Flexible Couplings must work perfectly even under extreme conditions and high loads. Examples of use are filling systems in the hot filling process, medical autoclaves or applications in process engineering. Here they have to withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C. become for it Couplings with high heat resistance is required so that they can do their work precisely. Orbit Drive Technology presents the different coupling systems:

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Couplings for thermally demanding requirements

Orbit Antriebstechnik has a portfolio of specially tailored to thermally demanding requirements one-piece and axially pluggable Developed high-temperature shaft couplings.

These components are completely off Stainless Steel or have stainless steel hubs. Their functional elements were made of high-temperature-resistant Plastics executed. Find out more about the various torsionally rigid couplings for high-temperature applications and examples of their areas of application below.

Multi-plate clutches in raw material processing

In various manufacturing processes, warmth or heat plays a significant role in converting raw materials into a state for further processing tasks. In the plastics industry z. B. raw material granules through melting processes into a form suitable for further processing in extruders and calenders. 

Orbit multi-disc clutchMulti-plate clutch for industrial applications

are an integral part of these systems temperature control units. They feed the heat into the manufacturing process. Depending on the application, various fluids such as water or oil are used as the temperature control medium for energy or heat transport. 

Multi-plate clutches with clamping hubs, spacer made of stainless steel

In such production plants, multi-plate clutches are transferred to the series Diskflex GDC Made of stainless steel in a double cardan design, the torques are precisely determined. These shaft couplings work with torsionally rigid and bending-elastic plates or plate packs made of stainless steel. They are alternately screwed to the respective hub of the coupling and the intermediate piece.

Tretter claw couplingClaw couplings | For power transmission that dampens torsional vibrations

In this series, the hubs and the intermediate piece are made of stainless steel in a double cardan design. The non-positive clamping hubs of the shaft couplings ensure backlash-free torque transmission even when the products are in reversing operation.

Compact shaft couplings for tight installation spaces

For additional special assembly and installation conditions, there are couplings with clamping hubs in a half-shell design in the Orbit shaft portfolio. These designs allow radial assembly. In addition, the compact versions of the Series ZDC Solutions for particularly cramped installation conditions.

Mayr safety clutchSafety coupling: when + why?

Other potential areas of application for the torsionally rigid stainless steel multi-plate clutches include: Vacuum Technology and the Medical Technology. Here are the items for the sterilization of items Autoclaves deployed. Some of these sterilization processes are carried out using vacuum methods and steam inflows. By creating a vacuum, the air originally present in the autoclave is replaced by steam with which the sterilizing materials come into contact.

Shaft couplings for temperatures up to 300 °C

In many areas of plant engineering, in the Automotive industry or in process engineering, valve flap adjustments for the supply and return of liquid or gaseous media play a major role.

The media temperatures cause high ambient temperatures here. Used in such electric motor-driven flap valves Metal bellows Type GBC from the series Belflex Thermbago. The functional element of these couplings is a stainless steel bellows that is welded to the stainless steel hubs.

Welding ensures that the bellows remains permanently connected to the hubs even at the required critical temperatures. In addition, the functionality of these shaft couplings is not affected by a thermally sensitive connection as is the case with the adhesive connection endangered.

Pluggable Oldham coupling with stainless steel hubs

Orbit drive technology shaft couplingsFor vacuum or high temperature applications, Orbit has product offerings in the form of Oldham couplings with stainless steel hubs GOC series. These shaft couplings each consist of two stainless steel clamping hubs and an electrically insulating disc for torque transmission. This disc is made of engineering plastic.

The three-piece construction of these shaft couplings enables convenient plug-in assembly even in installation spaces that are difficult to access. The Oldham couplings compensate for high radial displacements. The shaft offsets are compensated for by pure displacement movements between the hubs and the transmission disk.

Transmission disk made of PEEK or PI

The materials for the transmission disc of the shaft coupling are available for high-temperature applications Peek and PI (high performance polyimide) to choose from. Due to its exceptional outgassing properties, the material PEEK is particularly suitable for vacuum applications. The Oldham couplings with cross disks Polyimide even allow use at temperatures of up to 200 °C.

The stainless steel hubs of the shaft couplings are also subjected to an electropolishing process. This means the results of the Surface roughness the clamping hubs reduced. This minimizes the amount of adhering absorbates under vacuum.