What's new at Rittal? The founder and entrepreneur Professor Friedhelm Loh is celebrating its 50th service anniversary, which was honored at a special ceremony by top management and long-time supporters. In Gera the application center was called Competence center for holistic solutions. You can find this and other Rittal news below:

Rittal news



Prof. Friedhelm Loh celebrates his 50th service anniversary

Friedhelm Loh 50 years25.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | Half a century of entrepreneurs with responsibility and passion: what we look at Professor Friedhelm Loh these days. 

What happened in 1974 when he joined the management of Rittal The entrepreneur continued successfully for five decades. During this time, he led the Friedhelm Loh Group into an innovation leader and successful global player based on strong values ​​and passion for customers and the people in the region.

In a special one Ceremony time The management, top management of Rittal and the Friedhelm Loh Group as well as long-time supporters honored the extraordinary jubilarian.

“Bearing responsibility for the many people in the company and their families is close to my heart, drives me and fills me with great humility. I do this with the help of God in my life, and I am deeply grateful for that too,” she says Message from Prof. Loh after a series of tributes from the first employee Norbert Müller, board member Ralpf Lindackers and CEO Markus Asch.

Rittal Application Center opens in Gera

Sep 25.09.2023, 21 | On September XNUMXst, Rittal opened the new Application Center in Gera to customers. It has been operating since April switch cabinet Manufacturers already have a pre-assembly center here and thus support users with pre-assembled VX25 Ri4Power Power distribution systems and assembled copper rails to quickly set up your systems.

“The new Rittal Application Center is a competence center for holistic solutions. “Customers can not only order assembled copper rails as the results of the machines, but can also look at the manufacturing process and the possibilities on their own shop floor during a visit,” says Uwe Sharp, Managing Director Rittal Sales Germany. Rittal Automation Systems and copper specialist Ehrt from the corporate group also offer the machines in conjunction with Eplan as automation solutions for the shop floor switchgear constructionhe on.

In Gera, visitors investigate with the experts Rittal, Eplan and Hon, which automation steps achieve the best effect in their own production when setting up switchgear. You can test it directly with your own projects on the live machines.

Experience value creation live

The Rittal Application Centers are currently operating worldwide as “fitness camps” for control and switchgear manufacturers under the motto Join. Apply. Grow. to the start. Users can work on their projects here together with experts from Rittal, Eplan and Rittal Automation Systems. They learn about new technologies that they can easily try out on their own projects. In real workshop environments, new workflows can be tested for efficiency and the advantages of software solutions and automation technology can be experienced.

Friedhelm Loh Group donates 930.000 euros to flood victims

Rittal flood disaster donation03.09.2021 | Within a short time, employees and owners of the Friedhelm Loh Group donated a sum of 930.000 euros for those affected by the floods that were triggered by the heavy rain in July 2021 in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. The donations come pragmatic and short-term aid projects in daycare centers and schools, youth welfare and elderly care as well as private individuals via donation accounts.

As a family business there is no question for the Friedhelm Loh Group supporting those who are in need. Prof. Friedhelm Loh, owner and CEO of the Friedhelm Loh Group, tripled the enormous willingness of employees to donate. Together with the donations from the entrepreneurial family, this resulted in the highest donation amount in the company's history:

Employee solidarity

"You have set an example: a symbol of sympathy and, moreover, a moving symbol of willingness to help people in dire straits," thanked them Professor Friedhelm Loh to all employees for their solidarity. Many of them also drove to the flood areas to help on site. They have also organized aid campaigns for the people affected: "Your role model is exemplary," says Prof. Friedhelm Loh.

The aid funds are distributed through the Rittal Foundation, non-profit foundation of the Friedhelm Loh Group. The contributions are donated proportionately to local projects and social institutions. To this end, the foundation is in close contact with those affected in order to get an idea of ​​the extent of the damage and the necessary relief measures and purchases.

