Low cost automation is easy to use with the Robolink modular system Igus implement. This is made possible, among other things, by the long-lasting and at the same time cost-saving Tribo plastic Strain wave gearthat in the Igus Robotic arm are used. Pick-and-place tasks, assembly work or cleaning work are suitable for this, for example. The manufacturer is also launching a brand new bionic robot hand for the Cobot Rebel. Find out more about simple, flexible and cost-effective robotics. 

Igus robotic arm



Igus robot arm and robot hand

Igus offers as part of its Low cost automation Construction kit for various types of robots, wave gears, controls and other individual components for robotics. 

The Robolink Articulated arm allows efficient solutions to automate monotonous and dangerous work processes, allowing companies to save time and money. These robots are available either as complete standard articulated arms without a gripper or they can be individually configured using the Robolink Designer. They are there too Grippers from different manufacturers can be combined. With Robolink Designer, users can simulate the robot's movement sequences in advance. The modular construction principle ensures a high degree of adaptability: They can be purchased either as a complete system or individually and can easily be supplemented with your own components and controlled via the Igus Robot Control.

At the Cobot Rebel Customers can choose between a user-friendly plug-and-play version with integrated controls and software or an open source version for advanced customization options. The cobot also offers the option of 4 or 6 degrees of freedom. In order to be able to take on humanoid tasks in the future, Igus has now developed a finger gripper in the form of a bionic hand for its cobot.

Bionic robot hand at a low price

Igus bionic robot hand

November 30.11.2023, XNUMX | So that the Cobot Rebel In order for it to actually work, it needs suitable end effectors such as grippers and suction cups. Igus offers a large selection from various manufacturers on its website Marketplace RBTX.com. “Since the Rebel, with its weight of around 8 kg and a price starting at 3970 euros, is very light and affordable in comparison, it is used a lot in humanoid applications. For this reason, we received a number of customer requests for a robot hand that could simply be plug-and-played Cobot can be connected,” explains Alexander Mühlen, Head of the Low Cost Automation division at Igus GmbH.

That's why the motion plastics specialist has developed the particularly cost-effective Rebel finger gripper. The robot hand consists entirely of lubricant-free plastics and is easy to integrate. The humanoid robot hand is compatible with all Rebel models. The control takes place via DIO at the Tool Center Point. This allows for easy integration and high flexibility.

Robot gripper, EOAT, gripper kits for Cobot and IR

The finger gripper can human hand movements imitate. “The Rebel can take on a wide range of simple humanoid tasks and applications with the new low-cost hand. We are thinking of the area of ​​research and development at universities, but tasks in the catering or entertainment industries are also conceivable,” says Alexander Mühlens.

All components, including flange, Lines and controls come directly from Igus. This is how the customer receives one 100% compatible Solution. Lubrication-free high-performance plastics and lubrication-free ensure a low price bearings in the joints made of Iglidur polymers, which also allow smooth, precise movements of the individual fingers. Control of the durable humanoid hand is extremely flexible and can be done via various interfaces including USB, TTL (5V) serial and internal scripting.

Robot arm also cleans narrow bores

06.12.2022 | The Company Ecoclean is a specialist in cleaning components. With various cleaning processes and customer-specific cleaning lines, the company ensures that components are in a clean condition for further processing. In an application for cleaning prototypes in a cleaning cell, the appropriate cleaning process should be found. It was tested with a Robolink DP splash water robot. 

With the Robolink DP and its engines and gears that are suitable for splashing water, such tests can be carried out quickly and easily. The robot is located in the cleaning cell and comes into direct contact with the cleaning medium. The components are smeared with cutting oils. In order to clean them, the robot arm carries a cleaning lance which can also reach the narrow bores of the components. In the past there were such Tests in large purification tanks carried out, which required a large amount of the cleaning media. The cleaning tanks then had to be cleaned and the cleaning medium had to be recycled at great expense.

Splash-proof robot arm with material symbiosis

15.12.2020 | The mechanics of a robot are quickly attacked in damp and wet environments. For such applications, igus has brought a low-cost automation innovation onto the market. The IP 44 Robotic arm from the Robolink construction kit can implement tasks easily and inexpensively, and at the same time Splashing water be contacted. 

