An Igus linear guide is often an alternative to the conventional one linear guide, because it works entirely without lubricants. Therefore, it is maintenance-free and thanks to the used plastics the robust linear technology offers many more advantages such as low-noise operation, insensitivity to dirt, water or vibration. Below you will find the New the high-percentage saver:

Igus linear guide Drylin W



Curve slide made from recycled high-performance plastic

Igus curved sledOct 19.10.2023, XNUMX | Whether a movable monitor is to be positioned for advertising in a store or a gripper is to transport sweets in a snack machine: tasks like this are suitable recirculating ball guides often oversized with slides and rails made of steel. Users pay for mechanical properties that they don’t even need.

“We have expanded our portfolio of linear guides to include a new, particularly cost-effective entry-level series called Drylin Econ,” says Michael Horning, product manager Drylin linear and drive technology at igus. “It is ideal for simple adjustment and positioning tasks – including cornering.”

Linear slide costs fall by around 80%

The Drylin Econ series is the low-cost version of the Drylin series. The immense cost reduction results from the fact that the slides are now manufactured from high-performance plastic using an injection molding process instead of being milled from steel or aluminum. “Thanks to this less time-consuming series production in one casting, the costs for a linear slide in size 0630 are reduced from 112 euros to 21 euros,” explains Mr. Hornung.

There is also no maintenance required because microscopic solid lubricants are integrated into the high-performance plastic of the bushings through which the carriage moves on the rail. In contrast to the classic, these allow Rolling dry run without additional lubrication work. The new linear guide is exceptionally light and is suitable for lightweight construction thanks to the use of plastic and aluminum.

Straight and curved versions

The anodized linear rails are manufactured in a straight version and with a bend. This means you can realize movements in a quarter, half or full circle as well as convex and concave arcs. The polymer bearings of the curved slides adapt to the geometry of the rail via movable spherical caps. “Even when cornering, the movement is light, quiet and rattle-free,” says Michael Hornung. “This is particularly important for vending machines that are intended to operate as inconspicuously and quietly as possible in public, such as drinks machines in a hotel lobby.”

Sleighs consist of waste of Injectionproduction The new Drylin Econ sledges are particularly sustainable. Iglidur ECO P regranulate is used for injection molding, which consists of 100% waste such as sprues and missing parts from injection molding production.

Hygienic linear sliding guide with gap-free design

Sep 18.09.2023, XNUMX | Daily cleaning with chemicals is part of everyday life for machines in the food processing industry. Even the smallest blind spot where moisture accumulates can lead to contamination of the product. Therefore, more and more operators are placing greater value on the design of the components Hygienic Design-Guidelines.

Igus is a member of the EHEDG and developed the first linear sliding guide that was consistently based on the hygienic design guidelines. This is ensured by FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer, high-alloy stainless steel and the flushable internal construction of the slide.

The Drylin W linear guide features a gap-free design. The focus of development was on designing a completely flushable sled that allows liquids to drain freely without causing wetlands to form. “A novelty on the Linear Technology-Market. Most hygienic design solutions have so far been based on a complete enclosure,” explains Stefan Niermann, Head of Drylin Linear and Drive Technology at Igus GmbH.

The new sled consists entirely of the FDA and EU10/2011 complianten high-performance polymer Iglidur A160. The lubrication-free material is already proving itself with its low friction values bearingsmaterial in countless applications in the food industry.

Hygienic screws and extra large flushing grooves are used. Beveled edges allow cleaning agents to drain quickly. The floor seal protects the space under the rail from contamination. No food or chemical residues can accumulate. Sealing the shafts protects gaps from residue.

As the Linear rail A corrosion-resistant and high-alloy stainless steel V4A is used. Microscopic surface structures that prevent dirt from adhering are avoided.

Igus exhibits at the Motek 2023.

Igus linear slide with a new locking mechanism: Clip, Stop & Go

19.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | The new Clips linear slide from igus is unique in the world. In a matter of seconds, it can be mounted directly on the linear rail, dismantled and over a clamping lever lock. camera systems, control panels, Measuring devices and test units or tools can be transported with the linear carriage.

The linear slide is very flexible. It is simply removed from the rail, placed on another guide, fixed at a suitable point: and it's ready for use again. After being presented as a study at the end of 2021, the linear slide now comes with a new locking function in series production.

“The idea for the development of the sled came from our customers from the cabin interior. He wanted to be able to move control panels ergonomically and, if necessary, to be able to remove them and take them with him," explains Michael Horning, Product Manager International Drylin Linear Technology at igus GmbH. "We then developed a clip carriage with a simple assembly and disassembly function for the Drylin W linear guide."

The assembled equipment can be with just one hand Remove it from the guide rail on the spot, take it to another cabin and lock it up safely. The first prototype was not only immediately well received, but the constructive feedback also led to further development. “The customer wanted to be able to lock the slide. And so we have now integrated the clamping into the clip carriage in the series,” explains Michael Hornung.