Rittal celebrates its 60th company anniversary

Rittal 60 years

01.04.2021/1/1961 | On April XNUMX, XNUMX begins the Standardization of control cabinets the international success story of Rittal in a small weaving mill in central Hesse. Rudolf Loh founds the Rittal company and changes the industry with an idea. Today is the standard switch cabinet in millions of system solutions in over 90% of all industries worldwide. 

Igus News: From the garage to the world market leader

The innovation and world market leader for control cabinet technology and IT infrastructure employs 60 people worldwide in the 9100th year of its existence. A small sheet metal processing company has become a global digital company, a system provider. Much has changed in the 60 years, but one thing has always remained the same to this day: Rittal is a family company with a sense of responsibility, a sense of community and social commitment.

What the name Rittal means

The small Hessian community Rittershausen in Dietzhölztal is the namesake. The company founder Rudolph Loh bought an old weaving mill here and founded Rittal. His idea was to build standard control cabinets in series and make them immediately available from stock - faster and better than the individually manufactured sheet metal cabinets for machine control components at the time.

Long delivery times and quality defects are now a thing of the past. Because the Boom of the post-war years had changed industrial production. Machines were linked together and produced products in large series as consumption grew. So Rudolf Loh's idea came at just the right time.

System control cabinets for Industry 4.0

In the course of industrial automation Rittal developed the enclosure into a complete enclosure system with solutions for climate control and Power distribution. At the same time, the system provider invested in a small company with two employees called Eplan in the mid-80s. At that time, hardly anyone thought of software solutions for control cabinet technology. Over the next few years and decades, a wide range of software and services for all aspects of engineering was created. Today the sister company of Rittal is one of the leading software providers for electrical engineering worldwide. 

Harting News: EDC receives iF Design Award

Helping to shape technological change in industry worldwide and taking responsibility for our homeland in central Hesse - that was Rittal's goal when investing in the new construction of the most modern compact and small housing production facility in the world Industry 4.0 standards in Haiger five years ago. The plant started up in 2020 and stands out due to the networking of highly complex processes. In the course of this, Rittal created intelligent edge and cloud solutions with its sister startup German Edge Cloud, tailored to the needs of Industry 4.0, housed in its own data center and tested in its own company. 

Markus Asch becomes CEO of Rittal International

12.02.2021/1/2021 | On February 49, XNUMX, Markus Asch (XNUMX) became CEO of Rittal International Foundation & Co. KG as well as chairman of the management board of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG. He is responsible for all business areas of the world's leading system provider for control cabinets, power distribution, air conditioning, IT infrastructure, software and service. 

Mr. Asch also assumes overall responsibility for Rittal Software & Service (RSS) International with the units Eplan and Cideon. With software solutions, system technology and machines for Automation The three companies of the Friedhelm Loh Group are optimizing their customers' processes in control and switchgear construction across the board and driving future business areas forward.

In the past 25 years, Markus Asch has held various management positions Alfred Karcher SE & Co. KG, most recently as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and CTO. Under his leadership, Kärcher Professional developed into a clear technology and market leader in the B2B area. 

Friedhelm Loh Group invests in Limburg start-up Iotos

03.02.2021 | The start up Iotos now belongs to the Friedhelm Loh Group. The company has now announced the 100 percent takeover. Rittal, German Edge Cloud and Iotos will now work even more closely together in the future. With Bosch Connected Industry they offer the first complete solution called Onicite for the integration, harmonization and analysis of industrial production data. 

Rittal Iotos

Iotos supplements the offer in the network with industrial IoT applications for the intelligent factory of the customers. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. Data is the new raw material, said Dr. Friedhelm Loh laid the foundation stone for the new Rittal plant in 2016 Haiger formulated. The world's most modern automated and digitally integrated production of small and compact housings is currently underway and already produces 18 terabytes of data every day.

The three subsidiaries offer the first real-time complete solution for Edge cloud based data management and the availability of data along the entire supply chain. From usage to intelligent analysis, the data is transmitted securely and controllably in a highly efficient overall environment.

