industrial housing have to withstand tough environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors. To do this, manufacturers use special materials and sophisticated designs. In addition, the switch boxes in industry are gradually being integrated into the Digitalization included. This article provides an overview of the offerings from different manufacturers and shows how they meet the specific requirements of different branches of industry.

Industrial housing Bocube UL


Housing for measurement technology in hydrogen production

Oct 11.10.2023, XNUMX | For explosion protection in hydrogen production and distribution Pepperl + Fuchs a special one Housing technology. These housings, which are also suitable for purge areas, are suitable for corresponding Ex zones switch cabinet-Modules designed for signal separation and further processing. 

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Streamlined plastic housing in IP67

More plastic housingSep 20.09.2023, 136 | Richard Wöhr has expanded his plastic housing series to include the KS67 housings. The electronics of the housing, which is available in black or white, is protected against the ingress of dust and water thanks to protection class IPXNUMX. This also makes them ideal for use under extreme conditions and allows them to be used outdoors.

The attractive plastic housing GH02KS136 can be used in a variety of ways, for example as an operating and display unit for industrial or medizinische Anwendungen. There are different sizes with inclinations of 13° or 18°.

The housing is made of flame-retardant ABS (UL94V-0), the seal is made of silicone. Upper and lower shell, a gasket, 4 stainless steel screws M2.5-8 and 4 transparent rubber feet are included. Customer-specific and mechanical processing such as breakthroughs or drilling, electronics, printing or Surface finishing is available on request.

Halogen-free industrial housings made from UL-listed materials

June 14.06.2022, 45545 | The components of Bopla's Bocube enclosure series (pictured above) are made from halogen-free materials that meet UL safety standards. This also applies to the PU foam seal. The industrial housings made of polycarbonate also meet the strict fire protection standard for rail vehicles EN 746 and outdoor capability according to UL 1 C fXNUMX.

The Bocube industrial housing is available in ABS and polycarbonate. After the material is certified according to UL50, the polyurethane foam gasket is also recognized. The Bocube versions made of polycarbonate in particular are particularly safe and robust. According to UL 94, they meet the flame retardancy class UL94 V-0. In addition, they meet the strict requirements of the fire protection standard EN 45545 for rail vehicles in hazard class HL3. The PC Bocube models are suitable for outdoor use in accordance with UL 746 C f1. Even after intensive artificial weathering, they pass all relevant tests regarding flame retardancy and mechanical stability.

Miniature connectors for safe signal transmission 

The Bocube industrial enclosure series impresses with its innovative mechanical construction and aesthetic design with accentuated hinge locks. The captive opaque or crystal-clear lids are installed using a unique, patented hinge locking technology without screws. They can be swung open, with a freely selectable hinge side.

As standard, the Bocube housings offer IP 68 protection. By using pure Plastics without additional metal parts, they are optimally recyclable. With over 25 sizes and 150 standard options, the Bocube series offers a wide range. Special sizes or individual combinations can be created according to customer requirements.

Smart Panel wall housing for versatile building technology

November 05.11.2020, XNUMX | OKW Housing Systems presents new wall housings called Smart Panel. The elegant look in rectangular or square Housing is suitable for modern residential, commercial and industrial environments. The Smart Panels are used for convenient control and monitoring of an entire Technical Building Services

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Smart panels control low-voltage systems efficiently

April 30.04.2020, XNUMX | Schneider Electric provides Ethernetcapable smart panels for protecting, controlling, measuring and networking low-voltage systems. The scalable Smart Panels can be combined with circuit breakers and Micrologic trip devices from 16 to 6300 A. 

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Compact housing technology for the wind energy industry

09.09.2019 | Rittal has developed a new compact and small housing series AX and KX. So that system manufacturers are even better prepared for digitization, the housings fit very well into the digital value chain of control and switchgear construction. In addition to high-quality 3D data and configuration tools, QR codes on all flat parts to be processed simplify their integration into the production workflow.

This enables modern digital monitoring from receipt of goods to completion. The AX and KX are suitable for the electrical equipment of Wind Turbines. The small and compact housings offer simpler and faster assembly, are flexible and safe. The assembly of doors and locking systems, which is usually possible without tools, is becoming easier.

Another advantage is the extra space that the AX and KX offer compared to the previous series. Optimized cut-outs and larger flange plates mean that there is up to a third more space for the Grommet.

Metal housing for rear mounting in the control cabinet

July 09.07.2019, XNUMX | The metal casing of the Control Cabinets "Han" B, EMV and M series from Harting are now also available in versions for rear mounting of contact inserts. The option simplifies the equipping of control cabinets with interfaces. With the new Han Metall housings, it is possible to snap pre-assembled inserts directly into the bulkhead housing from behind – from the interior of a switch cabinets out.

Previously, the inserts first had to be guided from the inside through the mounting cutout on the metal control cabinet in order to assemble them outside and then pull them back into the add-on housing. In the new variants, the contact inserts are placed in a plastic holding frame, which locks securely into the die-cast aluminum housing using tabs.

To ensure sealing in accordance with protection class IP65/66 and to protect against the effects of UV radiation and ozone emissions, the flange rubber seal of the add-on housing is completely installed on the inside.

The housings of the Han M series were renewed according to the same principle. They only differ from the Han B housing in their suitability for even more robust locations, e.g. B. in the outdoor area of ​​wind turbines. Rear-mount inserts with continuous 360-degree shielding will also be available by the end of the year.

Ecological control cabinet cooling with Peltier cooling device & Co.

With the Han EMC series, the shield is always on the sleeve or add-on housing. The Sleeve housing also require special EMC Glandin. The control cabinet assembly of prefabricated units becomes more efficient with the new option: control cabinets or machine modules and cable harnesses can largely be preassembled separately. New and old versions of the Han B, EMV and M are consistently plug-compatible.

This is how it works for rear mounting on the metal control cabinet

Aluminum profile housing with integrated cooling ribs

March 13.03.2018, XNUMX | Profile housings made of aluminum are variable in length, light, robust and offer good EMC protection. Since the metal is a good heat conductor, profile housings make an important contribution to dissipating the power loss that occurs when operating power electronics - especially if they are equipped with cooling fins like the three new variants of the "Alubos" housing from Bopla.

The electronic housings of the Alubos series are universally applicable, black-coated aluminum profile housings with ergonomically designed side surfaces and design gaskets, which guarantee IP 65 protection as standard. They are available in profile variants closed, horizontally split and open on one side and in nine profile cross-sections. The three profile cross sections ABPH 600, ABPH 1000 and ABPH 1600 are also available with cooling fins. The further expansion of the other profile cross sections is already being planned.

In the case of the three horizontally split profile housings with integrated cooling ribs, the conventional profile base is supplemented by a heat sink profile. Users benefit from an electronics housing with a high degree of protection and, at the same time, excellent cooling effect. In the future, the 1600 profile cross-section will also be available as horizontally divided variant ABPH 1600. The shared structure is for example particularly advantageous in the integration of touchscreens and displays.

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