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Here you will find everything you need to know about robotics. Industry Robot as Articulated or Scara robots, bionic robots, service robots and the collaborative Cobots are presented as well grab of all kinds with End of arm toolingSolutions for handling and assembly in the Industry 4.0 factory - make your production smarter!

Brand new robot technology

by Auvesy, Gimatic, Mitsubishi Electric and others

  • Specialist article Logimat Hall 7, Stand F51 The Cobot from Universal Robots (UR) has a much greater range. This was made possible by using the UR + certified linear axis from Rollon. They were optimally designed for collaboration with the popular collaborative robots cobots in automation. The "Dahl Linear Move" all-in-one package is fully integrated into the universal robots system. It can be configured individually and operated very easily. According to Rollon, it was still...
  • User report There are still mechanical engineering companies that manufacture their required components exclusively in Germany and are also profitable. Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH manages this because it has implemented a high degree of automation in its production. When manufacturing its attachments for forklift trucks, for example, the control of the CNC milling machines communicates directly with the handling robot from Mitsubishi Electric and does not require a master.
  • The new smart “Verisens” XF900 and XC900 vision sensors from Baumer control the collaborative robots (cobots) from Universal Robots after just a few minutes of setup. The robot-compatible vision sensors are mounted directly on the cobot or above. Calibration with regard to image correction, conversion to world coordinates and coordinate comparison between the vision sensor and robot is carried out automatically and very easily thanks to the patent-pending Smartgrid.
  • Cover story The Christmas promotions of the well-known New York department store Bloomingdale's are legendary, and this year twelve ABB robots play a major role: In three of the twelve Christmas shop windows, ABB demonstrates how their robotics and automation solutions help to bring visual merchandising to the market to raise the next level and make the shopping experience more dynamic and unusual.
  • SPS Hall 7, Stand 190 With a secondary encoder, the absolute positional accuracy at the tool center point of a robot arm can be increased by up to 80%. As a result, industrial robots can also perform more precise tasks in assembly technology, e.g. B. take over the automotive industry. In addition to motor feedback, Heidenhain also builds a secondary encoder on each robot axis after the gear.
  • In addition to fully automatic gripper changing systems, manually operated systems are often still used in collaborative robots. With the QC75, Gimatic has developed a collaborative hand changing system that is tailored to the requirements of cobots.
  • The new "Melfa" articulated arm and "Scara" robots from the RV-FR and RH-FR series from Mitsubishi Electric are now supported by a force-torque sensor that can be integrated directly into the CR750 / 751 and CR800 robot controls. Because the Force Sensor does not need its own control, the processes are simplified considerably and engineering effort is saved.
  • Interview with Johannes Lörcher Managing Director, Gimatic Vertrieb GmbH, Hechingen
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  • K Hall 10, Stand J22 ASS Maschinenbau presents several different robot grippers from practice. The various grippers show an extract of the handling options for various components such as flexible textile or CFRP materials, the smallest plastic parts, metal parts to be overmolded or large components from the automotive sector:
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