Complete solution for industrial production data

Oncite the product is called (Industrial Edge Cloud Appliance). "It is the answer to the question of how manufacturing industrial customers will be able to deal quickly and easily with the increasing complexity in the processing of production data in the future," says Prof. Friedhelm Loh and continues: "The Automotive industry With the digitization offensive by VW and BMW, the manufacturing industry was the first to demand complete data availability along the entire supply chain. More will follow. Small and medium-sized enterprises have to adapt to these demands of the future today. "

Edge computing connects the operational level with IT

Oncite consists of Edge cloud infrastructures (IaaS) based on flexibly scalable Edge Cloud data centers from Rittal, platforms for data analysis (PaaS) and industry-specific AI applicationen (SaaS) including full service. Iotos offers software solutions for networking devices and machines, real-time analytics and the traceability of all components in the supply chain.

"The aim is to provide our customers with transparency across the entire value chain, to increase their productivity, to minimize maintenance costs and at the same time to implement digitized business models," says so Dieter Meuser, Managing Director of Iotos: "We are pleased that we are now part of a strong group of companies that is a recognized pioneer in the development of solutions for the digitization of medium-sized companies."



Uwe Scharf is the new managing director of Rittal

21.01.2019/55/1 | Uwe Scharf (2019) was appointed Managing Director at Rittal on January XNUMX, XNUMX and is responsible for the business units IT and Industry As well as the Marketing. The solution provider for control cabinet systems and IT infrastructure solutions is thus strategically strengthening its sales.

Mr. Scharf has been with Rittal in Herborn since 2001. As Business area manager Global Business Unit Industry, the 55-year-old electrical engineer successfully aligned branch management and product management in the Industry division with the requirements of customers and market segments.

“I am pleased that I have the confidence that I can make my contribution to Rittal with greater responsibility. As an innovation leader, it is our passion to continuously improve the Rittal portfolio. In this way, we actively support our customers in the transformation towards efficient value creation processes, ”says Uwe Scharf.

Rittal Haiger plant completed as the location of the future

Rittal Haiger16.10.2018 | Now that is too Rittal Haiger Plant officially completed after the Innovation Center and the Global Distribution Center. With the largest investment in Friedhelm Loh's company history, Haiger is becoming the location of the future for system provider Rittal. The authorities put the Haiger plant through its paces – safety, fire protection, escape routes. The result: the construction site at Rittal's Haiger plant is officially no longer a construction site. 

The construction project has officially been completed Permission granted to operate the plant: "We were able to complete the construction within the planned time and budget and there were no complaints from the authorities," reports Carsten Rottchen, Management Production at switch cabinet Rittal specialists.

Interior work begins

Finished does not mean finished right away: Now the interior construction of the plant begins, which will one day become the most modern plant for the production of control cabinets worldwide: “About 100 high-tech machines and system components we will install it before switch cabinet production can start - that is the next mammoth task that our team has to cope with, "says Röttchen.

Together with the Rittal Innovation Center and the Global Distribution Center, Rittal Haiger becomes Industry 4.0 Showcase location for the future. A total of almost 1000 people will be employed at Rittal Haiger. Rittal is also investing more than 250 million euros, the largest investment in the company's history Headquarters in Herborn in the region. And it's worth it: Production will start in 24.000 on 2018 m². From 2019 run around 9000 control cabinets per day from the line.

Who is Rittal?

Rittal is the largest company within the Friedhelm Loh Group. The family business, founded in 1961, has its headquarters in Herborn. The control cabinet components and system solutions are used in over 90% of all industries worldwide. The product range includes engineering solutions for industrial and IT cabinet systems, power distribution, Cooling, IT infrastructures as well as software and service. 9100 employees work in 64 subsidiaries and eight production facilities worldwide. In Germany these are Herborn, Rittershausen, Hof, Haiger and Ewersbach.

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