The Lifting column has become indispensable in modern technology, be it in the field of Medical Technology, in furniture design or in the Industrial automation. Recognized experts in this field present in-depth knowledge and reliable information about how it works, areas of application and New developments around lifting columns. 

Norelem lifting column



Internal rotor lifting column for long travel distances

Sep 06.10.2023, XNUMX | When telescopic lifting columns reach their limits in applications with long travel distances or limited installation space, it's time for the patented internal rotor lifting column from Baumeister+Schack.

The lifting columns types I67 and I140 are suitable for use in plant and mechanical engineering as well as in the packaging industry or media technology. The internal rotor lifting columns have aluminum profiles that are open on one side and have an internal runner. Stroke lengths of up to 1800 mm and lifting forces of up to 1800 N can be achieved.

Lifting speeds up to 60 mm/s

To Motek 2023 the company presents the new one Internal rotor lifting column IK 90 before. The dimensions of the compact, square shape are 90 x 90 mm. The profile with six grooves is compatible with all common profile systems. It can be easily integrated into new developments and is also suitable for retrofitting.

The lifting column offers a choice in five variants with lifting forces of 400 to 1400 N. The lifting speed can be from 7 to 60 mm/s, two runner lengths offer high torque absorption up to 350 Nm. The IK90 lifting column can be manufactured with an installation length of max. 2000 mm and a stroke length of max. 1760 mm. With the appropriate control and accessories from the manufacturer's own range, several lifting columns can be operated synchronously.

Electric lifting column for more ergonomics in the workplace

April 22.04.2021, XNUMX | With the new lifting column (picture above) from Norelem Objects can be adjusted in a motorized and stable manner. This is how they promote ergonomic workplaces. They are also suitable for adjusting the height of objects in complex systems in mechanical and plant engineering. The electric lifting column made of aluminum can be installed linear actuator and fully integrate other technology.

The systems are maintenance-free. According to the plug+work principle, the lifting columns can be put into operation quickly and easily. The lifting columns can also be operated intuitively. The lifting column range includes versions with four different ones Strokes up to 500 mm. The stroke can be bridged at a speed of up to 8 mm/s. The lifting columns are designed for tensile and compressive loads and ensure self-locking even under maximum load.

Suitable control for the lifting column

Help matching steering from Norelem can be a maximum operate two lifting columns. Up to two controllers can be connected to each other. This means that a total of four lifting columns can be moved simultaneously and in parallel. The Multicontrol controls offer a dynamic calculation of the duty cycle and standard overload protection. The integrated Smart Product Protection (SPP) collision detection optimizes process safety. Visual status messages are provided via an LED display.

The control is operated via a special hand switch. He is with one LCD Display and six function keys. Positions of the lifting columns can be saved and easily switched between users. Users can make changes to the control using the hand switch.

Lifting axis for wheelchair lifts and other hoisting applications

May 19.05.2016, 90 | With the positioning unit GGT/K XNUMX Bahr modular technology developed a cost-optimized spindle axis for wheelchair lift systems, lifting platforms and other lifting applications. She lets herself go Engines combine any make. Since high dynamics are not important for the intended applications, but rather longevity, reliability and safety are the focus, the construction side focused on cost-intensive guide and drive elements such as shafts or Profile rail guide waived.

Instead, there are large areas Plastic sliding bushings integrated into the guide carriages, which slide on internal grooves in the axle body. Due to the very low friction of the plastic surfaces on the anodized profile grooves, the sliding guide is subject to only minimal wear.

Trapezoidal or ball screw spindle optional

The guide body consists of an aluminum square profile with an edge length of 90 mm, in which the guide carriage is optionally driven by a trapezoidal or ball screw spindle with an assigned guide nut. The axes are available as a solution with single or multi-start trapezoidal or ball screw versions.

Linear bearings for round shafts and fast movements

Upon request, the manufacturer can also equip the axles with one catch nut which serves as additional fall protection if the guide nut is damaged. The opening of the guide body is closed by a cover strip made of polyurethane with steel mesh. Ball bearings on the carriage, which press the PU tape into the profile, prevent material abrasion. By exclusively using spindles, screws and Ball bearings Made of stainless steel, GGT/K 90 units ensure maximum corrosion resistance. The axles are attached either via the T-slots on the underside of the profile or via holes in the bearing piece.

High-precision height adjustment for operating tables

Sep 11.09.2014, XNUMX | Kammerer presents his telescope spindle with two-stage ball screw drive. The high-precision telescopic spindles are used, for example, in height-adjustable operating tables and treatment tables, but also in other electro-mechanical applications in which only limited space is available for the drive and adjustment unit.

Today, manufacturers of Medical Technology the competence of the thread technology specialist. For example, the company developed a two-stage telescopic spindle for a well-known manufacturer of mobile operating tables Ball Screw.

The complete with drive module Equipped spindle ensures the quick and highly precise height adjustment of the electro-mechanical operating tables. The customer-specific design is tailored to the demanding use in medical technology. The drive unit consists of two combined ball screws with opposite pitches that extend and retract like a telescope. With the two-stage design, the lower screw rotates to the left while the upper screw rotates to the right.

Telescopic spindle for smooth adjustment

The balanced interaction of telescopic construction and low Thread pitches ensures that the spindle, and thus also the operating table, can be adjusted very gently and with absolute precision - with the highest rigidity and stability of the entire lifting column. The cycle for lubrication is just as important for practical use: with 50.000 strokes per lubrication, the telescopic spindle is extremely low-maintenance.

The two-stage drive unit is delivered as a ready-to-install complete system. The upper end forms a round profile piece with holes for connection to the table segment. The telescopic spindle closes at the bottom with a multi-part base for mounting on the chassis of the operating table and an integrated toothed ring for inserting one Timing beltfrom. In this way, the double spindle can be directly connected to the Electric drive of the operating table.

Flat lifting columns with lifting forces up to 3000 Newton

16.09.2014 | RK Rose+Warrior has revised its electric lifting column “Multilift”. The Multilift II offers a flat design and allows lifting forces of up to 3000 N. This makes it suitable for synchronous adjustment tasks in special and series machine construction as well as for the height adjustment of assembly work tables in ergonomic workplace systems. The Multilift lifting column is available specifically for this application in a synchronous version in a pre-assembled plug+work package.

A complex customer survey formed the basis for a large number of constructive optimizations Multilift II. What is new is, among other things, a mounting groove on both sides in the outer profile of the lifting column, which is coordinated with the RK profile system and can accommodate corresponding slot nuts. Additional attachments such as a privacy screen, computer desk or additional reinforcements can easily be attached using them.

Pre-assembled for the standing work table

The pre-assembled one Plug and Work package consists of two Multilifts, a Compact-e-3-EU control, a networkcable and cover profiles as well as an optional hand switch. This means that nothing stands in the way of quickly setting up a standing work table with outputs of up to 3000 N and strokes of 355 to 500 mm, especially for lean production with material storage. The flat design offers additional space.

The Multilift II can be quickly and easily mounted on common profile systems using mounting plates. Optionally available Syncflex-Compensating plates make it easier to align the lifting columns and avoid tension that could lead to failures if overloaded systems are overloaded. In addition, various special options are available upon request.

Sources: This article is based on information from the following companies: Bahr, Baumerister+Schack, Norelem, Rose+Warrior.

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