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HMI, smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, monitor and accessories for harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas

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IPC: News for smooth personal computer operations

Here we have new developments for you from the field IPC with smartphone, tablet, mobile phone and accessories for industrial manufacturing or production, also in hazardous areas. In addition to computers, you will find innovations from the areas of HMI, displays, touchpads or monitors for yours Industry 4.0 Production.

IPCMitsubishi Electric



Brand new IPC and accessories

Industrial machines and systems are becoming increasingly complex. The developing Industry 4.0 requires more and more software. This increases the demands on the Hardware such as the industrial computer or IPC. In the first section you will find IPC innovations for special industries and then the innovations for mechanical and plant engineering.

IPC for special industries

  • Flexible printed circuit boards made from thin polyimide films have established themselves in many product areas. But they are expensive to equip and assemble, even if they offer many advantages. That is why Harting relies on 3D MID technology, which can save up to two thirds of the costs. In a POS terminal, it offers the highest level of physical protection against cyber attacks.  
  • With the augmented reality application Augmented Things, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern has breathed new life into a Pfaff sewing machine that is over 100 years old. So if you no longer know how to operate the good old sewing machine, you can get information on how to use it via smartphone or tablet.  
  • The development time for self-driving cars should be reduced to hours instead of weeks. To achieve this, Continental and Nvidia are building a high-performance computer cluster based on the DGX AI system. Virtual data generation, artificial intelligence and the simulation of autonomous vehicles are the future core tasks of the most powerful supercomputer in the automotive industry.  
  • With quantum computers, the limits of computing efficiency can be greatly expanded. You will solve problems that computers are still unable to cope with today. However, they could also be misused to make the current public key encryption methods insecure. Rohde + Schwarz Cybersecurity is therefore researching how to defend against such threats.  

IPC for mechanical and plant engineering

Europe application center for IPC computers from EFCO


The Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom Instruments offers a range of Ex cell phones and smartphones for use in Atex Zone 1 and Atex Zone 2. These also have all relevant international Ex protection certificates such as IECEx, NEC, among others. In addition to explosion protection, this is also suitable Ex-protected cell phone or Manufacturing Smartphone also for lone worker protection (LWP) and push-to-talk application. In this article we introduce you to the new products.

Ecom mobile phone smartphone


Edge Computing software from Mitsubishi Electric connects relevant business processes and helps companies that digital transformation implement. This increases productivity, improves product quality and optimizes system availability. In order to make modern production lines fit for the Industry 4.0 the automator now has the data analysis tool Melsoft Mailab presented which KI supported helps to digitize production. 

Digital transformation succeeds with Edge Computing software from Mitsubishi Electric.


Challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers, the corona pandemic or generational changes are putting increasing pressure on the industry: Experienced employees are leaving and the next generation is digital. At the same time, the requirements in increasingly complex industrial plants are increasing. Remote support like the smart one data glasses for Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom help to adjust to the new situations.

Pepperl Fuchs smart glasses


Edge Computing In contrast to cloud computing, this takes place on the network near the data sources or devices, machines or systems in the network. With the decentralized data processing the analysis and evaluation of data becomes faster and productivity more efficient. Here we present innovations and applications from various manufacturers for edge computing such as the brand new software Melsoft Mailab from Mitsubishi Electric.  

Mitsubishi Electric Edge Computing Mailab


Beckhoff presented with the ultra compact Industry PC (IPC) C7015 a decentrally installable Edge Device in Degree of protection IP 65/67 for direct installation in the machine or system. In its function as a control computer, the IPC reduces the switch cabinetspace, simplifies the design of the machine and allows subsequent expansion of the system. The only 85 x 167 x 43 mm small and lüfterlos working industrial computer is suitable for on-site assembly in the field.

Beckhoff industrial PC

Pepperl + Fuchs offers a comprehensive series HMI Operating systems for machines and systems in process automation, including HMIs for SPS and DCS/MES. The industrial monitors are used in the chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry and oil and gas industry. On the Hannover Messe In 2022, the automation specialist will have the new, modular and highly flexible HMI operator station VisunetFLX for Atex / IECEx Zone 1/21 and Division 1.

Pepperl Fox HMI


If there is a system shutdown due to a defective IPCyou have to act quickly. For the Backup you should have an up-to-date image of the corresponding installation and be able to upload it as easily as possible. Auvesy offers as part of its version control software Versiondog an automated one Image Servicethat is constantly being developed.

Auvesy backup


Mitsubishi Electric offers with the GOT2000 HMI Series of graphic operator terminals with programmable display for industrial Automation and numerous non-industrial applications. New in the program are two human machine interfaces with widescreen for conveying more information in factory automation, process industry and supply technology.

Mitsubishi HMI widescreen


Hy-Line has a Touch display for holographic input developed. The terminal thus avoids the risk of infection by touching it. Devices can be operated without contact and simply by marking virtual buttons in the air. Applications can be found wherever the transmission of viruses and bacteria must be avoided.

Hy Line touch display


Monitor bracketNorelem has its range of monitor mount supplemented by a particularly compact model. The new monitor mount is 50 mm shorter than the previously available version. It is therefore very well suited for applications in which there is little space for a PC and monitor. New accessories are also available. carrying arms, a tablet support and keyboard tray expand radius of action and flexibility.

pepperl0619Secure and fast communication via voice control and the wrist: With the new Smart-Ex Watch 01, the Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom is adding a real hands-free application to its portfolio of communication solutions for mobile workers. The Smart-Ex Watch 01 is the first Smartwatch for the Ex area in Zone 2/22 and Div. 2.