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Construction components: News about all kinds of machine elements

Construction components make Machine Elementsthat are built into technical constructions such as systems, machines, devices. If you are looking for the latest technology for Rotary table, spring, machine frame, standard part, brush, seal, handle, CNC component you are right here. Here you can find practically all construction components except Linear Technology, Plain bearings, roller bearings, Shock absorbers and Tools. We have separate sections for these.

Brand new construction components

You can find new developments of all other machine elements here - Optimize your construction and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)!

Spacer made of bio-based plastic

NSK KGT spacerNSK presents a world first with the spacer element for ball screws made of 100% bio-based Plastic. Compared to a spacer element made of fossil plastic, the CO2-Footprint by 90% reduced over the entire life cycle. The developers have the bio-based high-performance for thispolyamide Ecopaxx selected by DSM. 

CO2 footprint of seals down to the gram

Freudenberg CO2As a manufacturer of low-friction seals Freudenberg Sealing Technologies live up to their responsibility for climate protection. To this end, the company has developed a method that can be used to determine the CO2 footprint from the manufacture of seals and other components.

The dangers in a production should not be underestimated: The Heinrich Kipp Werk has numerous controls and standard parts for a wide variety of industries in the portfolio. With many of them you can get the best possible Occupational and operational safety implement, be it in highly sensitive areas or under harsh environmental conditions. Here you will find the new developments:

Kipp Samuel Rasch Kai Patrick Dahlhaus


The controls, Switch and Taster Portfolio of Schmersal for the machine or system in industry focuses on intelligent sensor technology and decentralized automation solutions. The products support modular systems, reduce commissioning times and even cover hygienic design requirements. Below we present them to you New Products and their use.

Schmersal door handle


To compensate for tolerances in Tenths of a millimeter Area and even below it George Martin One-layer, multi-layer or peelable shims. When using such fitting elements, the most important thing is to make the right selection in order to make the assembly processes efficient. For example, with the precision Shims the laminum and lamivario series setting the Rolling Optimize preload. 

Georg Martin Passcheiben roller bearings


High precision, short cycle times, dynamic and modular should be a roundtable be the z. B. transported the workpiece to its destination as a positioning system. In machine tools, handling systems, Measuring devices and other applications, it should also function quickly with high repeat accuracy. Below we give you an overview of the developments of various Manufacturers of rotary tables:

Norelem round table

TU Wien0415The storage of rotating shafts is sometimes a challenge in a wide variety of applications. Increasing efficiency by minimizing friction and wear losses is becoming increasingly important, with rolling and... Bearing increasingly no longer meet the increasing demands. Magnetic bearings are usually the best choice for such requirements. The Vienna University of Technology is now introducing a sensorless magnetic bearing.

blickle0416Blickle has launched a new series of heavy-duty leveling castors. Users can use it to move and position machines and other large devices easily and safely. In addition to a high load capacity, the double castors offer a stable stand and a height that can be leveled for particularly precise applications.

The  Heinrich Kipp Werk now also offers high quality Wheels and castors for industry. The portfolio includes a large selection of, for example, swivel castors, leveling castors, fixed castors, apparatus castors and solid rubber wheels, polyamide, for heavy loads and much more. Applications are e.g. B. Floor conveyors in conveyor systems or packaging lines. Kipp's high quality standards ensure optimum mileage and high system security.

Tilt wheels and rollers


ief0418In classic mechanical engineering, users are increasingly confronted with the requirements of clean production. IEF-Werner shows sophisticated solutions with which companies can design handling processes economically and safely - also for production under clean-technical conditions.

WeformaWeforma damping technology has developed damping cylinders that can be used flexibly for a large number of applications. With their WM-Z and WM-ZG series, an extensive range of hydraulic damping cylinders is available, which are suitable, for example, for the vibration decoupling of motors or in commercial washing machines and as rope tensioners.

The mechatronic grab and components of Gimatic are always conquering new applications. And so there are no limits to the creativity of the user, regardless of whether it is about the new coupling gripper, IO-Link gripper or mixing individual medicines for cancer patients. Here you will find the innovations and applications of the mechatronics specialist.

Gimatic gripper

palletizerThe palletizer "Dual Fast Pick Station" the Angle GmbH stands as world first the focus of the trade fair appearance at Logimat 2020. The palletizing systems enable the handling of pallets and trolleys on just one system with a high degree of flexibility. Because they do not have to be converted for palletizing. This allows users to palletize deliveries even faster and more efficiently. Storage and retrieval machines and solutions for logistics applications will also be seen.

An electrostatic discharge can be uncomfortable in everyday life. In industrial production, such discharges can damage or even destroy sensitive electronic devices, components or devices. To prevent such damage, jobs need to be in ESD Zones (electrostatic discharge or electrostatic discharge) down to the smallest component must be equipped in accordance with standards. That Heinrich Kipp Werk offers safe ESD for this keypads.

Tilting ESD control panels


needlesACE is expanding its industrial shock absorber series of the Magnum type in the temperature range downwards. This means that representatives of the “Low Temperature” LT series can be used in environments in which the thermometer drops to -50 ° C. This is made possible by a special oil and special seals, among other things.

Chip Flight Technologies, a startup of Technical University of Munich (TUM), was the first contract manufacturer to offer a fully automated ordering process for CNC Milled and turned parts online. In the meantime, there are other suppliers with online shops, with the offer to calculate and order individual components immediately and have them manufactured. at Igus there is in the new Tribocut service CNC milled and turned plastic parts. Simus Systems however offers with costing 24 Calculation in the online tool for calculating the manufacturing costs. We present these and other new developments to you:

Chip clearance, milled parts, turned parts online

kipp0718With the clamping stop for groove profiles, the Heinrich Kipp factory is introducing a practical market innovation: The spring-loaded threaded bolt prevents annoying tilting and makes it easier to move the stop. The flexible positioning element with M6 thread is suitable for different areas of application.

bahr0317Bahr Modultechnik presents a newly developed system structure for 3D printers for FFF / FDM printing of large-format objects using the melt layer process. Due to the optimized modular construction principle, the CLLK 60 tripod proves to be an extremely economical solution compared to the market.

static sealAn static seal for large plants in industry or Energy Technology often have to last a good twenty years. Previously used calculation tools meant that the components were often larger than was necessary. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has now developed a method that takes material changes into account at the molecular level. This increases reliability with less material.

Assembly systemTactomat presents with the new "Taktocube" a modular structure machine cell for fast clocking assembly systems. Users receive a complete solution from a single source and can also benefit from short delivery times.