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Measurement technology | Measuring instruments, quality assurance, manufacturers

For the comprehensive digitalization and automation of production processes, it is essential to have precise Real-time measurements to capture, transport, analyze and put back into the smarter cycle Quality Assurance attributed. Intelligent Sensors need appropriate evaluation units to ensure precise monitoring and control of complex processes in product development. But the Measurement Technology is much larger. Testing technology, measuring transducers, measuring devices, measuring systems – you can find it all here.

Optris handheld thermometer


Measurement technology 2024 – The most important things in brief

The former control department for quality assurance in Industry 3.0 operations and the good old caliper have long since been replaced by a high-tech and automated one Quality management, which ensures the necessary accuracy in Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Analogue measuring devices of yesteryear have been replaced by digital measuring technology and sensors. Integrated into the components and machines, these measurements are directly integrated into the process in real time and send the data obtained to the company for evaluation steering and their downstream software tools.

Quality Assurance is a critical factor for success in the manufacturing industry and beyond. At a time when precision and reliability are not only desired but expected, modern measurement technology stands out as a key area for innovation. With advances in digital image processing, the integration of Artificial intelligence for data analysis or the introduction of autonomous sensor systems, for example, enable unprecedented accuracy in monitoring and controlling production processes, reduce rejects and improve efficiencies.

By understanding current trends and technologies in quality assurance and measurement technology, companies can not only... Increase product quality, but also gain a decisive competitive advantage. Thanks to the countless data generated, corrective interventions can be made in the manufacturing process without having to interrupt production. Wear and other properties that endanger downtime are nipped in the bud as part of condition monitoring through permanent measurements and testing.

In addition to the intelligent measuring device, there is a lot to evaluate the individual measurement communication technology and data processing necessary. This means that measurement technology is moving more and more in this direction Industry 4.0. Below you will find new features:

Thermal sensors

High-precision temperature sensors and thermocouples

21.06.2024/100/250 | Disynet presents three high-precision solutions for temperature measurement: The PT100 sensors measure very precisely and are very stable. The Kapton thermocouple offers precise temperature measurement up to 1 °C directly on the surface. The PTXNUMX measuring resistor LEXNUMX was developed for temperature monitoring in stators of large generators.
Position measuring system

Measuring system for position measurement up to 30 m

19.06.2024/30/XNUMX | ASM is expanding its portfolio to include the Posimag lin magnetic tape position sensors. These non-contact measuring systems have a high resolution and are insensitive to dirt and are therefore suitable for extreme operating conditions. The non-contact, high-resolution measuring system is designed for measuring lengths of up to XNUMX m.
Profile sensor

New sensor class simplifies positioning tasks

April 24.04.2024, 2 | The smart XNUMXD profile sensors from the OX series from Baumer offer an innovative solution for precise and fast positioning tasks in automation: These sensors, still considered an insider tip, represent an economical and efficient alternative to traditional smart vision sensors and multi-sensor solutions.

Measurement technology ensures quality in hydrogen production

Mar 06.03.2024, XNUMX | The global hydrogen economy is in full swing and is an important part of the energy transition. Jumo would like to participate in this development and, with its measurement technology, is positioning itself as a system and solution provider for hydrogen production. Pressure and temperature sensors, conductivity sensors or pressure transmitters ensure quality here.

Next generation oscilloscopes

16.02.2024/5/XNUMX | Rohde & Schwarz is expanding its oscilloscope range with the R&S MXO XNUMX, the company's first eight-channel oscilloscope. This leading-edge device sets new standards in signal analysis by being based on the powerful MXO-EP processing ASIC technology. It offers unsurpassed measurement performance.

High-resolution mixed-signal oscilloscope

15.02.2024/12/XNUMX | A new oscilloscope expands Yokogawa's product portfolio in terms of vertical resolution. With the new XNUMX-bit A/D converter technology and a lower noise floor, the new oscilloscope impresses when it comes to signal analysis, especially with different input voltages. The HD version also offers improved functions.
radar sensor

Industrial radar sensor with CAN interface

16.02.2024/68/69 | The new radar sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are extremely compact. Housed in an IPXNUMX/XNUMX housing, they are particularly robust. The design also allows maximum flexibility during assembly. The rotatable and pivotable sensor head of the radar sensor can be optimally aligned to the target area in almost any installation situation.

