The Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom Instruments offers a range of Ex cell phones and smartphones for use in Atex Zone 1 and Atex Zone 2. These also have all relevant international Ex protection certificates such as IECEx, NEC, among others. In addition to explosion protection, this is also suitable Ex-protected cell phone or Manufacturing Smartphone also for lone worker protection (LWP) and push-to-talk application. In this article we introduce you to the new products.

Ecom mobile phone smartphone




Ex-protected tablet with augmented reality qualities

Ecom ex tablet09.04.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX | Pepperl+Fuchs expands its “Tab-Ex” Tablet series about the device “Tab-Ex 04 Pro DZ2 / D2”. This is based on the robust Samsung Galaxy Tabactive4 Pro.

It features a bright but light 10" touch screen with 480 nit and the latest hardware and connectivity standards. The modern tablet is very powerful for innovative applications such as augmented reality. Even outside of use, it gives its users a unique, desktop-like experience in Dex mode.

The tablet is suitable for IIoT-enabled applications. It simplifies data exchange with Scada / DCS systems, project management systems, ERP systems and computer-aided system planning. The variety of possible applications includes, for example: B. Inventory, maintenance or supply chain and asset management as well as material tracking. The large display of documents and templates on the large display increases process efficiency.

The Tab-Ex 04 Pro DZ2 / D2 has 5G- and Wi-Fi 6E-Connectivity for higher data transfer speeds. Users have high-speed access to detailed master and repair data at all times. The necessary connectivity for real-time collaboration with colleagues, experts, teams and project groups is provided.

Tablet as a desktop alternative

With the Samsung Dex mode Employees have the opportunity to use a single device both in the field and in the office. Projects and activities from the field can be brought to life on large screens in the office by connecting the tablet to a monitor via a multiport connection.

The Tab-Ex 04 Pro DZ2 / D2 is dust and waterproof Degree of protection IP68, meets the MIL-STD-810H standard and is shock and vibration resistant. In addition, it has NEC/CEC Class I, Div. 2 certifications and FCC/IC compliance test approvals. The tablet has also been tested with the networks of a variety of mobile phone providers and is compatible with them.

German Design Award for ex-smartphone

Pepperl Fuchs German Design Award13.12.2023/5/XNUMX | The explosion-proof XNUMXG smartphone Smart Ex 03 from Pepperl+Fuchs with subsidiaries Ecom Instruments and Aava Mobile, was awarded the German Design Award – Special Mention 2024 by the German Design Council.

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Intrinsically safe Ex smartphone for 5G

06.11.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | With the intrinsically safe Smart Ex 03 Pepperl+Fuchs presents at the PLC 2023 a 5G and Wi-Fi 6 ready industrial smartphone before. The global, customer-oriented support is combined with the know-how of Ecom Instruments in the 6-inch Android smartphone. Ecom is considered a pioneer in intrinsically safe mobile devices and Aava Mobile in Ex areas and an expert in industrial tablets and wireless technologies. The smartphone is developed entirely in-house in Europe and manufactured outside of China. With this, Ecom Instruments wants to ensure 100 percent control of hardware and software security and ensure higher availability in the supply chains.

Thanks 5G, WiFi 6 and eSIM the new industrial smartphone sets new standards for flexible use in private and public networks of mobile phone providers or corporate areas. Users have access to state-of-the-art communication and collaboration functions around the globe, with which they can transfer large amounts of data quickly and securely. Remote support, video conferencing, digital radio traffic are available with minimal latency via Push-to-Talk (PTT) or a combination with Ecom Smart Glasses Visor Ex available.

Designed for the needs of industry

The smartphone is tailored to the diverse areas of use such as digital workflows, communication, operational safety, work order management, scanning, asset management, predictive maintenance, augmented reality applications or IIoT integration. One designed specifically for the industry Camera for scanning, documenting or video conferencing delivers precise and optimal data even in direct sunlight or in harsh environments.

mobile workers in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry or in the energy sector as well as in mining receive a future-proof smartphone with the Smart-Ex 03, which follows the "Enterprise Mobility" concept from Pepperl+Fuchs and in the spirit of digitization creates efficiency.

Smart Ex 3 with device health monitoring

The advanced security architecture in the new industrial smartphone offers even more safety in potentially explosive atmospheres. Device Health Monitoring offers, among other things, hardware and software self-monitoring. Sophisticated diagnostic tools, detailed log files and remote control by corporate IT allow for quick problem solving and permanent device monitoring. The IT managers of the user or the manufacturer themselves thus guarantee optimal support, which ensures the availability of the devices.

The connectivity is outstanding thanks to the 5G radio standard: The technology enables fail-safe transmission of high data rates of up to 10 Gbit per second with a latency of less than 5 ms.

Smartphone for Atex Zone 1/21 and Div. 1

16.10.2019 | Ecom presents the new generation of its intrinsically safe 4G / LTE Android smartphone series Smart-Ex. The intrinsically safe smartphone Smart Ex 02 combines explosion protection, modern functions and a user-friendly design. With powerful features such as 4G / LTE connectivity, the ergonomic smartphone is the most advanced explosion-proof smartphone for Atex Zone 1/21 and Div. 1. 


