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Coupling: News on drive transmission in mechanical engineering

KBK1219KBK Drive Technology has it universal joints KBGK and KBGK-T developed that connect shafts and components with extremely little play and even compensate for high radial and angular misalignments. They are made of high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel, are torsionally rigid in the circumferential direction and give in to radial forces and angular deviations.

tretter1119The connection of a Ball Screw or a Acme screw on the drive pin of an engine or transmission is usually not rigid, but via a flexible coupling. This can compensate for misalignment or misalignment and minimize vibrations and shocks in the drive train. Dr. Tretter now offers compact shaft couplings.

rigid couplingsSPS hall 3, booth 419

Rigid couplings the series "Torqmax step bore" from Orbit Drive Technology With their graduated holes, they enable the connection of shafts with different diameters without play. For a low mass moment of inertia, the couplings are made of aluminum, additionally anodized against corrosion, and some are also available in stainless steel.

jakob0919EMO Hall 5 stand D89

The "Simple-Flex" series from Jakob Antriebstechnik is a novel, distance coupling, which can be manufactured up to 6 m length and manages without additional intermediate storage. A sophisticated composite tube with a multi-layer, angle-specific fiber configuration allows for a particularly simple design that works without any otherwise required coupling compensation elements on the tube ends.

Ringspann0719EMO Hall 3 stand E22

Ringspann presents the new clamping coupling for fixing driven rotary swivel tables in multi-axis machining centers. Immediately after its premiere last fall, this mechanical-hydraulic high-precision solution has become the favorite of numerous well-known manufacturers of machine tools and turn-pivot portals.

flender0619Flender completes its 2017 featured "N-Arpex" coupling and introduces two further expansion stages with eight and ten bolting points. As a result, the coupling series covers a diameter of up to 988 mm and a torque of up to 2.000.000 Nm. Due to the compact design and an enlarged bore capacity, a size jump is also possible.