NIR spectrometer controls quality of olive oil

Feb 07.02.2024, XNUMX | NIR spectrometers from Polytec allow reliable and non-destructive measurements of a wide range of ingredients directly in the production lines of e.g. B. dairy products and baked goods, meat products, confectionery or cooking oils. For olives, oil and acidity can be determined directly after harvesting on the conveyor belt.
IR camera

Infrared camera with incredible 8 µm optics

03.02.2024/640/2 | The structures of electronic assemblies are becoming ever smaller and are very compact. So that the infrared camera PI 2i from Optris measures temperatures precisely and geometrically, even in chip-level structures, it was equipped with the new MOXNUMXX microscope optics with XNUMXx magnification.

Spectrometer with outstanding ED-XRF analysis

25.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | Spectro Analytical Instruments presents the latest generation of the “Spectro Xepos” spectrometer as a further quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF). It is designed to outperform traditional ED-XRF instruments with performance often equal to that of wavelength-dispersive WD-XRF instruments - at significantly lower operating costs.

Interferometer for high-precision wafer thickness measurement

19.01.2024/5420/XNUMX | An important process step in the production of semiconductor wafers is the lapping of the silicon blanks, which are brought to a uniform thickness. For continuous thickness control, Micro-Epsilon has developed the IMSXNUMX-TH white light interferometer. It opens up new perspectives in the industrial thickness measurement of monocrystalline silicon wafers.
Materials testing

Material testing for hydrogen applications

18.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | In view of the increasing importance of hydrogen as an environmentally friendly energy source, the Austrian Scioflex Hydrogen GmbH attaches great importance to the precise testing and certification of hydrogen products.
Speed ​​sensor

Speed ​​sensor for mobile machines

06.01.2024/10/XNUMX | Lenord+Bauer presents an innovative solution for mobile work machines with the robust speed sensor GEL SEIXNUMX (pictured above). This sensor was designed for challenging environmental conditions. The tachometer guarantees a high level of mechanical stability thanks to its robust stainless steel housing and the robust cable gland, meaning that no additional cable protection is required.
Laser sensors

Fastest laser sensors with highest performance

03.01.2024/1420/8 | The laser sensors from the Opto NCDT 16 series (pictured above) from Micro-Epsilon offer doubled measurement rates up to XNUMX kHz and XNUMX bit digital/analog conversion. They are now the fastest laser sensors in their class. The optical sensors are suitable for advanced automation series applications. The measurement rates make the optical sensors the fastest sensors in their class.
IR camera

IR camera optimizes 3D printing processes from Fraunhofer ILT

04.12.2023/3/XNUMX | XNUMXD printing of metals is becoming increasingly popular. Powder bed-based laser beam melting in particular allows for delicate and very complex structures. The quality depends heavily on the right temperatures. Scientists at Fraunhofer ILT measure these using an infrared camera from Optris.

Ultra-high field spectrometer for cutting-edge research inaugurated

01.12.2023/1,2/XNUMX | A state-of-the-art nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR spectrometer) with a frequency of XNUMX gigahertz was put into operation at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, a milestone in biomolecular research.
Hardness measurement technology

VDI guidelines for hardness testing

November 14.11.2023, 2616 | The guideline VDI/VDE 1 Sheet XNUMX "Hardness testing of metallic materials" provides an overview of the common hardness testing procedures for metallic materials. The guideline describes the individual procedures and their practical application as well as the respective special features with the individual advantages and disadvantages.

Universal temperature transmitter with drift detection

Oct 29.10.2023, 38 | The new digital temperature transmitter TXNUMX from Wika allows very stable and flexible temperature measurement. The device offers maximum possible combinations of sensor connections and a new type of drift detection. A head and rail version is available in SIL and various Ex versions.

Combination checkweigher for weighing and metal detection

Sep 30.09.2023, XNUMX | The new Essentus Performance L Combi checkweigher from Minebea Intec combines a checkweigher with a metal detector in one base frame. Two control units share weighing and metal detection. The combination can be used to check weights, carry out completeness checks, control upstream filling systems and check a product for foreign bodies.

High-resolution Profinet absolute encoders

Sep 19.09.2023, 4.2 | The new encoders with Profinet interface (picture above) for real-time applications from Turck are primarily used in logistics, food technology and mechanical engineering. The RES (Singleturn) and REM (Multiturn) encoder series rely on the current Profinet encoder profile version XNUMX.
Level gauge

All-rounder for level measurement

July 27.07.2023, 3 | Vibration level switches reliably detect the level or height of liquids in chemical plants and in the oil and gas industry. With the Vibracon LVL-M4 and -MXNUMX level switches, Pepperl+Fuchs offers two new series of vibration level switches. With their Atex and IECEx approvals, they are suitable for use in potentially explosive areas worldwide.
optical sensor

Optical sensor for LED signal light

July 03.07.2023, 30 - The K30 Pro optical sensor from Turck is suitable for applications that require an optical sensor and a multicolor LED display. The very compact device from Turck's opto partner Banner, with a diameter of 20 mm, is designed so that objects can be detected in an adjustable range of 1000 to XNUMX mm for clear user guidance.

