Material selection for mechanical engineering

Steel, copper and precious metals, alloys or aluminum for lightweight construction as well as profiles, bent parts or laser parts for the development of new industrial goods

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Metal: News for material selection in mechanical engineering

Here we report on new materials from the Metal Area. The development of new industrial goods requires innovations in steel, copper as well as precious metals, alloys or aluminum for lightweight construction. Processed metal can also be found here Materials such as profiles, bent parts or laser parts. So the right one succeeds material selection.

Tanaka metal


The material Metal is essential for industrial production. About 80% of the chemical elements in the periodic table are metals. The material metal is used in machine and plant engineering. If the applications become more difficult and properties such as corrosion protection are required, then comes precious metals or Stainless Steel as used in medical technology or in the food industry.

Brand new metal materials and products

Here you will find exciting news about the Material metal from Tata, Tanaka or the new Swiss Steel Group. Find out more about the optimal choice of materials for your construction:

Metal products and materials for special industries

Metal products for machinery and equipment


Profile rail guide using modern foundry technology from Laempe

November 06.11.2023, 300 | The LHL1700-XNUMX core shooter is characterized by short cycle times, robustness and finesse Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH. The built-in components ensure robustness Profile rail guides from Schaeffler. They can accommodate a limit load of 300 t under adverse conditions such as foundry technology.

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Digitization and the associated changes in the manufacturing industry have also affected the area of ​​laser-based manufacturing technologies. There are now more and more platforms like HP Kaysser Laserteile4you or Laserhub, on which one Bent parts and laser parts online can calculate and order. In the future now Artificial intelligence Assess the manufacturing process and improve real-time ordering. You can find out more about this in this article.

Laserteile4you powder coating


Isabellenhütte0116For certain tasks, wires with high electrical power are used conductivity and at the same time high strength properties are required. Wires made of pure copper, the best of all electrical conductors used industrially, are generally not suitable for this because their mechanical strength is too low. On the other hand, wires made from “ISA-CON” from Isabellenhütte, which optimally combines both properties, are ideal.

Conducting hot gases and vapors safely at up to 850 ° C - for many manufacturers of components for process industry provides the austenitic stainless steel 1.4550 / 347H the solution. To meet the increasing demand, has Ugitech from the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group has expanded its broad stainless steel portfolio to include the UGI 4550, making it one of only three suppliers in Europe.

Ugitech austenitic steel


Tanaka1018Tanaka Precious Metals has technology to wiring developed from nanosilver for the production of flexible touch displays with high image quality on film substrates. A new nanosilver ink, which can be sintered at as little as 70 °C, is suitable both for printing invisible circuit paths on plastics and for producing flexible metal films for etching using the ITO process.

Kiesling0215With the development of a new 3D laser center, Kiesling Maschinentechnik is expanding the range of services of its "Perforex"switch cabinetmachining centers clearly. In addition to flat parts, control and switchgear manufacturers can also process complete housings and control cabinets quickly and precisely using laser cutting. The new development is very well suited for use with stainless steel, but also with sheet steel and powder-coated sheets. Rittal

CopperCopper is an efficient material when construction planners are looking for a sustainable material. Important changes in European environmental certification are now recognized according to German copper institute the contribution that copper can make to the circular economy. The changes to the published in October 2019 Standard EN 15804 contain core rules for product categories (PCR) for type III environmental declarations for every construction product and construction work.

Honeywell and SLM Solutions present a great success as part of their development partnership for the qualification of aluminum components with higher layer thicknesses. Newly developed parameter sets for the aluminum alloy F357 lead to significantly improved Materialproperties compared to the die-cast component.

SLM aluminum alloy


dreckshage1118Dreckshage now offers stainless steel 1.4404 as a bearing material. Due to the progress in the production of stainless steels, especially the reduction of the carbon content to very low values, 1.4404 has replaced almost all titanium-stabilized grades of type 1.4571.

LmpvMovement creates vibration. Numerous constructions therefore require complex solutions for vibration and / or sound damping. These can be entirely or at least partially saved by the LMPV by using components made from rolled magnesium products. Because the lightest of all metallic materials inherently has a very high damping capacity. It is in the range of soft polymers.


The fitting Gutekunst compression springTension springs or Leg springs  From spring steel wire, designers can use the spring selection in the Gutekunst catalog. In addition, the manufacturer offers programs for designing and calculating more individually metal springs. There is a generator for CAD-files available or the metal springs can be freely calculated.

Gutekunst metal spring


schmolz10215Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, the German subsidiary of the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group, has expanded its range of products. Since March, the new hot-working steel "ThermodurE 40 K Superclean" is now available in all dimensions from 800 x 100 to 800 x 400 mm - on request also in machined form. Nemak's Polish subsidiary is currently testing steel as the material for die casting applications that will later be used to produce 4 cylinder engine blocks.

Wherever drives are installed and technical components are in motion, designers have to vibration build into your construction. Helmut Rübsamen produces high-precision mountings and bearing shells for well-known manufacturers in the industry Rubber metal buffer. They are used in mechanical engineering, Automotive industry, Rail technology, shipbuilding and energy technology.

Ruby gum metal buffer