glass ceramic

with unbeatable properties

Technical glass for displays or panes as well as high-performance ceramics, industrial ceramics, engineering ceramics or as a symbiosis of glass ceramics

Image: LPKF / Vitrion

Glass and ceramics: News about smart high-tech materials

Here we present to you Technical glass for display or disc and Technical ceramics for tool or gripper. Glass and ceramics have unbeatable material properties. Technical ceramics are used today instead of metals in for example the Medical TechnologyWherein Tools or electronic components. We can also find them in Bearings or as ceramic plain bearings. 

Doceram glass ceramic


Technical ceramics is also offered as high-performance ceramics, industrial ceramics, engineering ceramics. Ceramics with special piezoelectric properties serve as functional ceramics. This is a symbiosis of glass and ceramics Ceramic, which is also one of the modern materials. We report on the material science of these high-tech materials, their composition and their possible uses.

Brand new glass, ceramic materials

Find out about innovations relating to the materials glass and ceramics from Optris, PI Ceramic or Doceram, among others. See below industry-specifice glass and ceramics. Then we present glass and ceramics, glass ceramics, manufacturing processes and accessories novelties, made for the Machinery and plant engineering.

Glass, ceramics for special industries

Glass, ceramics for machines and systems

hpminerals0918HPF The Mineral Engineers introduces the masterbatch "Acrysmart" for acrylic glass, which changes its permeability to light and solar radiation as a function of the ambient temperature. In addition, new developments in the field of mineral high-performance fillers are shown.

The new Technical ceramics Metal-like Ceramic by Global Precursor Ceramics (GPC) combines for the first time the advantageous material properties of Ceramics and Steel. The start-up company's patented high-performance ceramics offer new perspectives for many areas of application from Rolling elements to Linear System.

GPC technical ceramics


ceramic expands its range of high-tech cutting materials with the silicon nitride ceramic LKT 100 for highly efficient turning of cast iron. The new cutting material combines the toughness typical of silicon nitride ceramics with increased wear resistance. This was made possible by a manufacturing process that allowed developers to influence the composition of the cutting material in the outer functional zone.

Ceramtec silicon nitride ceramic


Sembach Technical Ceramics has recently been producing small parts in Micro injection molding Method. Micro injection molding is not yet very common in the ceramic industry. Manufacturers of medical technology often still lack the knowledge about the materials of the Technical ceramics. However, these offer a number of positive properties. This makes them particularly suitable for miniature components in medical technology.

Sembach micro injection molding


wzr0913The mica glass ceramic "VITRONIT" from Werkstoffzentrum Rheinbach (WZR) continues to gain popularity among designers and design engineers. Especially when plastics or metals have reached their limits, this porous ceramic material is a popular alternative. It is temperature resistant up to 1000 ° C and can be worked machined using conventional tools. Meanwhile it quality prototypes and series parts with sometimes amazing properties are manufactured.

lpkf0519Current foldable displays are made of plastics and therefore tend to scratches, folds and premature failure. Conventional smartphone displays do not have these problems because they are made up of at least two layers of partially tempered glass. Due to the glass, these displays cannot be folded easily. With the "Lide" technology, LPKF presents a solution for this task.

roehm1019Electric drives open up new design options for vehicle bodies. With "Plexiglas Hi-Gloss NTA-5", Röhm Molding Compounds is presenting an impact-resistant special molding compound for black, high-gloss applications and at the same time robust components such as radiator grilles, ventilation grilles, decorative panels, mirror housings and pillar panels.