Measurement technology from B to W

Thermometer, thermocouple, spectrometer, image processing, oscilloscope, transmitter, pendulum impact mechanism, 3D coordinate measuring machine, measuring probe, infrared camera, pyrometer, measuring transducer, industrial scale, load cell, moisture meter, laser vibrometer, calibrators, interferometer, measuring machine, angle measuring device, flow meter, temperature measuring device, laser microscope, stereo microscope, multimeter , data logger, data splitter, micrometer screw, load cell, vibration meter, vibration meter, pressure measurement technology, torque measuring shaft, speed meter, measuring amplifier, length measuring machine, tension meter, gauges, measuring mandrel, tachometer, edge distance measuring device, precision measuring device, roughness meter, tolerance meter, fit meter, light measuring device, measuring table, dial indicator, spectrophotometer, radiation pyrometer , coating thickness gauge, distance meter, profile projector, depth gauge, 2D scanner, 3D scanner, lots of sensors and much more. Today we measure everything that can be measured in some form.

We have detailed articles based on a wealth of information about the following measuring devices and quality assurance systems Manufacturer of innovative measurement technology compiled:

Image processing for quality assurance

Here you will find new developments from industrial image processing for quality assurance in mechanical and plant engineering as well as for special industries. We provide information about image processing systems such as Embedded vision, Gig-E and 3D camera, Frame grabber, CMOS sensors and much more. The components and measurement methods for image processing are used, among other things, to avoid errors or determine position and orientation in Industry 4.0 production.

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CAQ software

CAQ Software | Intelligent measurement and testing technology

CAQ uses computer support to support and improve quality assurance in production in a wide range of industries. The quality management processes are with CAQ software and CAQ systems designed and optimized with and without a cloud connection in the form of a CAQ solution - with the aim of sustainably producing high-quality products in efficient business processes. The article introduces you to some CAQ systems.

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Calibration online | audit-proof, efficient and networked

Perschmann Calibration makes this easier Calibrate. With the new portal Trendic hub Users receive direct online access to the calibration database. Here, calibration data can be managed in an audit-proof manner and the respective measuring device can be managed securely.

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Electrical Measurements

Conductivity sensor | For food and beverage manufacturers

In view of increasingly individual customer requirements and smaller batch sizes, food and beverage manufacturers in high-wage countries are left with only one sufficient solution Process automation competitive. A performant and robust sensors is necessary here so that the systems become transparent. The is an unbeatable helper for the phase separation of food, water and cleaning liquid conductivity sensor “Combilyz”.

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Current sensor | Closed loop technology and reverb effect

Current sensors measure currents. Discover the latest developments in the field in this article Current Sensor, including advanced Hall sensors. We introduce you to market innovations and show their possible applications. Find out how modern current sensors from various companies improve accuracy and efficiency in various industries Automotive and increase industry.

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Dimensional Measurements

Distance sensors | Distance, path, distance & Co.

Distance sensors, distance sensors, thickness gauges, etc. are among the distance sensors. In our article we highlight the latest developments from manufacturers, current applications, the status of development and trends in this area. Here you can also find answers to frequently asked questions about sensors for dimensional measurements Path, distance, thickness, position, etc.

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Level sensor | Level switch for simple to IIoT use

Level sensors are used for continuous measurement of the levels of liquids, bulk solids and other media. Discover the latest developments in capacitive level sensors Level sensor and ultrasonic level sensor. You can find current information in our article Market innovations, diverse Fields of application and insights into the current state of the art as well as the latest Trends.

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Interferometer | Ultra-precise length and angle measurement

They are suitable for high-precision path, angle or other distance measurements interferometer excellent because, based on the superposition of waves, they meet the requirements for extreme precision, for example in production measurement technology, Research or space travel. In this article we will introduce you to some new products from different manufacturers and give you a little basic knowledge.

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Capacitive sensor for measurement under temperature fluctuations

A pair of capacitive sensor is used wherever precise measurement results are required. Due to the very good temperature stability, the capacitive measuring principle is particularly suitable for applications in which temperature fluctuations appear. Capacitive sensors measure vibrations, deflection, expansion, path, deflection, deformation, thickness and much more.

