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With the Level sensor concept "Wilsen.sonic.level" from Pepperl + Fuchs With the help of the Internet, the levels of liquids and bulk goods in containers, tanks or silos can be monitored remotely. The IoT sensor has an integrated ultrasonic measurement for measuring fill levels, fill levels and water levels. These measured values ​​are recorded at regular intervals and sent to the Internet together with the current geoposition. The autonomous one wireless sensor is operated by battery and thus enables measurement in mobile containers.

Materials testingBecause even the smallest disturbances in the test procedure have a strong impact on the measurement results, the non-destructive and destructive one Materials testing increasingly automated on components. Robots ensure the positioning of the samples and the same test procedures. In addition, they also relieve qualified employees of time-consuming and monotonous tests. Zwick Roell offers extensive solutions for the automation of tests on materials with various properties.

thickness GaugeThe distance and thickness Gauge "Confocal DT IFS2407-3 "of Micro-Epsilon when measuring Surfaces, This confocal sensor for displacement and thickness measurements works at a maximum tilt angle of ± 30 degrees. Therefore, stable measurement signals are achieved even on curved surfaces and high-precision results are output. The confocal-chromatic sensors are among the most demanding measuring systems in optical measurement technology.

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To measure the speed of its "Vpuremix" magnetic agitators, Armaturwerk Hötensleben GmbH for a compact solution for all sizes of the device series. Specially developed for this task Turck a magnetic field sensorwhich detects the exact speed of the mixing head in the container through the stainless steel wall. Thanks to a double execution Hall probe the sensor also detects the direction in which the mixing heads are moving. With just one sensor type, AWH increases the safety of the processes of all Vpuremix agitators.

optris1219The infrared cameras and pyrometers from Optris can now be easily done with one Smartphone or tablet serve. For this purpose, the specialist for infrared measurement technology provides the new IR mobile app for Android in Google Play Store to disposal. The cumbersome fiddling with a laptop during setup, for example, can be omitted in many applications.

ephymess1219For remote monitoring / diagnosis has Ephy measurement developed a temperature sensor that ensures, for example, in mining equipment, engines for excavators, vans and lifts or even offshore wind turbines to cableways for surveillance security. Wherever temperature can be reliably measured at exposed points, this sensor contributes to measuring reliability.