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Cable and wire: News from the veins of the industry

contaclip0120Conta-Clip has be KES program further expanded with the screwless version KES-E for quick and easy installation. The plates for cable entry enable the electrician and electronics technician to quickly and safely insert unassembled electrical cables or hoses into the control cabinet and machine housing. Elaborate cable glands are a thing of the past. The cable mounting the KES-E is made using the all-round profile seal without the use of tools.

kabelschlepp1219The energy chains of the "Easytrax", "Qquicktrax" and "Uniflex Advanced" series are designed so that they can be opened quickly. This makes line assignment and replacement particularly easy, and the user saves time and money. The latest measurements prove: With the opening tool available for the energy chain, users at the Uniflex Advanced 1455 open one meter of energy supply in just three seconds.

FIP1219Franconian Industrial Pipes presents the new “Fiplock "One fittings with a rotatable metal thread. They make it easy to assemble pre-assembled cable harnesses without having to turn them during installation.

Igus1219FMB south stand E16

The single-pair Ethernet (SPE) technology offers completely new opportunities to reliably and quickly transfer the immense data streams even in the smallest area of ​​the machine. For the movement in the energy chain poses Igus the first SPE "Chainflex "line in front. Using only one wire pair reduces the outside diameter by 25%.

pflitsch11119Where signal and power cables are routed through a housing wall, there is a gap in the shield through which electromagnetic waves "slip through". In order to safely close this screen gap, high-quality EMC cable glands are required. Pflitsch has introduced a cable gland in the "Blueglobe TRI" series, which optimally shields the cable shield when the cable enters the control cabinet.

reiku1119SPS hall 3C, booth 366

With cable protection corrugated pipes made of 100% polyamide 12 regenerate sets Reiku a sign in terms of sustainability. The extended product range also includes corrugated tubes made of bio-based polyamide 1. It covers nominal diameters from 7 to 95 mm and covers the entire range of applications from Cobots to large industrial robots.