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Measuring machine | For automated quality control

In modern manufacturing technology, measuring machines ensure that precision and efficiency in quality assurance and production monitoring are improved. We report here on innovative measurement technologies like this 3D coordinate measuring machine or a measuring machine Gear measurement and show how these technologies can improve your measurement results.

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Measuring probe | coming soon

coming soon

Cable pull transmitter | Cable pull sensor and cable pull displacement sensor

Cable pull transmitter, also known as Cable pull sensor or Cable displacement sensor, are precise measuring instruments that offer reliable and accurate distance measurement through a simple but effective principle: a rope is extended in proportion to the movement of the measurement object. Their easy handling and high flexibility make them ideal for use in the Industrial automation, in vehicle systems and in construction technology. 

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Ultrasonic sensor | For distance, distance and level

An ultrasonic sensor takes millimeter-precise measurements of the distance of objects or the fill levels of media such as liquids. It uses ultrasonic waves as a displacement sensor. When measuring distance, the measuring principle of sound transit time measurement is often used high-frequency sound pulses for use. Objects can be made of metal, non-metal, transparent, powdery or liquid.

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Angle measuring device | Alignment, tilt, angle

An angle gauge is a measuring instrument that is used to measure the angle between two reference points or surfaces to measure or check. It is used to determine the exact orientation, tilt or tilt angle of an object. Typical applications of angle measuring devices can be found in construction, mechanical engineering, architecture and manufacturing. We present two new developments to you.

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Angle sensor | Magnetic, configurable, precise

An angle sensor often has to function reliably even under harsh operating conditions. These sensors provide accurate Angle data, which are used in applications in Mobile work machines, automotive technology and industrial automation are needed. Discover how angle sensors work and their technological advantages using the example of some applications in our article. Learn how they increase efficiency and accuracy across various industries.

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Flow measurements

Flowmeter | Liquids, solids, pastes

Modern flow meters, especially with integrated ultrasound technology, ensure reliable and precise liquid, gas and other media monitoring. We provide you with, among other things, innovative Ultrasonic flow meter or mass flow rate measuring devices that can also be used in potentially explosive areas.

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Mechanical Measurements

Accelerometer | Measuring forces and direction

An accelerometer or accelerometer precisely measures acceleration forces and is used in applications that require motion analysis and control. They measure static or dynamic personnel and can Direction and acceleration capture. Discover new products, applications and basic knowledge in this article.

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encoders | Industrial Ethernet and Industry 4.0 encoders

Encoders act as measurement sensors for precise Speed ​​measurement and Position detection in manufacturing processes, mobile machines and industrial drive technology. Here the protractors convert rotational movement into digital signals. The rotary encoders work with wear-free scanning, which is carried out optoelectronic or magnetically. There are incremental encoders and absolute encoders.

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Torque sensor | Non-contact, maintenance-free, precise

Torques can be measured precisely with a torque sensor. In the automotive industry, manufacturing engineering and aerospace, they play a crucial role in monitoring and controlling Rotary movements. Find out more about how they work, types and applications as well as new developments.

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Torque measuring shaft | Innovations and functional principle

The torque measuring shaft is a special sensor technology for measuring the torque in rotating systems such as drive shafts, Engines or gearboxes. They are used in automobiles and industrial drives. Our article presents the latest developments and technologies that enable this measuring waves make it more efficient and user-friendly.

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Speed ​​sensor | Monitors and controls drives

In industry, speed sensors record and monitor the Speeds of drives based on the principle of an inductive sensor or a magnetic sensor. Discover the latest developments in speed sensors, also known as tachometers. Our article introduces new speed sensor innovations, explains a wide range of possible uses and answers the most important questions about these precise measuring devices.

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Pressure sensors | Pressure measurement technology goes digital

In industry, a wide range of pressure sensors are used to regulate the mechanical measurement of pressure and sometimes also temperature. Analogue and increasingly digital, they are suitable for Pneumatics, Hydraulic System or are electrically designed. With IO Link a pressure sensor qualifies for Industry 4.0 applications Dual channel principle it is even more flexible. 

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Vibration measurement | via laser vibrometer or in the app

In addition to acceleration sensors, industrial vibration measurement and vibration measurement are particularly important Laser vibrometer for use. The data obtained is often fed into a control system that enables real-time monitoring and analysis. This can be used for preventative maintenance and improving operational efficiency. 