One linear slide – three functions

The linear slide now combines a total of three functions in the series. Unique worldwide the slide can simply be clipped onto a linear rail. The rail can be mounted from wall to wall. The designer does not need to allow for any additional space to mount the carriage. The Clips slide is a classic Drylin W linear slide for simple and easy adjustment. The carriage glides quietly and lubrication-free on the linear rail via sliding foils made of tribologically optimized high-performance plastic.

Neither Dust, still Schmutz can stick. Also Moisturizer and Water the sled holds up with ease. A new clamping lever locks the slide in place and protects against accidental adjustment and vibration. The clamping lever is individually adjustable. In addition to the first inquiry from the interior area, many other people were interested in this new development, such as from the areas of testing and measuring systems in machine tools, Tools transport from machine to machine as well as building technology and camera technology.

Linear guide for maintenance-free drone hangar

8.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | As an alternative to inspection with helicopters Exabotix a drone team that automatically carries out inspection flights. After the bets, everyone lands Professional drone in a remote drone hangar. These droneports are thanks linear guide, housing bearings and plain bearings from Igus maintenance free.

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Gliding instead of rolling with a durable linear slide

June 17.06.2022, 20 | With the TXNUMX linear slide based on an Igus linear guide Drylin W a 1:1 exchange without any design adjustments is quickly possible. The new linear slide has the same dimensions as most classic slides Ball bearing guide. The advantages for the user are a long service life, freedom from lubricants, less cleaning effort and reduced weight.

It doesn't matter whether it's the sliding door of a cupboard, the seat adjustment in the fitness device or when bottles are served in vending machines: more and more designers are saying goodbye to the classic recirculating ball system for linear guides. Instead, they rely on the igus linear guide series Drylin W. With this paradigm shift, the carriage no longer rolls, but glides very quietly over the linear rail - namely on Foils made of high-performance plastic.

“Longevity, freedom from maintenance, no need for lubrication, hygiene and low weight: the advantages of Drylin W components are so great that more and more designers are even making complex technical changes to their machines in order to make the switch,” says Michael Horning, product manager for Drylin linear technology. "We would like to save design engineers this effort in the future." With the new linear slide T20 you get an alternative that is robust and corrosion-resistant. The aluminum monobloc is lined with Linear bearings Foils made of iglidur J200 for a particularly long service life on hard-anodized aluminum rails.

Connection dimensions identical to recirculating ball guides

Visually it appears Linear slide T20 like a classic slide with roller guide. “The dimensions of the carriage are the same as for most recirculating ball bearings on the market – with the same system height and identical connection dimensions. This enables a lightning-fast 1:1 exchange of the carriage and thus a convenient change from the roller guide to the sliding guide - without any design changes.” Up to now, only the Drylin T system offered a comparably quick change with linear carriages of the same dimensions. However, users were limited to a T-guide rail here. "With the new T20 linear slide, the leap from recirculating ball guides to lubrication-free and maintenance-free linear technology is much easier," says Mr. Hornung.

A linear slide T1000 ran on a rail length of 20 mm in 24 h operation with a load of 250 N and an acceleration of 10 m/s2 back and forth. He scored one Mileage of 2500 km in absolute dry running. With a load of 2 kg and slow travel speed, the mileage was even 18.000 km.

integrated, microscopic solid lubricants ensure low-friction dry running. The service life of the linear slide is virtually unlimited because the foils can be replaced again and again with little effort. "Our various linear slide films make it possible to get the best out of every application," says Michael Hornung. "In addition to the aluminum variant, we have also developed a linear slide made of stainless steel. In combination with double rails made of VA stainless steel and linear sliding foils, for example made of the FDA and EU-compliant material iglidur A160, particularly hygienic and cleaning-intensive applications are also possible in the food technology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals possible.”

Sliding linear slide in mini format

24.05.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | The service life of a linear guide can be maximized with low drive energy if friction and wear are reduced. igus has achieved a breakthrough with its tribological plastics: With Iglidur E3 the motion plastics specialist is presenting a new sliding material with a friction coefficient that is up to 40% better. This means that design flexibility in linear technology can be expanded from the classic 2:1 rule to 3:1 for the first time.

The one with the newly developed sliding material iglidur E3 Drylin T miniature linear slide offers extremely smooth running in use and a new freedom in construction. Depending on the operating point, iglidur E3 has a coefficient of friction of around 0,16 and thus reduces friction by up to 40% compared to standard materials. Measurements were taken against hard-anodized aluminum. There is even more advantage in comparison to commercially available sliding materials.

The displacement forces for manual adjustments are also reduced by 40%. "This is an important step for more freedom of design, because with it we are enabling a massive expansion of design freedom for the first time," explains Stefan Niermann, head of the Drylin linear technology and drive technology division at igus.

The classic 2:1 rule that generally applies to linear plain bearings states that the distance between the driving force and the fixed bearing should not be more than twice the bearing distance. Otherwise, an uneven movement sequence or even a blocking of the system is possible. Because the further away the drive is from the guide bearing, the greater the wear and the greater the driving force required. You could now use this design rule in Cologne expand to 3:1. The Power Type can now be 50% further away without affecting the movement of the igus linear guide. At the same time, the driving forces required are reduced by 40%. This saves 40% energy in electrically powered applications.

