The Heinrich Kipp Werk presents further developments in the Workholding: Two new quick and power clamps with a black surface prevent reflections in the optical metrology. With the Multiple clamping system different workpieces can be clamped. The flexible 5-axis vice tilt flexx designed. Of the Mandrel with eccentric lever works without tools. You can find these and other innovations below:

Kipp clamping technology clamping system



Clamping technology portfolio in a nutshell

The  Workholding Portfolio von Kipp comprises the following four areas:

  • The Workpiece clamping technology is used with its diverse components for the universal clamping of workpieces. Clamping elements, positioning elements and clamping accessories for processing machines can be flexibly combined.
  • The Modular clamping technology offers basic elements for the construction of workpieces via pre-machined clamping surfaces, grid holes or T-slots. Standardized plates, towers and angles reduce the number of fixture elements in production to a minimum and increase flexibility.
  • The Zero point clamping technology includes systems for precise and fast clamping as well as for referencing. The 5-axis module clamping system is used for multi-side machining, a quick-change system is provided for mechanical/pneumatic positioning and clamping. 
  • The Vise clamping technology contains, among other things, 5-axis vices for 5-side machining, multiple clamping systems for larger quantities, NC vices for 3-axis milling machines and centric vices with zero point and automation interface.

Below we present them New before:

Quick release for optical measurement technology

Tilt quick release measuring technologyNovember 21.11.2023, XNUMX | The Heinrich Kipp factory presents two new quick and power clamps with a black surface. Designed for use in the optical metrology Fix the workpiece during the photometric measurement.

The matt black surface prevents reflections when taking optical photographs and measuring. External light influences, which can lead to reflections during the measuring process, are compensated for. The tension clamps are made of burnished steel.

With a Handle made of black oil-resistant Plastic they are opened and closed. They can be used horizontally or vertically. Both designs are available in three sizes each with a horizontal base and an adjustable pressure spindle.

Push rod clamps, pneumatic clamps, toggle clamps

The portfolio of Kipp toggle clamps and power clamps includes push rod clamps, pneumatic clamps, toggle clamps and in-house developed toggle clamps. The long-lived Quick releases have an ergonomic and user-friendly handle. The special surface makes the clamping technology resistant to corrosion. It is particularly stable with the conical clamping arm in the U-profile. The innovative quick releases are also available with a safety lock, which ensures that the handle can only be operated after the lock has been released.

The Accessories includes, among other things, adjustable clamping pieces for quick release clamps with force sensors, Connectors with screw connection, mounting brackets, plastic handles and protective caps, adapter blocks and adapter plates as well as clamping disks for pressure spindles.

Multiple clamping system for different workpieces

Kipp multiple clamping system

17.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | The multiple clamping system from Kipp serves to reliably clamp different workpieces. It allows very high clamping forces and is suitable for all lot sizes. The precision gearing offers an exact repeat accuracy. Conversion from single to multiple clamping is quick and easy. On the AMB 2022 the multiple clamp system width 50 is presented. 

The multiple clamping system consists of variable elements such as stops, clamping rails and wedge clamps with or without fixed jaws. These can be combined with each other. Clamping rails are available in lengths of 130, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 mm. Several clamping rails in a row increase the length of the clamping range. However, when mounted next to each other, the clamping ranges for large workpieces can be widened.

WorkholdingClamping technology for workpiece, device and machine tool

With wedge clamps, workpieces can be clamped on both sides, models with a fixed stop on one side. Thanks to precision gearing, fixed jaws can be positioned with great precision and fastened securely and precisely. The clamping rail is positively connected by tightening the fastening screw. caking are available in corrugated, smooth and contrasting versions. The ES clamping system is slim and predestined for clamping with smaller workpieces and larger quantities. Type DS fixed jaws have two fastening screws and are used for larger machining forces. 

clamping rails can be attached via various interfaces. There is a lateral clamping edge for clamping claws, which can be attached at any position. In addition, through holes for standardized Cylinder screws and mounting holes for common zero point clamping systems with system spacing of 96 and 200 mm. Fastening via aligning grooves is intended for T-slot tables via fitting holes for grid systems with a hole spacing of 40 and 50 mm. A comprehensive range of accessories is available, such as support ledges, top jaws or workpiece stops. 