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Data acquisition

Measurement data acquisition | Transparent, intuitive, manufacturer-independent

Devices like data logger and Data splitter play a central role in modern data collection, processing and analysis. Find out through new innovations how these technologies increase the efficiency of measurement data acquisition, improve the accuracy of data analysis and thus make a decisive contribution to optimizing industrial processes.

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Transducer | Transmitters for pressure, temperature and more

The range of measuring transducers for industrial applications includes temperature transmitters and pressure transmitters. In our article we introduce you to the latest innovations Measurement variable converter that make these devices more efficient and versatile in use. Find out how modern measuring transducers are now also used with communication capabilities in various industrial areas.

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Measuring amplifier | For signal processing in automation

Measuring amplifiers play a major role in the signal processing under increasing digitalization and automation - even more so when they are used in Industry 4.0 production. For example, today, depending on the application, sensors are used without integrated evaluation electronics in the housing and the digital evaluation of the signals is transmitted to intelligent measuring amplifiers. Below you will find new developments relating to the measuring amplifier.

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Optical Metrology

3D sensor | Stereo vision, time of flight, laser triangulation

In the interaction of lidar, laser triangulation and time-of-flight technologies, 3D sensors unfold their full potential spatial data precisely zu the erfass. In our article we highlight new 3D sensor developments and the dynamic applications of these state-of-the-art sensors. Learn how these new developments are transforming the 3D capture landscape.

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Global radiation sensor | Measure solar radiation

Not a cloud in the sky and it becomes dangerous: the natural UV radiation from solar energy, but also the UV radiation from artificial sources, have different effects on human skin depending on the wavelength range. Ahlborn offers a global radiation sensor with which the Measure solar radiation leaves and a measuring head for UVE rays.

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Lidar sensor | Laser light remote sensing technology

Discover the fascinating world of the lidar sensor, a part of the optical sensors. Find out everything about the current state of technology and future trends in our article. We will introduce you to new products from various manufacturers as well as the diverse possible applications of lidar sensors. 

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microscope | from stereo microscope to laser microscope

Stereo microscope, laser microscope or high-speed microscope are used in industrial applications Quality control. They are also indispensable in research and development, where they provide detailed insights into the microstructure and composition of materials. In this article, learn how these modern magnification tools are redefining the boundaries of visual analysis and in which areas of application they are particularly effective.

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Optical sensors | Light scanner, lidar sensor, laser sensor

Are you ready for the latest developments in the field of optical sensors for measuring Distance, presence, position etc. In our article you will find out everything about the state of the art, various applications and you will get answers to your questions about optical sensors. Read how an optical sensor can meet your needs.

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spectrometer | For analyzing light intensity

In our current article we look at the latest spectrometer developments and trends as well as their growing importance in industry and research. Find out how modern spectrometers do this Spectrum and the wavelength analyze light more precisely than ever and thus contribute to innovative applications in various specialist areas.

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Oscilloscope | Guide to Effective Measurements

Which oscilloscope is right for my work? Digital oscilloscopes offer advanced analysis capabilities, while analog oscilloscopes remain irreplaceable for certain applications. Find out here what an oscilloscope can do and how to choose the right model for your needs Measurement tasks find and which ones New Products there is on the market.

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Temperature and humidity

Temperature sensor | IO-Link and combined measured variables

The latest developments in temperature sensing focus on sensor materials and measurement accuracy as well IO-Link Integration and multifunction. This article also shows how the latest sensors are used in industrial and technological contexts. Find out how advanced temperature sensors from various manufacturers improve precision in critical areas Applications increase.

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Thermocouple | Temperature sensor for measuring temperature

In our article we highlight the latest developments and technologies in the Temperature measurement and regulation, including Thermocouple, thermometer, thermostat and temperature sensor. Learn how these instruments are used in various industries to ensure precision and efficiency in temperature monitoring.

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Thermal Imaging Camera | Innovations for industrial applications

Thermal imaging cameras are used for non-contact temperature measurement in research & development as well as in production. The infrared cameras have to meet a wide range of requirements, from use in the high four-digit temperature range to the highest resolutions for microthermography to communication capability for Industry 4.0 applications.

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Materials testing

Hardness test | according to Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell & Co.

Hardness testing is most often used, especially for metals material mechanically tested shall be. In our current article we present the latest advances in Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness testing methods. We also answer your questions about this area of ​​materials science.

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Material testing | non-destructive and destructive

In our article on materials testing, we highlight the latest trends and developments in the areas of destructive and non-destructive material testing. Learn how to use these methods in industry, from quality control to research. We answer key questions and show how modern technologies such as Generative artificial intelligence increase efficiency and precision in material testing.

