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Brand new fluid technology

including with Viscotec, Rampf, ACE

  • Edwards Vacuum presents the new liquid ring vacuum pump "Elri" for wet, damp and corrosive applications in the industrial and rough vacuum range. The technical features are of central importance in this new development. Impeller, end plates, liquid reservoir and the heat exchanger made of stainless steel make this pump very resistant to corrosion and rough gas processes. Internal injection channels reduce the risk of leaks.
  • SMC presents the improved soft start valve series AV-A for pneumatics. The valves are very compact and offer up to 2,2 times higher flow. You need 80% less energy than the previous models. The possible uses of the revised soft start valves increase significantly with the flow rate up to 13.400 l / min. They are ideal for slowly building up pressure e.g. B. during commissioning. This also applies to the quick venting of pneumatic systems, such as when switching off....
  • With the DKHS1000 series, the manufacturer of hydraulic brakes and clamping elements recently presented a world first with outstanding properties: The hydraulic rotation clamping elements are used to fix the angular position of the rotary axes and rotary tables with high precision. The clamping element releases the rotating flange connection via the elastic deformation of the housing under hydraulic pressure.
  • Maintenance Stand A01-4 Specialist article As late as possible, as early as necessary: ​​This is the formula for the optimal time to replace filters in high and medium pressure hydraulic filters to ensure trouble-free operation in hydraulic systems. A new two-stage clogging indicator from Stauff lowers the costs for the users of a hydraulic system. The revised version of type HI-D024 considerably simplifies checking the contamination status of the filters.
  • Viscotec has further developed its proven stainless steel rotor for the reliable dosing of abrasive fluids such as thermally conductive 1K and 2K gap fillers, 1K thermal pastes or highly filled 2K adhesives. The new version in the form of a ceramic rotor enables significantly longer service lives for this core component of the dosing system.
  • The quality requirements of Indian producers and consumers have increased significantly in recent years. That is why this year Rampf Production Systems is presenting its powerful mixing and dosing technology for sealing, pouring, gluing and foaming together with its Indian partner Sanika Engineering & Consultancy at the Matdispens in Bombay.
  • Cover story Space missions are among the most expensive research projects of mankind and can quickly cost several billion euros. In order to ensure that the corresponding components also function in the vacuum conditions prevailing in space, these are technically produced on earth using suitable pumps and systems. Leybold provides the technology for this as a holistic provider - right up to ultra-high vacuum.
  • IMI Precision Engineering has expanded its range of pressure measurement solutions with two new electronic pressure sensors with IO-Link connectivity. The electronic Norgren sensors 34D and 54D are suitable for automatic monitoring of the pressure level in pneumatic systems or for more complex monitoring functions in applications with water, hydraulics or other media.
  • FMB Hall 20, Stand E9 With this servo pump, Baumüller combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the benefits of electrical servo drive technology. The intelligent control of the drive and the lower energy consumption of the components, especially in the partial load range, result in a highly energy-efficient, yet economical solution.
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