The Drylin T miniature linear guide is available in sizes 09, 12 and 15. It is suitable, among other things, for device construction, laboratory technology and Medical Technology. The miniature linear slide offers low-noise operation with high dirt resistance. He is thanks in the material incorporated solid lubricants maintenance free. 

Black telescopic rails for the campervan

30.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | In the campervan, the kitchen block, provisions and bed must be safely stowed away and still be accessible. compact telescopic extensions from igus enable professionals and interior designers to enjoy their interior design for a long time. The telescopic rails with plastic sliding elements, which are now also available in black anodised, also enable visually appealing and lubricant-free telescopic pull-outs for drawers, tables, kitchens or beds.

Designing and converting your own van into a camper has become a real hobby for many people who want to travel in recent years. For the optimal use of space and storage space in the vehicles, above all Extensions in individual special dimensions requested. For this purpose, igus has expanded its range of linear guides to include compact telescopic rails.

"With the new Drylin NT rail in black, we now offer a smooth-running and maintenance-free extension," says Michael Horning, International Product Manager Drylin at igus. In addition to the very low weight, the linear rail works completely without external lubricants. This makes the igus linear guide durable and clean. Thanks to the use of maintenance-free plastic sliding elements instead of metal balls, the linear guide runs noiselessly both indoors and outdoors. Negative influences such as dust, dirt, water or vibrations cannot harm the linear rail.

Partial extension, full extension, full extension configurable in mm increments 

"The black anodized rail made of aluminum adapts unobtrusively but elegantly to any application environment and simply works reliably," says Michael Hornung. Depending on the vehicle interior, the telescopic rail is also available in anodised silver. It can be configured in millimeter increments as a partial extension, full extension or full extension.

The Drylin telescopic rails are very stable, as tested in the in-house laboratory. A Drylin NT-60 series was tested in a drawer with two upright built-in telescopic rails with a basic length of 500 mm and withstood 180 N. At a salt spray test NSS according to DIN EN 9227 / ASTM-B-117, the corrosion-free linear guides easily passed the rust test. The telescopic rail is available in sizes 35 and 60 in the desired dimensions with an extension length of up to 2000 mm, optionally with a detent in the end positions. The inexpensive Drylin NTP telescopic rails made of plastic are suitable for lower loads of up to 2,5 kg. 

Linear bearings for round shafts and fast movements

14.07.2021 | Igus offers a wide range Lagertechnik made of plastic, including various, lubricant-free linear bearings Explanations. They all offer a long service life and are maintenance-free. The linear bearing made of Iglidur W360 High performance plastic ensures high accuracy and easy movements in the Linear Technology.

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Archive for more igus linear guide innovations

Plastic linear guides for educational 3D printers

April 05.04.2017, XNUMX | Tech-savvy startups are more daring than other companies to convert emerging technologies into new, marketable products such as one 3D printer for school and training. The selection of the functional elements and components that you install in your “educational printer” is where you go Linear Technology by Igus.

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Geometries, coatings, radii: it doesn't matter

April 29.04.2016, 2016 | In a statement at the Hannover Messe XNUMX, Stefan Niermann, Head of the Drylin Linear and Drive Technology Division, Igus GmbH, Cologne, presented linear guides with high dynamics and resilience, which the motion plastics specialist can produce in any shape, including curved ones.

Square guide for high forces from all directions

01.07.2013/20/XNUMX | With the Drylin-Q XNUMX, igus is expanding its product range for lubrication-free anti-twist devices linear guides, These Square guide absorbs forces of up to 10 Nm from all directions. The bearing play of the guide carriage can be adjusted manually. 

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Dirt-resistant linear guide for 2 tons of load

04.09.2012/2/25 | Linear technology, which is lubricant-free and dirt-resistant, can now also withstand the weight of a well-equipped mid-range station wagon of up to XNUMX t. The new "Drylin W" size XNUMX linear guide from igus is one ball-bearing linear guide. This means that the versatile linear guide now has new application options, for example in Agriculture, The vehicle construction but also in medical technology and the packaging industry.

Like all members of Dryline family The new article also consists of three simple basic elements: the guide rail made of hard anodized aluminum, the housing bearings made of die-cast zinc and the sliding film made of tribo-optimized plastic Iglidur J200. The double profile of the guide rail has a shaft diameter of 25 mm and a shaft spacing of 120 mm.

The static absorption capacity of each one made of die-cast zinc bearing housing can be up to 480 kg. The sliding film made of iglidur J200, specially developed for use with hard-anodized aluminum as the friction partner, ensures that high loads are moved without lubricating with low coefficients of friction and minimal wear.

All four sizes of the Drylin W system are easy to assemble, since the double rail makes the time-consuming process of aligning two parallel shafts or guides superfluous. The rails are up to one Length of 4 m available. For longer travel distances, the rails can simply be placed one behind the other, because the chamfer applied at the factory enables the sliding elements to slide from one rail to the next. The system is available from stock.

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