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Pendulum impact tester for the notched impact test on metals

The notched-bar impact test is a material testing procedure with which comparatively quickly and with little effort toughness of materials can be determined. With the new HIT450P pendulum impact tester for notched-bar impact bending tests on metals, Zwick Roell is introducing a device that has been optimally tailored to the test.

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users report

Infrared camera at Fraunhofer ILT
Special effects at Marvel
Layer thickness measurement at GSO
Measuring probe at Myonic
Magnetic stirrer at AWH
Transport shuttle at Montratec
Waste disposal near Villiger
Body assembly at Iveco
PCB assembly at Turck
Decanter centrifuge at Alfa Laval

Applications and Industries


Measure vehicle consumption in real driving conditions

With the new “DQ-Road” measuring system from Dqdt, fuel consumption in series vehicles can be determined under real road conditions - regardless of the vehicle type. The ensures secure data processing CAN bus technology from Microcontroller.

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GPS-supported gyro system for distance measurement

The GPS-supported gyro system “Adma” from Genesys was made specifically for driving dynamics- And Driver assistancedeveloped and built for measurements in the automotive sector. With the Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer (Adma), all motion states such as acceleration, speed, position, rotational speed, position and slip angle of the vehicle can be recorded with high precision while in motion.

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H-point determination and seat presetting before the crash test

Before the dummy is placed in the crash vehicle, various points and angles must be determined so that the dummy is positioned in the vehicle in accordance with the design. One of these values ​​is the H point (hip point). Aicon 3D Systems now offers the solution for the crash test Move Inspect DPS for seat pre-adjustment and determination of the H-point for various test scenarios.

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Measurement technology for HV environments in hybrid and electric cars

IMC test + measurement is expanding its Cansasflex series with new highly insulated measurement modules and connection boxes for safe measurements in HV environments, especially on electric cars and hybrid vehicles. The new four-channel Measuring module “Hiso-HV4” is suitable for measuring high differential voltages of up to 800 V. This can be used, for example, to record HV voltages along the electrical drive train.

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Sensors for relevant process steps in battery production

The efficient control of machines and systems in battery cell production requires many sensors that work with different measuring methods. The sensor technology of Pepperl + Fuchs is standard equipment in the automotive industry. Based on decades of experience, the company offers all relevant measuring devices for battery manufacturing from a single source.

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Fill up with hydrogen at the right pressure

In order to help hydrogen (H2) achieve a breakthrough as an alternative fuel, we need attractive fuels Hydrogen cars and high-performance commercial vehicles that can be refueled in a comprehensive filling station infrastructure. The construction of the corresponding hydrogen filling stations requires a lot of measurement technology to ensure safety when refueling with hydrogen. Wika offers the complex instrumentation for this, such as valves, temperature or pressure sensors.

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Energy Technology

Large wind turbine successfully tested on a system test bench

The Center for Wind Power Drives CWD The measurement campaign for a wind turbine is the most powerful to date Wind turbine (WAE) on its 4 MW system test bench. As part of the Certbench joint project, Enercon's E115 system with a nominal output of 3,2 MW was measured over a period of six weeks using the hardware-in-the-loop (Hil) system for rotor emulation.

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Measurement technology ensures quality in hydrogen production

The global hydrogen economy is in full swing and is an important part of the energy transition. Jumo would like to participate in this development and is positioning itself with its Measurement Technology as a system and solution provider for the Hydrogen production. pressure- And Temperature Sensors, conductivity sensors or Pressure Transmitters ensure quality here.

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Material testing and simulation for offshore wind turbines

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) has a material testing procedure and a simulation method for Elastomeric materials developed to improve the performance and service life of components in offshore wind turbines. Material simulation analyzes how materials behave over the lifespan of a turbine.

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Technical Building Services

Efficient light calculation in 3D for Ex and non-Ex areas

With customer-specific optimized concepts for standard compliance Illumination of workplaces in accordance with EN 12464-1/-2 R. Stahl for consistent planning security. In particular, the company can support the switch to energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology with in-depth expertise.

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Energy harvesting multisensor for building automation and IoT

Energy harvesting pioneer enocean presents a new multisensor. In the manufacturer's PTM form factor for maintenance-free wireless switches and sensors, this delivers Sensor module Data for building automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). The integrated solar cell generates all the energy required for operation.

