Mitsubishi Electric News: The new Factory in India is finished. A girl in a red dress shows the way to the automation sustainable production. A new innovation and technology center in Ratingen will be opened in the form of a competence center for Mechatronics CNC. You will find this and other reports in this news ticker article below.

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Fabrik Automation opens new factory in India

15.06.2024 | Mitsubishi Electric has Talegaon, Maharashtra, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for factory automation components. The investment of INR 2,2 billion (approx. EUR 24,5 million) underlines the importance of India as a growing market for automation technology. The new facility will produce frequency converter and other automation products to meet the increasing demand both locally and internationally.

Mitsubishi Electric has been active in the Indian automation components market since the 1990s. By acquiring a local manufacturer in 2012, the company was able to further expand its expertise in the areas of service, support and technology on site. Since 2013 The production of automation products takes place directly in India.

The new plant, with an area of ​​15.400 m², will expand Mitsubishi Electric's production capacity to meet the increasing demand for automation products. At the same time, the company will support the Make in India Initiative of the Indian government, which aims to strengthen local manufacturing.

The new factory was built with the aim of Carbon neutrality By using energy-efficient air conditioning and LED lighting, the CO2emissions reduced. In addition, wastewater is treated and reused using underground filtration, which makes an important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Factory automation for a sustainable future

06.12.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | Mitsubishi Electric wants to with its new global campaign highlight the importance of sustainable and future-oriented production methods. The aim is also to raise awareness among people who are not directly involved with factory automation, because many products in our daily lives are produced industrially.

Three different motifs illustrate the importance of one sustainable productionto ensure a future worth living for the next generations. The recurring motifs of the girl in the red dress and the robot arm underline that automation serves to support and help people in achieving their goals. V

1. Customer focus

Under the motif Let's manufacture what matters to you The example of a rocket illustrates how the development, production and logistics of products should be tailored to individual needs in the future.  

2. Digitization

The second motif Digitally multiplying the potential of manufacturing. focuses on the ways digital technologies will drive modern manufacturing in the future. Meaning “The digital maximization of manufacturing potential,” it explains how digital technologies and the use of data free manufacturing from previous limitations. Higher productivity and quality while reducing rejects should reduce waste and defects.  

3. Sustainability

In the motif sustainable production it is about sustainable production that can contribute to a sustainable world. Efficiency not only makes economic sense, but also reduces the burden on the environment.

All three topics aim to make the topic of factory automation more tangible for society.

Innovation center for Mechatronics CNC opened

03.07.2023 | Artificial intelligence and the digital transformation are two exemplary instruments that can provide valuable solutions to reduce production costs and increase automation, but are still in the starting blocks. In order to advance the development here, Mitsubishi Electric has a new European innovation and technology center in Ratingen (ITC) opened. This forward-looking initiative aims to advance technological progress on the basis of interdisciplinary and global cooperation.

Mitsubishi Electric has long been one of the big players in the ranks CNC manufacturer worldwide. As one of the major CNC manufacturers, the company sees itself primarily as a system partner that develops tailor-made customer solutions and supports customers right from the start. So far, these services have mostly been provided by the parent company in Japan and adapted worldwide. With the ITC, the automation specialist is building a new European competence center. It brings together experienced specialists from several European countries. The needs of European customers should be the focus of their work in order to develop innovative solutions for the European market.

Jan Gesthuysen, Project Manager Engineering CNC Europe, is confident that the ITC will be a catalyst for innovation. With his colleagues, he wants to create a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration and a quick response to customer needs. 

Automation the World – new slogan Factory Automation

09.12.2022 | Mitsubishi Electric Corporation introduces a new global slogan for its Factory Systems division. With Automating the World aims to reflect the company's contribution to a better world through automation. It expresses the automation company's goal of leveraging automation to improve global society with the combination of advanced technology, know-how and experience, and supporting customers as trusted partners. 

Automating the World was formulated on the basis of many different stakeholders of the global player from all over the world. This includes industrial automation customers and employees who identify with Factory Automation Systems. For China, the global slogan is added zizai linghuo follow. That means "free and flexible". It is intended to support the local understanding of the global slogan.

Joint service for CNC controls and robots

Mitsubishi Electric Service Center CNC25.11.2022 | Mitsubishi Electric Germany expands the European service center in Ratingen with the integration of the robot service into the CNC service organization. Customer proximity and high service quality are two pillars of the business strategy CNC area. That is why the company created a service organization early on that is probably exceptional in the industry.

Also for areas such as controls, Drives and the peripherals, which have been on the market for over 30 years, the manufacturer offers spare parts and service. For this purpose, a modern one was built in Ratingen 3D printer installed, with which new covers and housings can be made. This extends the life cycle of these products.

