The Disk clutch Diskflex is suitable for a wide variety of applications: from dynamic handling tasks to installation in multi-axis systems through to metal forming systems and the high-temperature environment. Orbit Drive Technology offers a comprehensive program tailored to the application for these torsionally stiff Flexible Couplings.

Orbit multi-disc clutch



Backlash-free multi-plate coupling with high torsional rigidity

Orbit stainless steel multi-plate clutchThe backlash-free multi-plate clutch disc flex was on high torsional stiffness and large relocation capacity aligned, the slat design is FEM optimized. Their flat, flexible lamellae or lamella packs consisting of individual lamellae are made of rust-free stainless steel. Your hubs are made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The plate packs were equipped with 4, 6 or 8 screw designs.

Multi-disc clutch for special environments

The Diskflex coupling includes the GDC series a multi-disc clutch with stainless steel hubs and stainless steel spacers. The multi-disc clutches are equipped with clamping hubs, which allow backlash-free operation even in reversing operation. the Clutch GDC has a total of eleven coupling sizes with outside diameters from 19 to 94,5 and bore diameters for the shaft from 4 to 45 mm. It covers a nominal torque range from 0,9 to 150 Nm.

Multi-disc clutch for tight installation spaces

Orbit has the short couplings of the ZDC series designed. They are available in five sizes with outside diameters from 19 to 54 mm. These multi-plate clutches are suitable for use in an elevated thermal environment for Vacuum Technology, valve construction and systems in the paint, paper and textile industries.

Multi-disc clutch with high power density 

A torsionally stiff disk pack in 8-screw design gives the disk clutch GDT series a high power density. These multi-plate clutches have a distinctive torque transmission capacity.

Mayr safety clutchWhy it is so important to install a safety clutch

The frictionally engaged cone clamping hubs and the intermediate pieces of the multi-disc clutches were made of aluminum in order to low mass moment of inertia to ensure. Dynamic, reversing applications with frequent torque peaks are predestined for this coupling. The series is available in four sizes with torques from 60 to 350 Nm. The coupling covers shaft diameters from 10 to 60 mm.

Distance shaft couplings for multi-axis systems

Orbit distance multi-disc clutch

The multi-plate clutches of the LDT series are made Aluminium manufactured and offered in three sizes as an intermediate shaft coupling. The length of the intermediate sleeve is variable. These shaft couplings for the distance are suitable for use in multi-axis systems.

Lay out the Ringspann multi-disc clutchCorrect design and selection of a multi-plate clutch

The torsionally stiff multi-plate clutches ensure the precise synchronization the motion sequences in multi-axis systems as shown in Portal robot and spindle stroke Transmission can be found. Also cutting systems where z. B. filigree and demanding contours are cut out highly productively and efficiently by multi-head cutting, are predestined applications.

Multi-disc clutch for high torques

Orbit steel lamina coupling

The multi-plate clutches of the GTR series are with Steel hubs provided so that they can transmit high torques. Applications such as conveyor technology or forming technology come into question here. The couplings for high torque transmission are available with a single or double cardanic design.

Orbit disc clutch vacuum technologyCompensating couplings for high temperatures

For bridging customer-specific shaft distances, they can also be selected in any length Intermediate sleeves to be delivered. The shaft connection takes place via form-fitting hubs as standard. Backlash-free clamping hubs in six sizes are also available. The nominal torque range is 60 to 65.000 Nm.  


What is a multi-plate clutch?

The multi-disc clutch belongs to the category of torsionally rigid compensating couplings. It is torsionally stiff, precise and, in its double-cardan design, compensates for universal misalignments. They are available in different concepts and designs. The multi-disc clutch is therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications such as highly dynamic and permanent reversing operation or special ambient conditions. Adapted to heavy loads, the robust couplings with their pronounced torque can be perfectly integrated into the respective overall construction.   

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