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food technology

Industrial scale for efficient weighing in the confectionery factory

Because global confectionery consumption is constantly growing, manufacturers of Chocolate & Co. set up their production facilities quickly, flexibly, economically and safely so that they remain competitive. A powerful, state-of-the-art industrial scale and inspection solution from Minebea Intec can help to increase efficiency in the confectionery industry.

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X-ray inspection system for food quality assurance

Made possible with its “Dylight” X-ray inspection systems Minebea Intec the safe and reliable one Inspection of raw materials and packaged products in the food industry. The continuous development of the systems not only increases efficiency, but also flexibility in the selection of possible packaging materials.

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Medical Technology

Bed sensor system secures patients in care facilities

In July 2018 brought Minebea Mitsumi in Japan that Mimamori bed sensor system on the market. The innovative technology was aimed particularly at care facilities. The project was launched in May 2017 and promises significant benefits in the healthcare sector for the European market as well. The bed sensor system records patient movements, vital data and behavior patterns without contact and is so far unique.

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IR camera for measuring fever detects sick people

The coronavirus pandemic led to an increased need for measurement technology that can be used to quickly and reliably determine body temperature. Optris ppresents a new IR camera for this purpose Measure fever. With the PI 450i, the surface temperature of people's faces can be measured even as they pass by, using software support based on infrared measurement technology.

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Intelligent temperature measurement solution fulfills children's wishes

The Femsense technology from Steady sense continuously records body temperature in a simple, exact and hygienic way. It can be used, for example, to determine ovulation when a child is about to be born, or it can record dangerous temperature increases after the operation.

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Applied Research

Digital laser microscope for deeper tissue

With that of dr Catherine Philip The developed digital laser microscope can be used to examine deeper layers of tissue, such as those found in: B. can be found in the thyroid gland of patients. For her outstanding dissertation, Dr. Philip with that Bertha Benz Prize 2020 honored.

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Sensor mat with activity monitor both adults and children to keep fit

People move less and less. Fraunhofer Researchers have now developed an interactive learning system that is intended to motivate more movement in a playful way: a sensor mat with a Activity monitor combined. With the system, children and adults can keep fit and build up knowledge at the same time. The solution records the intensity of movement and displays it immediately.

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Measurement technology manufacturer know-how

Jumo measurement technology

Jumo, a global company, is characterized by its expertise as a system and solution provider in industrial measurement technology and automation. With an extensive portfolio that includes high-precision sensors and automation components for temperature, liquid analysis, pressure, level, flow and humidity, the company also develops tailor-made solutions. 

Measurement technology for hydrogen production

In addition to extensive safety precautions, handling hydrogen also requires measurement expertise. This applies to the production of hydrogen from ultra-pure water as well as to feeding the electrolyzer or monitoring the electrolytic conductivity. Digital, explosion-proof pressure- And Temperature Sensors from Jumo ensure the monitoring and security of the thermodynamic processes.

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Minebea Intec scales

The MinebeaMitsumi Daughter Minebea Intec is a leading provider of weighing and inspection technologies. The comprehensive portfolio is aimed at increasing efficiency and quality in production and packaging. The offering includes a wide range of precision scales, industrial scales, bench and floor scales, inspection systems such as metal detectors, X-ray machines and software solutions for data collection and analysis.

Load cell, weighing electronics, industrial scales

The load cell is small, inconspicuous and yet indispensable in many industries: Built in industrial scales e.g. For example, in numerous areas of industry such as goods receiving and shipping, it ensures that the contents or filling levels of containers, tanks and silos as well as vehicles are precisely determined. Read about the innovations Minebea Intec for industrial weighing.

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Optris pyrometer

Optris specializes in the development and manufacture of non-contact temperature measuring devices and offers an extensive portfolio of infrared thermometers, thermal imaging cameras and thermographic solutions for industry and research. The diverse range of pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras aims to enable precise and reliable temperature monitoring in a wide range of applications.

Infrared thermometer with smartphone & tablet app

Optis offers several compact and high-performance infrared thermometer versions for industrial temperature measurement. These can be operated via PC and via app. Below we will introduce you to the new developments of these infrared thermometers, including, among others color pyrometer CS Cision, the Pyrometer CT Laser 4M and CT 4M for high-speed applications as well as the CS Micro for the OEM sector.

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Plug-and-play thermal imaging camera for outdoor, glass and more

Online thermal imaging camera systems for industrial applications are an Optris specialty. The areas of application are diverse, from condition monitoring in outdoor areas to quality assurance in glass production. The infrared cameras are constantly being further developed and adapted to the requirements of the systems and applications.

