To the area transmitters for industrial applications include, among others: Temperature-Transmitter and pressure-Transmitters. In our article we introduce you to the latest innovations in measurement variable converters, which make these devices more efficient and more versatile in use. Find out how the modern... Transducer are now also used with communication capabilities in various industrial sectors and what new functions they offer.

Jumo temperature transmitter




temperature transmitter

A pair of temperature transmitter or transmitters converts the input signals from temperature sensors into a standardized output signal. In industrial applications, the transmitters are predominantly digital and therefore intelligent, network-compatible, precise and much more. Here we present new developments and applications such as the Hydrotrans measuring transducer from Jumo for the railway engineering or the temperature transmitter for simple RTD and TC from Krohne.

Universal temperature transmitter with drift detection

Oct 29.10.2023, 38 | The new digital temperature transmitter TXNUMX from Wika allows very stable and flexible temperature measurement. The device offers maximum possible combinations of sensor connections and a new type of drift detection. A head and rail version is available in SIL and various Ex versions.

The temperature transmitter developed according to IEC 61508 was designed for universal use. Users can use it to monitor processes efficiently. In addition to numerous standardized sensor characteristics, this transmitter contains the new one developed by Wika True drift detection implemented. This function immediately signals any deviation of the measured value from the characteristic curve.

Six sensor connectionjam can be configured as required. This opens up the highest possible level for users Combination scope. In the head transmitter, specially designed trapezoidal clamps with a very large clamping area and external access simplify the connection of sensors and the current loop.

All variants of the new temperature transmitter are over Hart protocol Programmable with many open configuration tools. The T38 can also be parameterized quickly and easily via a USB interface using the PU-548 programming unit and the Wikasoft-TT software.

Humidity, CO2 and temperature transmitters with SPE technology

Jumo SPE small16.02.2023 | Jumo integrates SPE technology into three new sensor products: humidity, CO2 and temperature measurement transmitter Jumo Hydrotrans, the flow transmitter Jumo flow Trans MAG H20 and the pressure transmitter Jumo Delos S02. With the SPE option you get complete system solutions with continuous Ethernet transmission.

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Humidity and temperature transmitter controls climate in the train

Jumo air conditioning train

Jumo temperature transmitter10.12.2022 | Jumo offers a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control technology for the railway industry. In addition to measuring the temperature in the chassis area and in the water supply, the temperature and humidity control in the passenger compartment is of particular importance.

Air conditioning systems in trains lower temperatures in summer and dehumidify the air inside the train when outside temperatures are low. Also because of the extremely hot summers in Europe in recent years, the demand for solutions for this is increasing, as Innotrans 2022 showed. Jumo can help with the Hydrotrans temperature transmitter Model series. This includes reliable humidity and temperature transmitters with an optional CO2 Module. The temperature transmitters are available with different interfaces. They are robust, easy to install and have a reliable connection sensors.

The Hydrotrans has the necessary railway approval DIN EN 50155. and is therefore ideal for climate monitoring in rail traffic. It is available in two versions: as a channel version and as a rod version. The measuring range is 0 to 100% RH with an accuracy of 2% RH, the temperature range is between -40° and +80 °C.

CO2 Module for optimal air in the train

Jumo Lars RongeFor the exact determination of air quality indoors there is an optional CO2 Module that has a measuring range of up to 10.000 ppm. By placing the module in the sensor head, very short response times can be achieved. Voltage output, current output and Modbus are available as interfaces.

With the CO2 Air quality monitoring module can also add a significant Climate efficiency implement, which saves the operator heating costs and reduces maintenance costs, especially in times of electricity price increases. Jumo ensures the quality assurance of moisture-sensitive products, so that users benefit from low maintenance and long-lasting products. The filter cap can also be easily changed.

