The Harting Technology group presents at various events such as Hannover Messe Preview new connectivity solutions for digital transformation. The technology group provides exclusive insights into current product highlights for the connectivity of the future and spreads the trade fair feeling in the run-up to the events. In this article we report about it and let you take part in the events:

Harting Connectivity 2024



All Electric Society – vision of the future of connectivity

Mar 06.03.2024, XNUMX | Harting gives on the Hannover Messe Preview an outlook on the Hannover Messe and draws a picture of the future of an “All Electric Society”. The technology group is following this year's main theme of the Hannover Messe, “Energizing a Sustainable Industry”.

With this picture of the future All Electric Society The focus is on topics such as sustainability and energy efficiency. The All Electric Society describes a world in which energy needs are met by electricity. The energy required for this is obtained from renewable resources.

It plays for the All Electric Society Coupling of sectors each other and their networking play a special role. These sectors include industry, energy, mobility and infrastructure. All areas must be linked together so that energy and Communication can flow within and across.

All Electric Society pluggable wiring

The motto We wire the 'All Electric Society' - pluggable focuses on the associated need for cabling solutions as “hardware”. The technology group provides this cablingsolutions ready. They range from standardized “plug-and-play” cables to complex, individual assemblies and distribution boxes in applications such as the distribution of Hydrogen, the Railway system and in industrial networks.

Sector coupling in the All Electric Society can only be achieved with high-performance networks on Ethernet-Base. For a successful energy transition, they bring growing data streams from Digital Twin and Co. safely to their destination. Standard Ethernet protocols play a key role in the global energy transition. Reliable connectivity and active participation in standardization for uniform standards are the manufacturer's contributions.

Reliable connection technology for energy storage systems

Harting also supplies reliable connection technology for energy storage systems. Because sustainable energy sources such as wind and sun are not available at all times. That's why the possibilities also play a role energy storage a big role for the All Electric Society.

“Digitalization is largely responsible for the success of the electrification of our world. Our connection technology enables the associated networking of all areas,” says the CEO happily Philip Harting about the company's contribution to a CO2 neutral future.

Connectivity portfolio for industrial transformation

16.03.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | Harting is an exhibitor at the Hannover Messe 2022 and gives a first insight into the products and solutions presented during the digital Hannover Messe Preview. "Digitization and sustainability are not only the big keywords of this year's fair, but are also two of the guidelines for our thinking and acting," says Christopher Ukatz, Managing Director of Harting Germany GmbH.

With the concept Connectivity + is about considering social megatrends such as sustainability, (de-)globalization and demographic change. The technological trends of modularization, autonomy and digital twins are derived from this. Under the Connectivity+ motto, products, solutions, services and applications can be found that contribute to the technological and social megatrends and thus provide answers to the challenges of the future. This new connectivity is not a theoretical construct, as the focus on added value for the customer makes clear.

Vision Sensor solves many tasks in factory automation

“An immensely important concern in the development of Connectivity+ is the Collaboration and Co-Creation with customers and partners,” says Mr. Ukatz. There will therefore be a Communication and Innovation Center at this year's stand. The focus here is on joint brainstorming sessions and the exchange of information on the connectivity of the future. Stand visitors can make an appointment in advance at “This is where the discussion on different technological approaches in terms of connectivity takes place. Customers can take the storyboard created by an industrial designer straight away, adds Christopher Ukatz.

New products for the Connectivity+ in the luggage

Among the range of new products and solutions for connectivity, the company will introduce a world first present, which will open up completely new perspectives in the field of modularization.

Topics such as energy efficiency and decarbonization are also more topical than ever under the heading All for energy to be found at the exhibition stand. switch cabinet Applications including the "Han Eco" and its targeted use as an interface in data centers as well as transformer or Inverter Applications are the driving force in this area.

Servo motor made of DC / stepper motor with controller and encoder

Another exhibit area is dedicated to connectivity in the Electromobility and shows the full range of charging infrastructure. Solutions will be on display, from the charging station for home use to the quick charging station. The product portfolio, which is used within a charging station, extends from PC Board, to current sensors and network components. The solutions reduce installation times, support the modular concept structure and increase security.