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Pepperl Fuchs sensors

The inventor of the proximity switch Pepperl + Fuchs is at the same time a pioneer and innovator in sensor technology and explosion protection. The extensive portfolio of sensors for industry includes inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, photoelectric and magnetic field sensors as well as rotary encoders and identification systems. These sensors are used in a number of industries including factory and process automation.

Acceleration sensor and inclination sensor for inertial measurement

Acceleration sensors and inclination sensors from the IMU F99 series from Pepperl+Fuchs were specifically developed for dynamic applications such as those found in wind power or construction machinery. Both Inertial measuring systems offer 360 degree measurement in three axes. Read how an acceleration sensor in a wind turbine and an inclination sensor in an excavator demonstrate their advantages.

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Inductive sensor with a reliably high switching distance

Inductive sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are used in a wide variety of applications and sectors in the process industry and industrial automation. No matter whether for Position detection the metal objects or as proximity switch in the machine tool, an inductive sensor from the manufacturer reliably detects metallic objects even with a large switching distance.

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Level sensor for every level measurement

Level sensors, also known as Level gauge or Level sensors are required for level measurement in many applications, such as the process industry, food industry, chemical industry, water and wastewater treatment and many more. Pepperl+Fuchs has a solution for every application.

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Ultrasonic sensor works reliably in any environment

In the meantime it is Ultrasonic sensor technology arrived in all industrial areas. Their USP features are reliability, versatility, precision and robustness. Even under the harshest environmental conditions, ultrasonic sensors are insensitive to contamination because the sensor surface cleans itself through vibration.

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Vision Sensor solves many tasks in factory automation

Pepperl+Fuchs offers based on 2D and 3D Cameratechnological diverse options for detection, identification, positioning and measurement in factory automation. The "Smartrunner" technology combines the powerful light section process with a vision sensor including LED lighting. This is what the 2D vision is based on Sensors "Matcher" and "Detector".

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Turck sensors

Turck offers an extensive portfolio of sensors for industrial applications. The range includes inductive, capacitive, magnetic field-based, optoelectronic and ultrasonic sensors as well as pressure sensors. Many of these sensors are IO-link capable and therefore support Industry 4.0 applications. These products are used in a variety of industries to automate processes and monitor machine functions.

Encoder: Incremental, absolute and communicative

Turck offers non-contact and conventional encoders in various designs. The encoder are incremental, absolute with hollow shaft or solid shaft in sizes from 24 to 102 mm diameter. They are vibration-resistant, robust and work even in demanding environments. Here we present to you the new developments such as the Profinet absolute rotary encoders.

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Inductive sensor for logistics and carbon applications

Inductive sensors from Turck detect without contact based on the wear-free functional principle metal objects. The Uprox sensors are characterized by their special coil concept. The Factor 1 sensors offer the largest switching distance on metals. A new inductive sensor based on Uprox technology has now been developed in a cuboid shape for logistics and another for the first time for carbon detection.

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Temperature sensor – humidity sensor – vibration sensor

Turck's extensive portfolio of temperature sensors also in combination with humidity measurement or Vibration measurement offers a wide selection for a wide variety of applications. The comfortable temperature sensor series TS+ e.g. B. is very flexible, easy to assemble and quick to put into operation. The new temperature/vibration sensor CMVT with IO-Link also offers results with high accuracy.

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Ultrasonic and radar level sensor with IO-Link for the IIoT

Different measuring principles are used to record limit levels or measure fill levels. Turck offers a comprehensive portfolio for various media and environmental conditions. This also includes the ultrasonic level sensor and the radar sensor for level measurement. IO-Link interfaces make the sensors IIoT suitable.

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What is the Golden Rule of measurement technology?

The golden rule of measurement technology is: “Measure as accurately as necessary, not as accurately as possible.” This rule highlights the importance of appropriateness and efficiency in measurement technology. It's about finding the balance between the required accuracy for the application and the effort required to achieve that accuracy.

What is measurement technology?

Metrology encompasses a wide range of methods, devices and technologies used to determine various physical, chemical or electrical quantities. It plays a crucial role in almost all technical and scientific areas, from quality control in production to research and development. Elements of measurement technology include:

  • Measuring devices and sensors
  • Transducers and signal processing
  • Display and recording devices
  • Calibration and testing equipment
  • Standards and reference materials
  • Software for measurement data acquisition and analysis.

What does DIN 1319 mean?

DIN 1319 is one fundamental norm series, which deals with the basics of measurement technology. The implementation specifies terms, definitions and general principles for measuring, the properties of measuring devices and measuring systems and for dealing with measurement uncertainties.