In order for the air conditioning system to be able to regulate the temperatures in the train, the temperature measurement and temperature control must be reliable and constant. The temperature sensors and thermostats exposed to the movements must therefore be robust and resistant to vibration. The transmitter from Jumo meets all of these requirements. With Degree of protection IP20 and IP65 but it is also suitable for other areas of application. In addition to railway technology, these are the building automation as well as use in factories and warehouses.

Temperature transmitter for simple applications 

Krohne temperature transmitter13.04.2022/12/XNUMX | The Optitemp TT XNUMX from crown is a temperature transmitter that was designed for thermocouple measurement and with Pt100 / Pt1000 sensors. With the newly added thermocouple types B, E, J, K, N, R, S and thermocouple T, the temperature transmitter is suitable for almost all simple RTD and TC applications - worldwide.

The compact temperature transmitter is only 10,5 mm high, which makes it easy to install in all type B DIN connection heads. In addition, the robust transmitter has long-term stability and is resistant to shock and vibrations of up to 10 g. It can be configured wirelessly via NFC with the Opticheck Temperature Mobile App from any smartphone.

The universally applicable and programmable Optitemp TT 12 C is a head transmitter in a 2-wire version. The temperature transmitter can be used to reliably measure temperatures in simple applications, especially in the Food industry and beverage industry as well as in industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology. 

Temperature transmitter with Hart 7 protocol

Wika temperature transmitter01.07.2018 | The temperature transmitter T32.xS from Wika now also communicates via the new Hart 7 protocol and offers, among other things, an extended measuring point description (long tag). All other features of the device are unchanged. These temperature transmitters were designed for universal use in process technology.

They offer a high level of accuracy, galvanic isolation and an above-average level of immunity to electromagnetic interference. TÜV Rheinland has repeatedly tested the temperature transmitter in a full assessment for safety applications up to SIL 3 certified. 

The transmitter is compatible with almost all open software and almost all hardware tools. This means that the temperature transmitter can be used universally. More than 5 million of the basic version with the Hart 1 version have been delivered so far. These will continue to be offered.

Temperature transmitter for hazardous areas

Siemens temperature transmitter23.05.2018 | Siemens launches the "Sitrans" TH320/420 and TR320/420, a new generation of reliable wireless Hart temperature transmitters for a variety of sensor types for sensor head and rail mounting. They work reliably and are user-friendly.

Through certification for the safety integrity level SIL 2/3 according to IEC 61508 the temperature transmitters are particularly suitable for safety-critical applications. In addition, the devices have a large number of country-specific explosion protection certificates for all zones.

They reliably deliver measured values ​​even under extreme conditions down to -50 °C. Areas of application include, for example, the chemical, oil and gas, marine and power generation sectors.

Highest measuring accuracy is possible by using the Callendar-van Dusen method or the 60-point curve, which allows quick and precise tuning of the sensor and transmitter. The temperature transmitters and data loggers can be used in common process control systems thanks to their electronic device descriptions (EDD, DTM and FDI).

Pressure transmitter

A pressure transmitter, too Pressure transducer called, is a device that converts pressure values ​​into an electrical signal in order to make these values ​​measurable and monitorable. Typically, the transmitter measures the pressure of a liquid or gas and converts it into a standardized output signal, such as 4-20 mA or 0-10 V, which can then be read by a control or monitoring system.

Digital pressure transmitters with CANopen and CAN J1939

Suco pressure transmitterMarch 05.03.2019, 0630 | The pressure transmitters of the XNUMX series from Juices support the CANopen protocol with a data transfer rate of up to 1 Mbit/s. The 0631 series is based on the J1939 protocol, which is predominantly used in heavy commercial vehicles and mobile work machines.

The pressure transmitters of the Series 063X are designed for pressure ranges from 0-1 to 0-600 bar and, thanks to their robust stainless steel housing 1.4301 / AISI 304, combine the advantageous material properties of analog transmitters with the advantages of digital transmission technology. The fully welded measuring cell made of stainless steel 1.4542 is particularly corrosion-resistant and ensures problem-free media compatibility at temperatures from -40° to +125°C.

