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Here you will find many new products from electrical engineering and electronics for the blood circulation in the Industry 4.0 factory Electronic Components, cables and wires, Cooling, Control cabinet, Connectors, power supply as well as future technologies such as single pair ethernet or single cable motor technology etc. - find out here!

Brand new electrical engineering and electronics

Harting, Elmeko, Igus, Koco Motion and others

  • Hannover Messe Hall 12, Stand D30 It doesn't matter whether condensation, heavy precipitation or a powerful water jet hits electricity, a short circuit can quickly occur. A proven means, however, is the potting compound. With a gel box, Wago provides moisture protection according to IPX8, which is even faster, easier and more successful. This connecting clamp also reliably protects against moisture and moisture outdoors.
  • Logimat Hall 4, Stand D61 Technical Article Users of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) are finally getting investment security. As Harting announced yesterday, the IEC standards committee SC 48B for connection technology published the IEC 63171-6 standard. The standard interface for industrial SPE applications was thus manifested. The SPE Industrial Partner Network is behind the new standard, which is now freely available.
  • Logimat Hall 4, Stand D61 The Haning DDD miniature connector from Harting currently covers the miniaturization in robotics and automation technology most consistently. The triple D stands for maximum contact density. Safe signal transmission also takes up little space. This miniature connector has more than doubled the number of contacts compared to the previous standard. The dimensions and electrical properties have remained the same for this version.
  • Wire Hall 9, Stand F55 Paul Leibinger presents a labeling system for printing on cables and wires in record time. Wires, pipes and hoses can also be labeled at up to 1000 m / min or 60 km / h. The JET Rapid Wire Inkjet Printer no longer slows down the production of extrusion products through the labeling. Thanks to the manufacturer's Sealtronic nozzle closure technology, it ensures a measurable increase in productivity.
  • Electro casting resins protect sensitive electronic and electrical components from environmental influences such as moisture or chemical substances. The high-performance plastics also play a major role in heat management. At IPC Apex Expo 2020 in San Diego, the Rampf Group, Inc. will be presenting its electro-casting resins and associated mixing and dosing systems. They offer long-lasting electrical and electronic performance.
  • Yamaichi Electronics presents the M12 Push Pull connector with internal locking. The cable-side connector snaps into the device socket from the inside with the locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires exactly the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking. With this technology, the M12 device socket can be fully integrated into the end device such as the distribution box.
  • Conta-Clip has expanded its KES range with the screwless version KES-E for quick and easy installation. The plates for cable entry enable the electrician and electronics technician to quickly and safely insert unassembled electrical cables or hoses into the control cabinet and machine housing. Elaborate cable glands are a thing of the past. The cable assembly of the KES-E is done using the all-round profile seal without the use of tools.
  • The energy chains of the "Easytrax", "Qquicktrax" and "Uniflex Advanced" series are designed so that they can be opened quickly. This makes line assignment and exchange particularly easy, and the user saves time and money. The latest measurements prove: With the opening tool available for the energy chain, users of the Uniflex Advanced 1455 can open one meter of energy in just three seconds.
  • Embedded World Hall 3, Stand 445 Polyrack offers the 19 “Compact PCI System MPS03 for communication technology in different sizes such as 1U 2-slot. The "Railo" mounting rail / wall module was developed to accommodate single Euro cards or printed circuit boards with a height of 122 mm and for expansion with individual electronics.
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