variety of applications to store and release energy. Their precise design is crucial for the performance and reliability of technical systems. This article presents new developments and offers numerous tips for the optimal design and application of the Industrial springs.

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Plain bearings + rolling bearings | Moving machine elements

Whether you one Plain bearings or rolling bearings for your applications The choice of bearing material depends crucially on the requirements of the application and the desired factors such as radial load or axial load, lubrication, acting forces, friction, speeds, wear, etc. The same applies to the choice of material for plain bearings or rolling bearings or for the balls, such as steel, bronze, sintered bronze, plastic, etc.

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Chains | Drive, conveyor and roller chains for industry

Discover the latest developments in the world of Drive and conveyor chains. This article provides information about innovative new products, shows their efficiency using user examples from the wood industry and automobile construction, and presents you with exclusive service offers. Learn how to be eco-friendly roller chains Optimize your production processes in every industry and so on Reduce TCO costs.

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Clamping elements | Positioning, fixing, fastening

Discover the efficiency and versatility of clamping elements that position, fix or attach pneumatically, hydraulically or mechanically components in manufacturing technology. These precise machine elements offer an optimal solution for the safe and reliable holding of components in machines and systems, for example in emergency stops.

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Linear technology | Master of rectilinear movement

Linear technology is an indispensable component of modern machines and systems, in which it enables precise linear movements. It is used in many industries such as Robotic, in mechanical engineering, in the Automotive industry, Medical Technology or food technology and much more. Discover the new developments, diverse applications and find out about the basics.

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Shims | For tolerance compensation in assembly

To compensate for tolerances in Tenths of a millimeter Georg Martin offers single-layer, multi-layer or peelable shims for this range and even below. When using such shims, it is important to make the right selection in order to make the assembly process efficient. For example, the precision shims from the Laminum and Lamivario series can be used to optimize the setting of the rolling bearing preload. 

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Profiles for tripod kinematics in the 3D printer

Bahr Modultechnik presents a newly developed system structure for 3D printer for FFF/FDM printing of large-format objects using the fused deposition process. Due to the optimized modular design principle, the CLLK 60-Tripod as an extremely economical solution compared to the market.

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Wheels and castors | For industry and heavy loads

Wheels and Roles are machine elements for industrial heavy load- And Transportapplications. Their exceptional load-bearing capacity and durability ensure efficient movement in demanding environments. The article shows how these components facilitate industrial material flow.

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Rotary table | Systems for precise workpiece positioning

High precision, short cycle times, dynamic and modular should be a rotary table that, for example, transports the workpiece to its destination as a positioning system. In machine tools, handling systems, Measuring devices and other applications, it should also function quickly with high repeatability.

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Hinge | For control cabinet, housing and machine door

Hinges are used as connecting elements in industry to enable precise movements and robust connections. They are often versatile and resilient for opening and closing switch cabinet, housings up to Machine doors and machine covers. The article shows how modern hinges improve the efficiency and durability of industrial systems.

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Versatile tolerance sleeves as an economical alternative

Tolerance sleeves can be used in a variety of ways as force-locking connecting elements, and once created, connections can be undone again, unlike pressing or gluing. This also applies to the Torque transmission – quite different from, for example, wedge and press fits, as this article shows.

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Closures | Snap fasteners, locking pins, locking pins

The group of the rather inconspicuous standard parts and operating parts also include the Locking or Locking bolt, Locking bolt or snap closures. They all connect components in industrial applications. Plastic, steel and stainless steel are used as standard materials. Here we present new developments for numerous applications.

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Screw connection | Reconnectable!

The right screw connectiong plays a crucial role in many technical designs. Have you heard of the “captive screw” or know how a “direct screw connection” can make the difference in your assembly? AI has also already moved into it detachable connection technology. In this article we will introduce you to innovations from the world of screw connections that show why these small components are so important.

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Configure shaft rings online with optimal adjustment

When selecting the shaft rings from Misumi, the designer can choose the optimal component for his design from a wide range of specifications. In addition to precisely configurable Make-to-order (MTO) Components Misumi also offers standard components from its own and third-party production in its one-stop shop. Most of the items are shipped on the day the order is placed.

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Gear | Types, manufacturer, configurator

Gears play a central role in Industrial driven, which are used in a variety of machines and systems. Such a Gear must withstand extreme stress, is typically corrosion resistant, and is often designed to be self-lubricating for longer life and reduced maintenance.

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toothed belt | Innovations, applications, coating and much more.

The Timing belts is a universally applicable drive element for many industrial sectors such as automotive, packaging technology, mechanical engineering, tool making, printing technology, textile engineering. The latest new development is the Breco timing belt from Mulco, which comes with a new coating material can handle extremely hot temperatures. 

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Rack | Corrosion resistant and up to 2 m long

An rack converts rotating movements in the rack drive into linear ones. It is suitable for applications in automation technology, in car steering or is used in CNC machines. Modern racks are very precise and robust against environmental influences. 