In the exhibition area of ​​the small Connectors for All for Ethernet, All for PCB and 3D MID is PES (Single Pair Ethernet) in focus, which is also a connectivity + resource-saving and highly efficient solution. From the sensor to the cloud With just two wires, SPE creates a seamless data infrastructure and reveals previously hidden optimization potential in everyday factory automation. The pushpull locks shown and the associated application examples also clearly show the added value of modern quick locks.

Industrial Ethernet Week with visions for IIoT and Sensor to cloud

02.03.2022 | From February 8th to 10th, 2022, Harting invites its customers and industry experts Industrial Ethernet Week one. The technology group is thus offering a week of talk formats and information about connectivity for the topic of Ethernet Communication in factory automation. Experts will shed light on current and future solutions that are in the starting blocks for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). You will discuss with numerous guests from industry who focus on such applications, including Kuka, B&R, Sick, Analog Devices, Würth Elektronik Eisos, SPE Industrial Partner Network and erium.

Knowledge, inspiration and solutions for industrial transformation are on the program such as the right connection technology, Sensor2cloud, SPE and Artificial Intelligence.

Priorities from the agenda

Tuesday deals with the new technologies. Topics are:

  • development of ethernets future as a communication medium for industrial automation
  • new technologiesthat meet the increased challenges for new applications
  • The role of Artificial intelligence
  • possibilities of SPE, OPC UA and TSN for a seamless connection from the sensor to the cloud

On Wednesday the focus will be on:

  • How will that be device design change?
  • Advancing miniaturization and increased demands on data processing of individual IIoT participants require new ways in the design-in process.
  • Necessary infrastructure for new space-saving connectivity
  • PES as a new physical layer and its integration into new device generations 
  • Impact of the above questions on the installation technology

Thursday belongs to the world of installation:

  • No IIoT without the right connection
  • overview of the right Interface suitable for every application. From well-known solutions to new connections that save resources and actively support miniaturization.

Harting Experts Camp announces trends for the future

Connectivity of the future - what does it mean?

23.09.2020 | Dr.-Ing. Kurt D. Bettenhausen, Board Member New Technologies and Development at Harting, presented at the beginning of February in Harting Experts Camp the connectivity of the future: “We deal with the three global megatrends of society such as the need for sustainable business, or sustainability for short, demographic change and globalization or the counter-trend to deglobalization.

From these topics and the closely related challenges, technological Megatrends such as modularization, autonomy and digital twin. But all of this only works if we have the connectivity of the future as the connecting element of the future. "

Harting Dr Kurt BettenhausenThe technological megatrend includes key topics such as direct voltage supply in industry, electromobility and new ecosystems in the field of industrial communication such as that SPE (Single Pair Ethernet). “We at Harting group these three topics under the heading Connectivity + together ", emphasized Dr. Bettenhausen.

But the charging cable for an electric car, for example, is only the visible part of these new technologies. And also behind the Harting core elements Data | Signals | energy whole new infrastructures and ecosystems would emerge. "There are whole system changes behind this and a lot of partners play a role here," says Dr. Bettenhausen.

For example, many partners have to help with the structural change in production facilities due to the introduction of the SPE in order to be able to raise the system environment to a new level. Or when it comes to direct current / direct voltage supply, it is not just about generation, distribution and consumption but also about the intelligent networking of everyone. To this end, Harting relies on cooperation, collaboration and co-engineering with partners in network networks. The latest example of this is the Cooperation with MIT.

Connectivity plus from the Harting Experts Camp

In May 2020, the Harting Technology Group launched the Harting Experts Camp, which is now firmly established. The powerful Dialogue platform is used for communication with customers. The diverse range of product presentations, webinars, expert talks and much more are bundled here. Below you will find examples of the current technology issues for the connectivity of the future.

