electronic components for developers

Electronic components for electrical circuits such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, coils, transistors, relays or terminals

switch cabinet

Control cabinets for machines and systems

Control cabinet and housing Innovations for electrical and electronic components of machines and systems in modern production

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Cables & wires: veins of industry

The cable becomes a high-tech component in the industrial environment and is therefore suitable for e.g. B. Single Pair Ethernet or CAT6e technology

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Cable & Wire Connectors

Single pair Ethernet connectors, push-pull connectors, miniature connectors or rectangular connectors for machines and systems

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Power Supply

Power supply mobile and stationary

Overvoltage protection, voltage converters, supply components, EMC filters and power consumption measurement for uninterruptible power supplies

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Electrical engineering and electronics for the factory of the future

You will find many new products from the Electrical Engineering and Electronics for the bloodstream in the Industry 4.0 Factory. We report on components, systems and technologies of the electronic componentsCables, wires, switch cabinet, about Connectors, Power Supply and much more. You can also find out interesting facts about Future technologies like Single-pair Ethernet, IIoT or single-cable motor technology for modern mechanical engineering and smart system technology.

Single pair Ethernet Harting


Brand new electrical engineering and electronics

The electrical engineering, electronics is the second largest industry in Germany according to the number of employees and ranks with a high export content right behind machine and plant engineering. And it is a stronghold of Middle class. Over 90 percent of the companies that are active in the electrical engineering and electronics sector employ fewer than 500 people. On the way to Industry 4.0, industrial goods are increasingly being equipped with electrical engineering or electronics. 

Electrical engineering and electronics for special industries

For industries like for example the Automotive industry, Renewable energies, Technical Building Services, Medical Technology, food technology, Microsystems Technology, Mobile Machinery Products must meet special requirements such as approvals, certificates or surfaces and material properties. Here we present you the latest innovations from industry solutions and from the Applied research .

  • Which electric car owner doesn't always want to have an efficient, fast, reliable and available way to charge their electric car? And because there are always new developments in charging plugs and charging cables for electric cars, we would like to introduce them to you here. Here you will find Type 1 plugs, Type 2 plugs, CCS plugs and the associated charging cables...
  • According to the ZVEI, almost every fifth German already uses networked functions within their own four walls, including those for controlling their heating system. The new generation of the individual room control NEA Smart 2.0 for surface heating and cooling from Rehau is well suited for this. The entire control technology can now also be used with other KNX-enabled...
  • Flexible printed circuit boards made from thin polyimide films have established themselves in many product areas. But they are expensive to equip and assemble, even if they offer many advantages. That is why Harting relies on 3D MID technology, which can save up to two thirds of the costs. In a POS terminal...
  • In cooperation with Aconno, the Schmersal Group has developed the prototype of an Industry 4.0 switch for the bulk goods industry. With the Heavy Duty Switch (HDS) series, data can be transmitted wirelessly over distances of several kilometers in extensive conveyor systems in heavy industry. 
  • A PV inverter or solar inverter is crucial for the performance of your photovoltaic system: It converts direct current into alternating current. This direct current is generated by the solar cells so that you can use the energy. But which inverter is best suited to your system? In this article you will learn how these devices work,...
  • Not only is the demand for personal protective equipment increasing due to the global spread of the coronavirus, but also for ventilators. In order to ensure supply in Germany, the federal government placed several orders for ventilators with various manufacturers at short notice.   
  • Food producers have so far often been skeptical about the use of connectors in sensitive areas. They fear that the outlines of interfaces will break through the easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces. But you need them in the product-related area for cleaning. Harting has developed a special connector for such applications. The Han F+B withstands intensive cleaning. 

Electrical engineering and electronics for machines and systems

Digitization, integration, networking, monitoring: These are the Industry 4.0 requirements that are also driving electrical engineering and electronics in mechanical and plant engineering. And so connectors and cables are more than just one today electrical connection technology. We present the innovations below:

Regardless of whether condensation, heavy precipitation or a powerful jet of water Electricity it can quickly lead to a short circuit. A tried and tested means on the other hand is the casting compound. The Wago Gel box. With these gel boxes, moisture protection IPX8-certified is even faster and easier and yet safe. 

Wago gel box


Electro protect sensitive electronic and electrical components from environmental influences such as moisture or chemical substances. The high-performance plastics also play a major role in thermal management. The Rampf group has electro-casting resins and related mixing plants and Dosing. They offer long-lasting electrical and electronic performance. Read more in this article:

Rampf Casting Resin Electrical

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Harting is consistently aligned with the megatrends of resource conservation and energy efficiency. The technology group offers a comprehensive range for this Manufacturing Connectors Portfolio for a wide variety of applications up to Interface connection technology for the Industry 4.0 environment. To SPS In 2023 there were new solutions for smart energy management In addition, Harting offers accessories that are specifically tailored to their products, such as Harting accessories for various applications. You can find these and other new products below:

Harting Han modular dominoes


Switch + Button for industry are indispensable components that ensure robust and reliable operation in demanding industrial environments. These components are designed for a long service life, resistance to environmental influences and precise control. The article highlights New Products and Innovations and a wide range of possible applications in industrial automation and control technology.

Rafi selector switch

A safe and efficient power grid is essential in modern industry and for the planned energy transition. The uninterrupted Power Supply UPS in the Industry 4.0 factory supply the power supply, battery and accumulators with energy or electricity. Here you will find product innovations such as surge protection, voltage converters, components for supply or for measuring power consumption - everything for your secure power grid.

Free power supply

What distinguishes a terminal block? It must be easy to connect and easy to disconnect. Compact for little space in switch cabinet and it should be versatile. are ideal DIN rail terminal blocks with a universal connection and if they can be mounted without tools. Therefore there is pluggablee variants or push-pull-Executions. The article provides information about new products, systems and services.  

Phoenix Contact terminal blocks


For safe signal processing to monitor a machine, the Schmersal group various type-tested solutions, including a variety of Safety relay, safety controllers and Standstill monitor. are new to the program two safety components: the SRB-E-302ST relay and the SRB-E-402EM output expander. These and other new components of the Safety Technology can be found below:

Schmersal safety relay srb e

Relais are indispensable components that control a large number of switching operations by converting an electrical signal into a mechanical signal. There are many relay types such as safety relays, timing relays, switching relays, signal relays, reed relays, automotive relays, impulse relays, power relays, miniature relays, printed circuit board relays, solid state relays, semiconductor relays and more. Find out more about the possibilities that modern relays offer you and discover the optimal solution for your needs Applications.

Gefran semiconductor relays


Electrical resistances are components of the Electrical Engineering / Electronics that regulate the flow of current and divide voltages. As Resistance series and in various variants they play a key role in circuit development, from power distribution to signal processing. The article highlights the latest trends and applications on the market and offers comprehensive basic knowledge of electrical resistors.

Raw resistors 

The operation of vehicles and the control of automated processes is becoming more and more complex and diverse. Products for this must perform several functions at the same time, optimally adapt to the installation space and enable downsizing. With the new Silicone actuator technology will the Satiety Group exactly meets these requirements.

Sateco actuator


overvoltage protection is crucial to protect electronic devices from overvoltages in the form of sudden Voltage peaks caused by lightning strikes or power fluctuations. The article highlights current innovations from Weidmüller in surge protection technology and shows how modern solutions offer improved safety and reliability in various applications.

Weidmueller overvoltage protection