Clamping technology for 5-axes in milling machines

Tilting 5-axis tensioner17.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX | Of the tilt flexx Spanner can be used as a "two-in-one" clamping system as a raw part and for low-pull clamping. The patented pull-down function is suitable for pre-machined workpieces. Due to the symmetrical structure of the clamping technology, the workpiece is centered. This results in high repeat accuracy.

The clamping system can be used like a standard Vice insert. A special feature is the user-friendly quick adjustment via hand cranks. In the case of the raw part, clamping jaws with pins press into the material in a form-fitting manner and clamp the workpiece. Time-consuming pre-stamping is no longer necessary.

Two versions are available. In the new clamping system with a width of 90 millimeters for smaller machine tables, workpieces with dimensions of around 100 mm can be machined on the outer contour so that they are freely accessible. The support height here is 155 mm. The larger 125 mm wide clamp has a support height of 180 millimeters. 

Mayr safety brakesThis must be taken into account when installing safety brakes

The centering vice is therefore optimally suited for the tool 5-axis milling machines. A flat guide makes the clamping element stable and rigid with an exceptionally high clamping force of 52 kN. For the clamping area on a base plate, the user needs three adapter shafts and one shaft for extension. The clamping range can be significantly expanded using additional base plates and extension shafts. If larger workpieces are to be fixed, two clamps can also be placed next to each other. There is a large selection of different clamping jaws in the versions smooth, with pins, as a combined stepped jaw or with a machining allowance.

The Kippflexx is also suitable for the Tool and Mold Making as well as the Special machinery.

Kipp is exhibiting at the AMB 2022.

Two functions in one clamping element


The clamping element is suitable for assembly on Machine tables with T-slots or threaded holes. The center hole of the Kippflexx ensures a centric alignment. The base plate has longitudinal and transverse alignment grooves. The 5-axis vice can also be attached to any grid element or directly to zero-point clamping elements. The clamping physics with intelligent force distribution ensures that only low torques are transferred to the machine table.

Quick release for holding and tightening 

Tilt quick release

03.02.2022 | The Heinrich Kipp factory offers flexible toggle clamps for holding and clamping workpieces in a variety of designs. Own developments under it are under the names Kipplock and Kipplock+ offered. Dissipative ESD quick-release clamps and smart status sensors indicate the actuation status.

Mitsubishi CNC controlIntelligent CNC control for new + old machine tools

Electrical discharges lead to damage or destruction of components in production environments. To avoid this, workplaces in ESD zones (Electrostatic Discharge) must be equipped in accordance with standards. With the safe ones ESD quick releasen The conductivity prescribed by the standard is achieved with grip elements or protective rubber made of electrically conductive polyamide or elastomer guaranteed. In this way, the tension is passed on and dissipated via the steel frame.

Kipp quick release systemNew condition sensors for quick-release skewers enable the automatic query of the actuation status. The sensor detects whether the quick release is open or closed. The information is processed electronically. Existing quick release skewers can be removed from the product line with this solution feature grip simply retrofit. 

As the Materials Steel and stainless steel are used for the quick release. There are three types: horizontal, vertical toggle clamps and push-pull clamps. The clamping elements are characterized by the one-handed locking in the handle and the clamping of the workpieces using the toggle lever principle. Versions with a vertical or horizontal base adapt the clamping system to the mounting requirements.

The toggle clamps of the Kipplock and Kipplock+ series offer an ergonomic handle and are particularly user-friendly. The high-quality materials, innovative joint bushings and corrosion-resistant surfaces survive effortlessly 300.000 clamping cycles.

The Kipplock+ clamping element also has a integrated safety lock. The internal rod lock has an automatic safety, so nothing can get caught or snagged. The clamping system can even be operated with work gloves.

Clamping mandrel with eccentric lever fixed via holes

Clamping technology tilt

14.09.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | In order to clamp two components together without tools, Kipp has new mandrels in its portfolio. They are used to position and fix the workpieces via bores. He is served Mandrel via an eccentric lever. The user can continuously adjust the clamping range and holding force.

Witte Bleckede vacuum clamping technologyVacuum clamping technology for workpieces with complex contours

Due to the compact design, the mandrel can be Through holes or blind holes deploy. The bores do not have to meet high demands in terms of dimensions, surface and shape. The mandrels are available in diameters of 10, 12 and 14 mm, optionally in other sizes.