Ethernet in industrial automation

Harting Ethernet

The Ethernet has become the most important communication standard in the industry Automation developed. In the meantime, IP-based networks are also conquering the last areas of the field level with space-saving infrastructure, increasing transmission rates and new physical layers such as the SPE.

"With Connectivity + we are driving the development of innovative solutions for our customers, setting industry-wide standards in active committee work and bringing new technologies to market maturity in strong collaborations," describes Ralph Klein, Managing Director Harting Electronics, the connectivity activities.

Edge computing software efficiently increases productivity

The Industrial Ethernet trends 2021 gives an insight into the latest developments for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Exciting talk formats, tech deep dive sessions and top-class guests await the participants here in the coming months.

Another series of webinars provides participants with the latest modular solutions for the PCB connectivity familiar. Live configurations of specific solutions and everything you need to know about PCB connectivity will be available in the next few weeks at the Harting Experts Camp.

High speed data transmission for the rail industry

When it comes to connectivity, high-speed data transmission, weight reduction and CO count2 Emissions reduction is also one of the most important trends in the rail industry. There is also currently in the energy distribution a very high dynamic. Existing requirements change here and new ones are added.

At the same time, the power density increases and the systems have to become more efficient. High currents and voltages must be transmitted safely. Harting relies on this System conceptsthat cover these needs. As part of the webinar series railway technology, Harting presents system concepts for the most important trends in the railway industry in the coming weeks.

Rapid energy storage development

The Energy storage market has developed rapidly in recent years. The overall development has received an additional boost from the global discussion about the ecological footprint. Renewable energies can be used sustainably through energy storage systems. They enable the time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the electricity generated.

Based on battery modules plug connections accelerate the construction and operation of energy storage devices based on battery modules. "Together with partners, Harting has developed various solutions that are successfully established on the market and make a significant contribution to sustainability," said Norbert Gemmeke, Managing Director Harting Electric. Here z. B. the connector concept Han S an optimal solution for the front wiring of energy storage systems.


Direct current saves energy costs

Renewable energies and Electromobility belong together. Large areas of renewable energies and storage technology are shaped by direct current (DC). In conjunction with measures for Energy recovery the increase in renewables leads to an overall decrease in energy consumption from the alternating current (AC) network. If companies use DC generation, they save energy costs and contribute to meeting the CO2-Emissions requirements at.

Energy storage systems can also reduce power consumption peaks and thus costs. In regions where the power grids fail more frequently, failures can be bridged with the DC infrastructure with energy storage. That is why Harting is participating in the Joint project DC industry. 40 industrial partners are involved. The company deals with overall design, energy management and protective measures. Specific topics are DC connectivity, selectivity, insulation monitoring and the aging behavior of insulation materials. From the work in the joint project, central requirements for future interfaces can be derived.

Interfaces for electromobility

The solutions in the area of ​​Han connectors are also largely derived from the above-mentioned megatrends. Sustainable use is the basis for resource-saving electromobility Renewable energies. This can only be achieved with energy storage systems (ESS), because these enable a time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the electricity generated.

Battery modules from Harting can be found in numerous applications such as electric scooters, driverless transport vehicles or electric buses. Harting offers for the blind stuck with the Han-Modular Androck frame a proven solution in the rear area of ​​the energy storage racks.

The new Han S for the front wiring of energy storage systems fulfills all technical requirements and the standard UL 4128 for stationary energy storage systems. The Han S thus meets the highest standards required on the market. Both plug connections can be supplied pre-assembled with the cables to meet customer requirements.

High-quality product data accelerate the development process

Targeted data usage and the associated processes generate the Design-in high efficiency gains. Harting therefore links its products with information packages that support its users. With the provision of Cadenas Multi CAD, the company covers over 95% of the CAD systems market.

stepper motor | Precise low cost positioning

150 native and high-quality data formats are available for the manufacturer's products - as a single part or connector configuration. ECAD data such as from Zuken E3 and Eplan are also available at the push of a button. The generation of component data by the user is no longer necessary and saves him time.

