EKS angel offers complete solutions for industrial network technology. The company in Wenden has made it its mission to act according to the "best in class principle". The fiber optic technology has been the focus of the globally active Made-in-Germany medium-sized company since the mid-80s. Below you will find company reports, interviews and statements: 

eks Engel company headquarters


Christian Wache strengthens the company's field service

24.10.2022/35/XNUMX | EKS Engel has strengthened the field service team with Christian Wache. The XNUMX year old electronics specialist has been working in the automation industry since 2010 and most recently worked in sales at Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH.

At EKS Engel he is responsible as Key Account Manager the project business in the West Germany sales region. The region he oversees includes all of North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of Hesse, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. His tasks include customer care, business development for existing and new customers, project support and collaboration on the sales strategy.

Mr. Wache's professional career began in 2008 in electronics testing at EMG Automation GmbH. After working in the area of ​​application engineering at Fuhrländer AG and in electronics production at Drehmo GmbH, he has been working in technical sales since 2018 Tsubaki cable tow GmbH. Here he was responsible, among other things, for customer-specific solutions for cables and Connectors responsible.

Sales partner for integrated LAN and WAN solutions

12.02.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | the EKS Angel FOS GmbH & Co. KG, Wenden, and the Etic Telecom GmbH, Baden-Baden will work together as part of a sales partnership from 2020. Your focus is on holistic Local Aea Network, short LAN and Wide Area Network, short WAN Features. The products of the two companies complement each other perfectly to offer a common portfolio of LANs and WANs. They are used in factory automation and processesautomation as well as energy and transportation.

Etic Telecom

The French company Etic Telecom, based in Meylan near Grenoble, has been active in the field of industrial network technology since the mid-XNUMXs. For more than ten years, Etic Telecom has been a member of the technology partner program Collaborative Automation Technology Partners CAPP Schneider Electric. The product portfolio ranges from firewalls and routers to VPN servers and devices for machine access to wireless devices and SHDSL extenders. Use cases include the transmission of event warnings via email or SMS, remote maintenance and monitoring of machines, and dashboard visualization of industrial data from the Internet.

EKS Engel FOS GmbH & Co. KG

EKS Engel offers complete solutions for optical data transmission in LAN and extensive support in planning and implementing a high-performance infrastructure. Belong to the portfolio Media converter for different fieldbusse, industrial network devices such as managed Ethernet switches and unmanaged Ethernet switches, I/O converters and optical bypass systems. With the latter, networks remain functional even with multiple points of failure. Passive components such as compact splice boxes and patch and splice panels complete the product portfolio.

"With EKS Engel we now have a partner who complements our range of services very well", says Daniel Kirschenmann, Sales Manager of the German subsidiary of Etic Telecom. "The areas in which we can jointly offer our customers added value in their professional lives include LAN and WAN solutions for Internet of Things applications as well as switching and routers" Ralph Engel, Managing Director EKS Engel (pictured above) adds: “Since we both have the same high quality standards, we can implement complete LAN and WAN solutions from a single source. The LANs and WANs become a powerful data networkcommunication from the machine to the cloud. "

With a gigabit switch from the sensor to the cloud

28.11.2019 | Christian Gieseler, development manager at EKS Engel presents the new Gigabit Ethernet switch and discusses the company's retrofit options. The interview was given at the SPS in Nuremberg. We asked the following questions, among others: What can the new one do? Gigabit Switch e-light-4GM other than that it is very slim?

Cooperation for optical data transmission

29.11.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX | Three companies - one common topic: EKS Engel, Diamond and Muckenhaupt+Nusselt have entered into a cooperation in the field of optical data transmission. In our video you will learn the background. We asked the managing directors Ralph Engel, EKS Engel in Wenden, Christian Muckenhaupt, Muckanhaupt & Nusselt in Wuppertal and the general manager Andreas Kohl, Diamond in Leinfelden-Echterdingen at the SPS in Nuremberg:

  • Which one is yours respective part in the cooperation for tailor-made solutions for optical data transmission?
  • Mr. Kohl: You are the creator of ideas. How did that happen?
  • Mr. Muckenhaupt: How do you manage a fair distribution of potential new customers to the three companies?
  • Mr. Engel: Would you take other partners on board?


More than just component manufacturers for fiber optic data transmission

23.11.2016 | Ralph Engel, managing director of EKS Engel GmbH & Co. KG, Wenden-Hillmicke, in the third generation. The family business focuses on intelligent solutions for communication, which are developed together with customers. In our interview we will introduce you to the fiber optic specialists in more detail. We asked the managing director the following questions at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg:

  • Who is EKS Engel?
  • What data transfer rates In your opinion, does the perfect Industry 4.0 factory need it and where do we stand today?
  • How do you ensure the necessary Interference and data security?
  • What can your S Live-Technology for data streaming in particular?
  • What does EKS Engel offer in terms of Smart Building?
  • What is your focus at this year's SPS IPC Drives?

What does EKS Engel do?

EKS angel is An innovator in communications technology for networking in modern industry for over 90 years, with a focus on optical fibers (LWL) since 1986. As an owner-managed family business, the team works to improve and secure network solutions and dominate the fiber optic market. The employees of EKS Engel offer comprehensive services tailored to the needs of customers, such as consulting, software and hardware, with the focus on simplifying complex processes and a high level of operational security of the solutions. Complete LAN solutions and functions, Media converter, switches, I/O converters, bypass systems, splice boxes and splice panels are part of the portfolio. This is used communication technology e.g. B. in factory and process automation, transport, Safety Technology or in the Smart City. Email address: info@eks-engel.de

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