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baumer1219The new smart ones "Verisens" vision sensors XF900 and XC900 from Baumer Control the collaborative robots (Cobots) of Universal Robots after just a few minutes. The robot-suitable vision sensors are mounted directly on the Cobot or above. The image equalization, world coordinate conversion, and coordinate alignment between vision sensor and robot are automatic and very easy thanks to the patent-pending Smartgrid.

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Bloomingdale's well-known New York department store's Christmas actions are legendary, with 12 ABB robots playing a major role this year: in three of its twelve Christmas showcases, ABB demonstrates how its robotic and automation solutions are helping bring visual merchandising to the next Level up and make the shopping experience more dynamic and unusual.

heidenhain1119SPS hall 7, booth 190

With a secondary encoder, the absolute position accuracy at the tool center point of a robot arm can be increased by up to 80%. This allows industrial robots and more accurate tasks in the assembly z. B. the automotive industry. Heidenhain In addition to the motor feedback, it also sets up a secondary encoder on each robot axis after the gearbox.

gimatic1119In addition to fully automatic gripper changing systems, collaborative robots often use manually operated systems. Gimatic has with the QC75 developed a collaborative hand-exchange system tailored to the needs of Cobots.

mitsubishi11019The new "Melfa" articulated and "Scara" robots of the series RV-FR and RH-FR of Mitsubishi Electric are now by one Force-torque sensor which can be integrated directly into the robot controls CR750 / 751 and CR800. Because the Force Sensor manages without its own control, the processes are simplified considerably and engineering effort is saved.

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John Lörcher

Managing Director, Gimatic Vertrieb GmbH, Hechingen

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