The 12,7 cm or 5 inch display has shock and scratch-resistant gorilla glass and is therefore particularly robust. In addition, it can be easily operated with gloves. The extended temperature range is -20 ° to +60 ° C. Extreme environmental conditions are therefore no problem for the Smart-Ex 02. The exchangeable battery with 4400 mAh capacity guarantees 12 hours of running time. A magnetic USB connection protects against wear and tear and damage to the PINs and unsafe USB connections.

The  Accessories concept includes belt clip, wrist strap, charger and docking station and enables the Ex-protected smartphones to be easily carried, attached and charged. In addition, the Smart-Ex 02 can be supplemented with numerous other, coordinated peripheral devices such as a headset, microphone, scanner or Bluetooth beacon from your own company.

Such an ex-protected smartphone fulfills this Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) standard. Ecom can therefore always provide its users with the latest operating system, including guaranteed updates and IT security.

Independent update to Android 11 

27.07.2021/02/11 | From now on, users of the Smart-Ex XNUMX can quickly and easily update their intrinsically safe smartphones to Android XNUMX update. This gives you brand new functions of the cutting-edge operating system.

These include a improved voice control (Voice Access), the optimized management of access rights to the camera, microphone and the location for apps and the function of being able to call up all connected end devices at the touch of a button and control them from a common location.

The security and data protection updates are carried out like app updates via the Google Play Store. Users can now flexibly control their updates.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone with high robustness

08.12.2020 | Clear communication at all times is especially important for the Lone Worker Protection in hazardous areas. To ensure safety and the provision of optimal working conditions, Ecom now offers the wired RSM-Ex 01 radio speaker microphone and the RSM-Ex 01 BT Z0 wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone with IP65 / IP67 protection and integrated noise suppression.

The remote controllable, robust speaker microphone produces a clear, loud sound with a volume of up to 103 dB. It is particularly flat. The ergonomic microphone is intuitive and easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

The built-in Bluetooth interface enables connection to industrial BT devices such as tablets, industrial smartphones, Tetra and DMR radios and, above all, to explosion-proof products from Ecom. With a Bluetooth connection of up to 10 m, communication can even be maintained in a Zone 0 area.

Additional buttons such as Chanel Up / Down allow easy channel switching. A red SOS button is perfect for lone workers. The included Lithium-ion battery with 2200 mAh ensures a long operating time of up to 78 hours. The magnetic charging cable and the optional charging cradle make charging easier even under dust and thus extend the life of the device.

Most compact Atex Zone pressure switch in its class for hydraulics

The device also offers several options for customization Key customization. In combination with the Ex-protected industrial smartphone series 10 from Ecom, the RSM-Ex 01 BT Z0 z. B. individual button settings for sending customer-specific commands to servers and other IoT switches. This makes tasks like opening a gate easier.

SOS lone worker solution with Ecom smartphone certified

13.05.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | the Lone worker solution SOS from Swissphone wireless was used in combination with the smartphones of the Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom with the components SOS Portal and SOS Mobile App certified again according to DIN VDE V 0825. The Certification was officially communicated by the DGUV testing and certification body on April 21, 2020.

The solution with the components mentioned enables solo work with monitoring in accordance with DGUV regulation 112-139. In addition, the requirements of the SUVA / BG with regard to lone work can also be implemented.      

“We are proud of the DIN VDE V 0825 certification of our emergency call solution in combination with the smartphones of Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom. Ecom is an outstanding manufacturer of specially designed and highly durable mobile phones such as the latest smartphone Smart-Ex 02 with approval for use in potentially explosive areas according to Atex Zone 1/21 and Atex Zone 2/22. In combination with our SOS mobile app and the SOS portal, they provide the greatest possible security for lone workers,” comments Thomas garlic, Product Manager Swissphone Wireless AG.

Employees working alone are increasing

With the certification, Swissphone and Ecom are underscoring their ambitions in the area of ​​lone work. Studies show that the number of employees working alone will continue to grow. “We have seen a trend towards working alone for a number of years. It is important to us to support companies and employees, especially in large-scale industrial facilities that Safety and to make the work as effective and comfortable as possible. In the entirety of the solution together with Swissphone, our end devices not only serve as a digital hub and communication tool, but also as a mobile security concept, ”says Dietmar Deppisch, Business Development Manager Applications Ecom Instruments GmbH.

Location technology standard Omlox with UWB, RFID, 5G, GPS

Employers are obliged to protect employees who work alone so that they receive help as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. The web-based SOS emergency call system for lone workers from Swissphone on: It monitors people working alone and can make a will-dependent or will-independent emergency call. This is done using the programmable alarm button (red button) or the sensors built into the smartphone, which detect accidents.

The position data of the accident victim is transmitted. The alarm is triggered indoors via BLE and outdoors via GPS. The alarm scenarios and emergency plans stored in the SOS emergency call system are automatically activated. The web-based SOS portal controls and manages the reporting, localization, escalation and complete documentation of incidents as well as the data of the participants.

Protective functions of the emergency call solution

The emergency call solution offers regardless of the trigger device selected the following protective functions:

  • Fast and safe alarms in an emergency using manual and automatic emergency call triggering functions. Automatic forwarding of the emergency call via several channels with information about the person concerned and their position.
  • Decentralized receipt of the alarms received and their processing according to an individual alarm plan. If the emergency call is not answered, it can be escalated until appropriate action is taken.