"From discussions with customers, we learned that many users are looking for an economically affordable solution that can also be used in splash-water environments, for example when emulsions have to be removed," explains Alexander Mühlen. “We then designed this robot arm for this purpose.”

The splash-proof Robolink Robot arm is based on the material symbiosis of stainless steel and high-performance plastic. For the first time in an igus robot, the connecting elements are made of rust-free V2 or V4 stainless steel. The joints are made of the tried and tested lubricant-free tribopolymers. The user therefore does not need an expensive additional cover because the lack of lubrication in the joints means that no grease can wash out and get into the environment.

The new robot arm kit meets at least the Protection class IP44. This makes it resistant to splashing water. It can carry up to 3 kg, offers a range of 5 mm with 790 axes and converts 7 picks / min. By using motors with IP65 Encoders the robot arm can also be used for outdoor inspection without any problems. Further applications can be found e.g. B. in the food technology and beverage industry, in chemistry and Pharmaceuticals as well as the tank and container cleaning.


Implement kinematics combinations with a robot arm kit

Igus robot kit24.05.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX | In order to enable cost-effective and individual automated processes in production, igus is developing Low-Cost Solutions made from high-performance plastics such as the new modular system Robolink Apiro. Designers are free to choose from three lubricant-free worm gears for standard, inverted and linear motion.

The name says it all, because the term Apiro is based on the Greek word for "infinite". When developing the new series, the focus was on the decoupling of Motor and Transmission as well as the introduction completely new worm gear to achieve, for example, six axes in one Articulated.

Gears with linear movement, inverted and conventional Robolink worm gears are planned in four different sizes and can be combined with each other as desired thanks to the high modularity of the kit.

Even complicated movements can be implemented with the new construction kit: For example, inexpensive and individual SCARA and portal robots as well as sprue pickers for removing products from injection molding machines. Transport and handling systems, as well as humanoid and animatronic robots that can, for example, realize movements like those of a spider. Also for the area of ​​training, development and Research the new Robolink series is ideal because different kinematics can be built quickly and easily.

Reading tip: The world of Igus Cobots

Come in the worm gears of the new Apiro series high quality tribopolymers with solid lubricants. The corrosion-free and chemical-resistant high-performance plastics ensure high stability, low weight, durability and freedom from maintenance. The joints of the Robolink Apiro modular system are connected via a multifunctional aluminum profile. It allows drive shafts to pass through a center cavity, taking advantage of the inverted worm gear. The continuous aluminum profile rotates through the gearbox, which makes it ideal for use in robotics and rotary applications.

With the new worm gear with linear motion, the aluminum profile can move linearly through the gear or the gear moves on the linear profile. All worm gears are also particularly low-backlash. The multifunction profile also offers the user the option of connecting the various gears of the Robolink Apiro series, for example in series. Parallel articulations are also possible by placing several Apiro joints next to each other. This results in countless possible combinations to automate a wide variety of applications.

Planetary gears & strain wave gears precision from Schaeffler

To further optimize the new Robolink Apiro concept Igus is looking for testerswho want to build a wide variety of kinematics with free sample parts. The aim is to be able to offer Robolink Apiro as a series for a broad market after the test phases. In addition, a configurator is being planned that will simulate the various movement options of the construction kit.

Lean robotics for simple tasks

31.01.2018 | Martin Raak, Product Manager Robolink at igus GmbH in Cologne, presents the low-cost robotic arm Robolink at the trade press days of the RBS Stutensee in Karlsruhe.


What is Robolink?

The articulated robot Robolink from Igus is a revolutionary Robotic-Solution for the easy automation of monotonous and dangerous processes. The Robolink offer is available as a complete articulated arm robot without grab or freely configurable from ready-made modules. The intended motion sequences of the robot can be simulated with the Robolink Designer. The robotic arm kit is extremely versatile and allows users to design and build custom robotic arms. The components are also available in small quantities from stock. A Robolink can be controlled with the manufacturer's own Robot Control.

How much does a robot arm cost?

A Robolink robot arm with 4 degrees of freedom with a 790 mm reach is available for 3742 euros, the Cobot Rebel is available from 3970 euros, while the finger gripper is available for 1.840 euros. (As of: November 20.11.2023, XNUMX)

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