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Padlocks has reason to celebrate. In 2019, there was a download record CAD engineering data numerous well-known Manufacturer Catalogs chased the next. In the past five years, the number has been made CAD downloads via the search engine "“Increased by over 168% to more than 405 million downloads. Read how the managing director of Cadenas GmbH Jürgen Heimbach (picture) sees the great success.

vibration problemAn actual vibration problem could ACE Shock with a Online toolquickly get out of the way: In the Medical Technology a customer uses a spiral conveyor for pre-sorting, arranging, conveying and supplying parts. Vibrations occur during operation, which lead to an unpleasant humming sound.

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Uwe Burk

Vice President, Eurocentral Sales, Professional Solutions, Dassault Systèmes, Munich

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harting1119By "Han "configurator from Harting For designing connectors for the first time, users can now make individual adjustments to the housings of series-produced industrial interfaces. Cable entries and inscriptions of enclosures can be modified.

kisssoft1119In vehicles, the transmission from the steering wheel to the steering of the wheels is often performed by a pinion rack and pinion. KISSsoft has integrated a calculation option in the 2019 release with the ZE7 module to calculate the helical gear with rack.

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The path to industrialization and thus more efficient product development leads through three key steps: digitization, standardization and automation. Eplan offers solutions for the digital value chain based on standardized data and automated processes.