plain bearingroller bearing

Plain and roller bearings for your construction

Ball bearings, roller bearings, air bearings, linear bearings, ceramic bearings, RTB bearings and much more. made of metal or plastic for many applications

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Linear Technology

Linear technology for movement

Profile rail guides, heavy-duty guides, telescopic guides, ball screws, threaded spindles for mechanical engineering

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other machine elements

Construction components for research & development

Rotary table, spring, machine frame, standard part, brush, shock absorber, seal, handle, CNC component, standard part, etc

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Tools, clamping technology, device

High-precision cutting tools and non-cutting tools for machines as well as clamping technology for jig and mold construction

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Smart machine elements for your efficient construction

Are machine elements Construction componentsthat are not only contained in machines, but rather can be found in every technical construction. Often they are as inconspicuous as they are important at the same time. If, for example, a seal fails, it can have a major impact on the entire machine or system. We'll bring you the latest Machine Elements before how Rolling and plain bearings, Linear Technology, Shock absorbers, shafts, Tools, Springs, seals, Controls and much more.

Stainless steel linear guide Rollon


Brand new machine elements

The calculation of the machine elements is increasingly done online today. In our section Configuration you will find numerous innovations of such tools. Or go straight to our service area. There you will find apps and tools for machine elements, which often make your design or shopping easier for you online, much like Amazon. exceptions like Fasteners with z. B. Screws can be found in the department Connection Technology, Couplings, Brakes and Drive Elements in the field of drive technology. 

Machine elements for special industries

Special industries like Automotive industry, Renewable Energy, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, Microsystems Technology require specially designed developments and knowledge. Here we introduce you to the latest machine elements for these applications. 

  • A product development that makes everyday life easier for many people is the best reward for the designer. A prime example of this is the Rollikup wheelchair coupling from Teuto Inserv gGmbH. First developed on behalf of a wheelchair user, the coupling, which is as simple as it is ingenious, has developed into a successful product. Leave trailers, suitcases and much more...
  • Frenzelit offers a molded part made from the Novaform fiber gasket that prevents galvanic corrosion. It galvanically decouples surfaces from metals in vehicles. The molded part is a cost-effective and effective alternative to common corrosion protection such as painting.  
  • In 2005, elastic point bearings made from Getzner Synodyn were installed to protect the cinemas in the famous Grandberry Mall in Tokyo from disturbing noise and vibrations. According to long-term measurements, the vibration isolation still works almost unchanged 15 years later. And so, after the temporary closure of the area, Getzner received the order to do that too...
  • The drive unit for a special vacuum application in semiconductor production consists of an internally toothed stainless steel ball slewing ring with the dimensions 1230 mm x 1091 mm x 27,5 mm including a mounting plate and drive pinion. Rodriguez supplies this assembly from a single source as part of its customer-specific system solutions, Value Added Products.   

Machine elements for machines and systems

In the past, machine elements were exclusively mechanical components which, when put together in a construction, resulted in assemblies. Today, the individual components in mechanical engineering do not stop at Industry 4.0. In the mechanical elements more and more electronics or Measurement Technology a. The smart rolling bearing or the profile rail guide with path measurement lead to more intelligence in the machine elements. These are the new features:

Discover the efficiency and versatility of the Clamping elements, which position, fix or attach pneumatically, hydraulically or mechanically components in manufacturing technology. These precise machine elements offer an optimal solution for the safe and reliable holding of components in machines and systems, for example in emergency stops.

Room clamping element

The Heinrich Kipp Werk presents further developments in the Workholding: Two new quick and power clamps with a black surface prevent reflections in the optical metrology. With the Multiple clamping system different workpieces can be clamped. The flexible 5-axis vice tilt flexx designed. Of the Mandrel with eccentric lever works without tools. You can find these and other innovations below:

Kipp clamping technology clamping system


The one presented here Workholding is used to fix and hold a workpiece in devices, machine tools or machining centers. clamping jawcollet, Quick release, chipboard, Mandrel & Co. must work safely, precisely and reliably when milling, turning, grinding and other processing of workpieces. Below you will find New developments different manufacturers:

Norgren clamping technology


The LHL300-1700 core shooter is characterized by short cycle times, robustness and finesse Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH. The built-in components ensure robustness Profile rail guides of Schaeffler. You can even under adverse conditions like in the Foundry technology Hold a maximum load of 300 tons.

Schaeffler Laempe core manufacturing plant

About 250.000 manufacturers put the igloo bearings of Igus in their constructions. the Plastic-Plain bearings show their advantages wherever the construction between moving components has to be protected from wear caused by friction. The Motion Plastics specialist praises the every two years Manus Award 2023 which selects particularly interesting applications. Below we report on new plain bearings and unusual applications.

Igus plain bearing ECO


Rodriguez is one of very few providers of hard chrome-plated in Germany Guide shafts in a manufacturing quality that was previously only reserved for non-hard chrome-plated steel shafts. The precise guide shaft is in h6-Tolerance manufactured in-house. A hard chrome-plated shaft meets the requirements for high wear protection and good corrosion resistance.

Rodriguez leadership wave


How to deal with high quality Machine elements In-house material flows designed more efficiently, knows Alexander Rubin, Product manager at Dr. Tretter in Rechberghausen. With an extensive program Ball Transfer Units users can move loads of different weights with ease. This portfolio also includes the Air Cargo series of heavy-duty ball transfer units, which are significantly lighter and more resilient than competitive products.

Dr Tretter ball casters


drillSleep Pramet presents new ones drill: one Solid Carbide Drills for aluminum, one Replaceable head drill , and a Spot drill for precise centering. The program is suitable for civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The focus is on large diameter holes. The range of solid carbide heads for steel, stainless steel and cast iron is combined with a robust HSS tool body. 

maedler0117In addition to the various roller bearings in the standard design, Mädler now also has ball and roller bearings in design C3 with increased internal clearance in its range. The size of the internal clearance is not a question of quality, but rather has to match the application. The most common rolling bearings have normal internal clearance. Rolling bearings in design C3 have a larger radial internal clearance.

In applications that require easy cleanability or high corrosion resistance, a linear guide off Stainless Steel used. The specialist for linear motion systems Rollon offers for this customized solutions a broad portfolio of modular Linear Technology as well as a high development and application competence. This also shows the seaworthiness in one Designer yacht by Vanish Yachts.

Rollon linear guide stainless steel designer yacht


For the final sanding of surfaces, an exact alignment of the workpiece to the sanding belt is important. In order to create a uniform grinding pattern, the component to be processed must be able to be precisely positioned together with the lifting table. With the Omni Grind belt sanders from Peitzmeier mechanical engineering take on this task linear guides of Rollon, which bring even heavy workpieces into the desired position precisely and within seconds.

Rollon grinding machines Peitzmeier

For the transport of heavy loads and large masses such as in fire brigade or military vehicles, on the train, in mobile work machines or for transport tasks in industry are often used Heavy duty rails used. As a telescopic extension or linear unit, they have to withstand high loads. For such tasks with high load-bearing capacity, we provide you with them here New before: 

Rollon roller guide