Repair in terms of sustainability

For service and sales, the responsiveness in order to ensure a high level of machine availability. The supply of spare parts for products for Europe is coordinated in a large warehouse. Qualified service technicians immediately replace defective drives or control components with a functional spare part and send the defective part back to the service workshop for error analysis and repair.

In the sense of the Sustainability and resource conservation Mitsubishi Electric has been repairing defective returns since the 90s and putting them through their paces. The overhauled parts are then returned to the cycle with a two-year guarantee. This strategy offers an effective tool against global delivery bottlenecks and ensures the production capability of customers.

In the course of the 2017 started digitization project the two divisions Factory Automation and Mechatronics CNC have moved ever closer together in Europe. As a logical consequence, the manufacturer has now included the service for Mitsubishi Electric robots in the service organization CNC controls integrated.

Geva – 30 years of Mitsubishi Electric in Austria

Mitsubishi Electric Austria18.11.2022 | For 30 years the Geva Elektronik- und Handelsgesellschaft GmbH the partner for Mitsubishi Electric automation technology in Austria. The traditional company has been family-owned since 1984, initially managed by the founders and namesakes Gerhard Schich and Eva Löffler. Since 2009, Martin Schich has been successfully leading the company in the next generation. 

Mitsubishi Electric won for the year 1992 Geva as a reliable partner for automation and the corresponding services. Both pursue the common goal of offering modern and future-oriented technologies and solutions from the world's leading automation company for Austria. They also want to identify and implement innovations for tomorrow's needs. To date, this has been successful across the entire range of automation options.

"Market and customer orientation not only serve the business relationship and partnership, they are the foundation of a friendship for an unlimited period of time," says Geva Managing Director Martin Schich. "To keep you is a high priority for us". Division Manager Stefan Knauf, Mitsubishi Electric is pleased about: "Such a long and successful cooperation cannot be taken for granted and we are very proud and grateful for it."

Virtual factory tours through production sites 

24.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | Not everyone can take a guided tour of the site Manufacturing plants of Mitsubishi Electric participate, Japan is too far away for that. That's why the automation company now offers virtual tours through Nagoya and Fukuyama. Interested parties can take a look at parts of these factories and showrooms. They also receive information about the current production methods.    

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are popular terms today. On their journey to digital manufacturing, it is important for companies to be up front about Best practices and applications for your own production.

Reading tip: Ctrlx automation platform

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of people from all over the world visited Mitsubishi Electric's manufacturing sites in Fukuyama and Nagoya, Japan. Her focus was on learning how Mitsubishi uses its digital manufacturing and that eF@ctory concept to manufacture its own products. With the Virtual Factory Tour you can now find out about new technologies and production methods around the clock. The following onlinefactory tours are available on the website:

Nagoya: Production of programmable logic controllers

The first video tour shows how the products for factory automation in the Nagoya plant getting produced. The visitor also gets insights into work processes, manufacturing technologies and the production of programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Fukuyama: Production of power monitoring and distribution components

The second video tour presents the production lines in the Fukuyama Works before. They use the integrated FA IT solution "eF@ctory" to implement digital production. The tour of the Fukuyama plant takes you through the production of circuit breakers and circuit boards and the office building. On top of that, there is a presentation of how processes have been improved with artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies in digital manufacturing.

Online Mechatronics Solution Center

The  Mechatronics Solution Center informs visitors about processing machines, Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) and other machine tools.

Partnership with Novali for large-scale battery production

18.07.2022 | Mitsubishi Electric Europe and the Belgian start-up Novali have joined forces to advance large-scale production of battery cells in Europe. "This strategic partnership aims to reduce Europe's dependence on external battery sources and strengthen manufacturing capabilities within the EU trading bloc.

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Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries in Europe

12.05.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | The manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries in Europe was hardly worth mentioning until now, but a turnaround is now needed. Michael Grondowski, Business Development Manager – Central Europe at Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV: “Production plants have been announced for a total annual output of approx 750GWh."

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Who is Mitsubishi Electric?

Mitsubishi Electric is a globally recognized market leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial technology, energy, information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, mobility and building technology as well as technology for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning. In 2021, the automation company celebrates its 100th anniversary. With around 146.500 employees, the company achieved consolidated sales of 31.03.2020 billion US dollars* at the end of the financial year on March 40,9, 30. Mitsubishi Electric operates manufacturing facilities, sales offices, research companies and development centers in 1978 countries. Since XNUMX, Mitsubishi Electric has been based in Ratingen, Germany as a branch of the Mitsubishi Electric Europe represent. Mitsubishi Electric Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Tokyo. E-mail address:, Website:

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