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Configure straight and dowel pins according to 30 standards online

Designers can now Dowel pins and straight pins configure according to more than 30 different DIN and ISO standards. In the online shop, in addition to various types of cylindrical pins and dowel pins, slotted pins, spiral shaped pins, taper pins and grooved pins are also available. In addition to standard parts from our own production and from Reyher and Ganter, the portfolio also includes precisely configurable ones Make-to-order (MTO) components.

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Precision tools

The latest innovations for machine tools and machining centers:


High performance drill for precise titanium machining

09.07.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | Mikron Tool presents the new generation of titanium drills, perfectly tailored to the different requirements of titanium types. Pure titanium and alloyed titanium types have different cutting properties, which makes the use of universal tools ineffective. The new drills can machine both pure titanium and alloyed titanium types reliably and efficiently.
Thread milling cutter

Material-friendly thread milling cutter for clean threads

09.07.2024/20/XNUMX | Thread quality is often the decisive factor for success or rejection. Since threads are usually created at the end of the machining process, the highest precision and process reliability are required. Ceratizit's Performance Line shank thread milling cutters offer a performance increase of up to XNUMX% compared to previous models.
Quick release

Quick release for optical measurement technology

21.11.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Heinrich Kipp Werk presents two new quick and power clamps with a black surface. Designed for use in optical measurement technology, they fix the workpiece during photometric measurement. The matt black surface prevents reflections during optical photography and measuring. External light influences that can lead to reflections during the measuring process are compensated. The clamps are made of burnished steel.

Mandrels for safe and rigid clamping

05.09.2023/1970/XNUMX | Hainbuch's Spanntop chuck technology revolutionized the world of workpiece clamping in the XNUMXs and set new standards. The developers then transferred the hexagonal geometry of the Toplus chuck to the Maxxos mandrel to ensure even greater rigidity with higher transmission forces.
interrogation sensor

Sensor detects the status of the clamping systems

05.05.2023 | With the Vero-S modular system from Schunk, the workpiece and clamping device can be fixed, positioned and clamped in the machine quickly and fully automatically. The Vero-S AFS3 IOL query sensor provides information about three clamping states of the modules. During automated clamping, the new sensor helps to overcome uncertainties by bringing more transparency to the clamping process.

Clamping elements, clamping elements, drills, milling cutters, chucks, thread formers, tool changers, mandrels, collets, clamping jaws and other precision tools from the range of various manufacturers are hidden in the following articles:

Drill | Precision tool for machine tools etc.

Drills are indispensable Precision tools in machine tools, machining centers, NC and CNC machines. Their precision and versatility enable high-precision drilling in various materials. The article presents a few innovations and shows how they increase the efficiency and range of applications in manufacturing engineering can increase.

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Milling cutters | Precision tools for machining centers & Co.

Whether end mills, thread mills, high-performance milling cutters: The demands on the small Precision tools for machine tools, machining centers, NC and CNC machines are constantly increasing. The special geometry and sharpness of the Router enable precise material removal and complex shapes in the MetalworkingThis article presents innovations and explains possible applications in modern manufacturing.

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Chipless thread former for aluminium cast alloys

With two newly developed tapping-Tools expanded Rhymes Noris his product portfolio for Aluminum wrought alloys and Cast aluminum alloys, Both tool types, like all thread formers of the "NEO" series, are made from HSSE-PM substrate. However, they differ in properties such as geometry and coating in order to achieve outstanding results in the respective area of ​​application.

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Chuck | for efficient metal processing

There are different chuck for processing workpieces on a machine, including power chucks, jaw chucks or eccentric chucks. They all have in common that they either die Tools such as drills or milling cutters. Or they clamp the ones to be machined as a so-called lathe chuck workpieces on the machine. 

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clamping technology | Intelligent, safe, efficient!

The one presented here Workholding is used to fix and hold a workpiece in devices, machine tools or machining centers. Clamping jaws, collets, quick-release clamps, clamping plates, mandrels, etc. must function safely, precisely and reliably when milling, turning, grinding and otherwise machining workpieces.

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Tool changer | Electric or manually operated

There are only a few all-electric ones so far Tool changer on the market, mostly pneumatic ones are used here. The electric ones already on offer only cover the area of ​​small mechatronic ones grab Since the trend here is also to exchange Pneumatics by Electrics does not stop at further development, but electric tool changers are also increasingly being used.

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Machine elements in practice – users report

Core shooting machine near Laempe
Drone hangar at Exabotic
Camera truck at Movikom
Laser marking system at Östling
Wood stacker at De Vree
Turbine blades at PMR
Grinding machines at Peitzmeier
3D printer at Fabmaker
Land Rover trunk
Production measurement technology at Philipp Hafner
Virtual reality flight simulator at Icaro
Designer yacht at Vanquish Yachts
Aircraft fuselage at Premium Aerotec
Chain circulation at Maschinenbau Kitz
Cultivators and disc harrows at Lemken
Fly reel from LH Design
Electric scooter from BMW
Parcel sorting system at Equinox
Clamping modules at Ruwi
Monitor holder at Rose+Krieger
Large transformer at Kohls
Conveyor technology at Walther Flender
Chain circulation at Maschinenbau Kitz