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Push pullYamaichi Electronics presents the M12 push pull connector with internal locking. The cable-side connector snaps into the device socket from the inside with the locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires exactly the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking. With this technology, the M12 device socket can be fully integrated into the end device such as the distribution box.

contaclip0120Conta-Clip has be KES program um die schraubenlos montierbare Variante KES-E zur einfachen und schnellen Verlegung weiter ausgebaut. Die Platten zur cable entry ermöglichen dem Elektriker und Elektroniker eine schnelle und sichere Einführung nicht konfektionierter elektrischer Leitungen oder Schläuche in Schaltschrank und Maschinengehäuse. Aufwendige Kabelverschraubungen gehören damit der Vergangenheit an. Die cable mounting the KES-E is made using the all-round profile seal without the use of tools.

kabelschlepp1219The energy chains of the "Easytrax", "Qquicktrax" and "Uniflex Advanced" series are designed so that they can be opened quickly. This makes line assignment and replacement particularly easy, and the user saves time and money. The latest measurements prove: With the opening tool available for the energy chain, users at the Uniflex Advanced 1455 open one meter of energy supply in just three seconds.

polyrack1219Embedded World hall 3, 445 Stand

Polyrack offers the 19 "Compact PCI System MPS03 for communication technology in various sizes such as 1U 2-slot. The "Railo" mounting rail / wall module was developed to accommodate single Euro cards or printed circuit boards with a height of 122 mm and for expansion with individual electronics.

FIP1219Franconian Industrial Pipes presents the new “Fiplock "One fittings with a rotatable metal thread. They make it easy to assemble pre-assembled cable harnesses without having to turn them during installation.

weco1219Weco Contact introduces the 328 and 329 series of terminal blocks, a solution that is unique in the market: their size makes them ideal for use in harshest environments and for the flow of large currents such as in transformers or line connections.