The CAN bus Transmitter of protection class IP67 are extremely resistant to shock and vibration. They are very long-term stable and reliable with a service life of up to 107 pulsations. 

The manufacturer currently offers the CAN J1939 pressure transmitter type 0631 as a preconfigured version Plug-and-play-Factory version. Type 0630 can be specified either with predefined values ​​or according to customer requirements. In both cases, the values ​​can be subsequently changed by the customer on site using software.

Flexible, compact transmitters for process measurement technology

For the Process Technology Precise measuring systems are required to determine a wide variety of process values ​​such as oxygen content, conductivity, pH value or redox potential of the medium. Kink offers a suitable solution based on many years of expertise in process measurement technology, even for complex requirements. We present here the Transmitter New hits:

From the sensor to the fully automatic measuring point

March 23.03.2022, XNUMX | The requirements for the measuring systems in the Process Technology can be very high depending on the application, medium and environmental conditions. Pasty or sticky media, for example, require frequent cleaning of the Sensors. If older systems are to be brought up to date, the installation position of the sensors is often very difficult. No problem for Knick. The specialist always offers the right solution for this as well.

The user can choose this suitable solution from a Modular system assemble. This consists of sensors, fittings, transmitters and devices for cleaning and calibration. The portfolio of transmitters is very extensive. It includes simple head transmitters, compact transmitters in modular housings, mobile devices and premium transmitters - also for hazardous areas.

Cable protection system with integrated cable gland

When it comes to communication, Knick relies on digital data transmission along the entire route between the process control system and the sensor. In this way, the measuring systems can be integrated into higher-level control systems or Industry 4.0 integrate environments. Knick offers fully automatic systems including retractable fittings for cleaning and calibrating sensors in process applications. In practically every application, these permit a permanently precise measurement of the required values ​​with a high level of process reliability.

Together with the users, Knick also configures individual, tailor-made measuring points. These solutions start where others stop.

Ultra-compact transmitter for Memosens sensors

Knick Memosens measuring transducerFebruary 23.02.2022, XNUMX | Memosens sensors have established themselves strongly in the market in recent years. She has one Plug-in connection with inductive transmission protected against external influences. Memosens sensors are therefore particularly suitable for use in difficult environmental conditions. Transmitters allow for easy data traffic for operations. At Knick, the Memotrans MT201N is now finding its way into the Memosens transmitter portfolio. The compact transmitter can be used flexibly and is inexpensive.

The Memotrans MT201N Transmitter are suitable for all redox, pH, oxygen and conductivity sensors that rely on Memosens technology. Users are flexible and secure with them. Due to their compactness, the transmitters fit directly into the manufacturer's existing fittings. A special tool for installation is not required.

Dual version of the transmitter

There are two versions of the transmitter: The Multiparameter version with 4 to 20 mA Hart protocol is used for comprehensive device and sensor configuration as well as calibration and diagnostics with the FDI package. In the Fixed parameter version the 4 to 20 mA outputs are preset for each parameter for quick commissioning. The transmitters have a green/red LED for on-site diagnostics. The use of pre-calibrated sensors means that maintenance work and system downtime can be reduced to a minimum.

Auch im Data transfer Thanks to Memosens, the small transmitter offers a reliable, easy-to-implement transfer. The measured values ​​are digitized directly in the sensor and forwarded to the transmitter without contact. For use in adverse environments, the transmitter has a robust and tight housing.

This makes the Memosens sensors suitable for use in the pharmaceutical sector, food technology and Energy- or water industry. The protection classes IP67, IP68 and Nema 6 qualify the transmitter for outdoor use. 


What is Memosens?

The Memosens principle digitizes the measured value in the sensor. He then transfers this contactlessly to the transmitter. The Memosens technology thus solves typical problems in liquid analysis. Measurement problems such as those caused by moisture, corrosion or interference potential are a thing of the past thanks to perfect galvanic isolation, inductive coupling and digital memory function. The measuring point becomes more available and the process runs smoothly.

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