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Electronic components: News for the electronics developer

ElectroElectro protect sensitive electronic and electrical components from environmental influences such as moisture or chemical substances. The high-performance plastics also play a major role in heat management. The Rampf Group, Inc. presented at the on the IPC Apex Expo 2020 in San Diego its Electro and related mixing plants and Dosing. They offer long-lasting electrical and electronic performance.

weco1219Weco Contact introduces the 328 and 329 series of terminal blocks, a solution that is unique in the market: their size makes them ideal for use in harshest environments and for the flow of large currents such as in transformers or line connections.

maxpower0719Maxpower Semiconductor has expanded its product portfolio with a series of MOS-based rectifiers with very high current density. They are particularly suitable for use in high frequency switching power supplies such as DC / DC converters, adapters, reverse polarity protection circuits or lighting.

elmeko0519After the LED cabinet lights brings Elmeko new with the series LMM and LMR LED machine lights for harsh environments on the market. This optimally illuminates the working environment and the important areas of machines, plants or production lines.

vacuumschmelze0219The number of electric cars on the roads is increasing worldwide. The resulting evolution of the charging infrastructure leads to significant network disturbances (EMC), which require complex EMC filters. For example, the patent-pending Smart Coils of the Vacuum melt VAC used, which allow a much higher attenuation, especially at high frequencies.

Mitsubishi0119Mitsubishi Electric extends its highly configurable and scalable "Menergy" monitoring portfolio for the transparent acquisition and analysis of energy data with a protection relay and a softstarter. The digital protection system "Meprotect", which is available for the first time on the European market, has a flexible and modular structure. Added to this is the digital soft starter "Mesoftstart", which also works in harsh environments.