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Linear drive: news for precise, linear movement

bahr12191FMB South Hall F18

For precise, low-noise travel, Bahr Modultechnik now offers its positioning systems from the ML series in the new one MLN 60 (S) variant with knobbed belt drive on. The self-guiding 30 mm wide drive belt is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, was made with reinforcing steel cord pull strands and ensures low-wear operation with constant belt tension.

hiwin1119SPS hall 1, booth 310

Hiwin Adds the X-axis boom for vertical applications to the square cross-section HM and the HT dual-guide linear stages. The boom axis HC is equipped with an omega belt drive, which is compactly integrated in the drive block.

rollon1019The linear axes of "Tecline"Series has Rollon specially designed for the efficient handling of heavy workpieces. They are extremely resilient and highly dynamic. This makes them suitable for bridging long strokes and for use in polluted working environments.

tretter1019In certain applications are Lead Screws compared to the more precise ones Ball Screws a very economical alternative. Dr. Tretter has now included it in its broad product portfolio and covers a very wide diameter and pitch range with these components.

nsk0919NSK introduces a new series of Ball Screws before, among others high stress reached about three times longer life. This is made possible by a special texture of the surface, which provides for improved oil film formation.

rodriguez0819Motek Hall 6, 6333 Stand

Rodriguez presents his precise Ball Screws in metric and imperial dimensions of common standards for a wide variety of industrial sectors. With the diverse Ball Transfer UnitsIn addition, heavy loads can be moved easily, precisely and with minimal effort. New in the portfolio: a ball roller with integrated clamping.