Advanced Ethernet modularization and miniaturization

That too Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving the change in industrial production. At the field level of factory automation, digital systems are rapidly replacing analog systems. Data is being generated in ever larger quantities and at higher frequencies. But these are of little use if they don't bring the right infrastructure to their destination. The demands of users are: Connectors in infrastructure and devices are shrinking, while at the same time they have to become more powerful.

All these challenges need new ways: These requirements in the context of IIoT must be recognized early and suitable solutions derived. Harting introduced the Ethernet connectivity struck. This has resulted in new connectors that set new standards on the PCB and in device connectivity.

Partner engineering more important than ever

All Core competencies Harting Customized Solutions is the partnership development of solutions in the most diverse areas of industry - from the integration in power supply units for decentralized drive technology to the design, manufacture and testing of e.g. B. the cabling of car crossings in the rail industry.

“Common Engineering brings together the strengths of all partners. “In this way, together we create efficient, sustainable and future-proof solutions,” emphasized Christian Schumacher, Managing Director of Harting Customized Solutions.

In autumn 2020, Harting will address this issue with the strong partnership in the SPE Industrial Partner Network. The aim is to have a consistent SPE ecosystem to create and develop completely new solutions for PCB applications.

Harting is driving digital transformation with Experts Camp

13.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | Harting will take part in the next two days as a premium partner Hanover Fair Digital Days part. That's just a measure like the technology group does digital transformation is rapidly progressing in the company. Due to the corona pandemic, Harting started its digital Experts Camp back in May.


"The past months have made it clear how important this transformation is. The global corona pandemic acted like a catalyst and, above all, enormously accelerated digital communication and customer approach. We will focus even more strongly than before on the customer and align all digital processes to them, ”emphasizes the CEO Philip Harting.

Premium partner of the Hannover Messe Digital Days

After the cancellation of the Hannover Messe 2020 the organizer of the world's largest industrial fair is organizing a digital event with the main theme for the first time on July 14 and 15, 2020 Industrial transformation. Topics include Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and smart energy. Premium partner Harting is represented by experts in the various panels.

Harting Ralf Klein Andreas Wedel Norbert Gemmeke

Single pair Ethernet standard

Ralph Klein, Managing Director Harting Electronics, explains the future technology Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) as optimal Infrastructure for IIoT User. The technology leader has significantly advanced the development of this uniform standard. In his lecture, Mr. Klein shows why SPE is so important for the future Industry 4.0 networks and what benefits this infrastructure brings.

Date: July 14, 2020, 17 p.m. to 17.30 p.m.

More individualization through digitization

Digitization enables even more individualization. Andrew Wedel, Head of the Technical Competence Center - Han shows how it looks specifically with digital services on the shop floor. It is exemplified by the connector Han configurator demonstrate how a customizing function turns customer requirements into reality.

Despite the resulting individual product at the end of the configuration, the design-relevant data is immediately available for download and the customer-specific connector can be removed Quantity 1 .

Date: July 15, 2020, 13 p.m. to 13.30 p.m.

The trend for energy supply with direct current

The panel on the trend topic DC Industry should also meet with great interest. Managing Director Harting Electric Norbert Gemmeke explains why the Energy transmission with direct voltage is currently an important trend.

He goes into the role that the adapted connectivity plays in this. To equip the DC Industry Technologie with suitable installation technology, Harting is promoting technology concepts for increased personal and system protection, among other things.

A special focus will be on those required for DC applications Safety of plugging and unplugging connectors placed. The aim is also to define a standard that is sufficient for the safety of the plug connection. To this end, the connector specialist is active in the relevant committees. Norbert Gemmeke describes the activities carried out there.

Date: July 15, 2020, 13.50 p.m. to 14.30 p.m.

Digital experts camp with expert talks and webinars

Nachdem die Hannover Messe had been canceled entirely this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Harting started its digital Experts Camp at the beginning of May. The format is the digital contact point for all the highlights of the technology leader.

Interested parties can find out the latest about products and solutions here - easily and anywhere via video transmission. The company is planning more top-class expert discussions and webinars for the current year.

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