This is how the mandrel works

The mandrel is placed in the hole when it is open. At the beginning of the closing process, the mandrel expands and is fixed in the lower component. The integrated Disc spring package causes a pull-down effect. As a result, the two components are additionally tensioned at the end of the closing process and thus securely connected.

According to the diameter of the mandrel, Holding forces of up to 3,3 kN. The eccentric lever is used to quickly fix the clamping technology. The clamping process takes place via surface pressure. This protects the workpiece surface. The clamping device is suitable for devices and for machining in machine tools. An application example is the quick fixing of mounting plates.

Ergonomic and durable materials

When choosing materials, Kipp paid particular attention to ergonomics and durability. The eccentric lever Handle is made of cast aluminum and available with a powder-coated surface in red or black. The mandrel, tie rod and washer are made of steel, the thrust washer made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and the axle bolt made of stainless steel.

Modular construction kit for the workpiece structure 

Modular tilting technology

15.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | The portfolio of modular Workholding has been expanded as follows: Pallets, clamping angles and clamping cubes are available in three versions. The clamping systems have pre-machined clamping surfaces, grid bores and are provided with T-slots.

The M12 or M16 grid systems allow the positioning and fastening of workpieces using fitting screws. They have hardened fitting sockets with F7 tolerance and tempered thread inserts. The T-slots of the clamping systems are also in Tolerance class H7 executed. They can be used to precisely fasten devices and clamping elements.

Double-sided clamping brackets and clamping cubes are now available in foot sizes from 300 x 300 to 1000 x 1000 and up to 1250 mm in height. The clamping cubes are designed with six- and eight-sided clamping surfaces and a cross shape. All of Heinrich Kipp's clamping technology basic elements are made of Gray cast iron GJL300 manufactured. Pallets, clamping angles and clamping cubes comply with the standards DIN 55 201 and JIS 6337-1980. Users who use different machines are independent in terms of fastening and positioning the basic elements.

Special dimensions and shapes offers that Heinrich Kipp Werk on demand. A wide range of components for workpiece clamping technology are available to match the basic elements.

Heinrich Kipp Werk is an exhibitor of FMB-South.

Clamping and positioning technology in stainless steel for harsh environments

Kipp ball lock

05.03.2020 | The "Ball lock" positioning and clamping technology has grown. The Heinrich Kipp plant has one stainless steel added. With the ingenious clamping system, machine set-up times can be reduced many times over compared to conventional methods. There is no need to compromise on accuracy. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1.4542 now also allows the system to be used in harsh or cleaning-intensive environments.

The new stainless steel version complements the existing one ball lock Positioning bolts and bushings made of steel. Now the application determines the choice of material, regardless of the version. The Ball lock positioning and clamping system is suitable for applications in which workpieces, plates or devices are to be fastened or centered on the machine table.

The clamping technology consists of a positioning cylinder, centering bush and receiving bush. The centering bushing is in the removable plate, the receiving bushing, for example, in the machine table. A positioning bolt is used to fix the parts precisely. By simply tightening the clamping screw it is centered in the socket by means of the balls integrated in the shank and is clamped at the same time.

Adjustable ball lock bolts with head lock for long distances

The components of the Zero point Clamping systems are available at Kipp individually from stock. The customer only buys what he really needs to clamp the workpiece. The positioning cylinders are available in 7 diameters from 13 to 50 mm with different lengths. The simple and inexpensive Clamping systems is very precise. The positioning cylinders offer a repeat accuracy of up to ± 0,013 mm.

Archive for clamping technology innovations from Kipp

5-axis vice for 40 ton workpieces

5-axis vice22.05.2019/5/138 | The XNUMX-axis module clamping system size XNUMX from the Heinrich Kipp factory proved itself during an application with heavy workpieces proven. It was only re-introduced one ago. Now the manufacturer reports on the successful use in clamping a workpiece weighing 40 t.

The customer's requirement was tool clamping for injection molding machines – upright for 5-sided complete processing. The smallest family of parts had dimensions of 2 x 2 x 0,8 m and weighed from 15 t. The largest was already 4 x 4 x 1,1 m with a weight of up to 40 t.

The 5-axis module clamping system with a diameter of 138 is predestined for this application. After installing the fixture, a Set-up time optimization of over 300%. So far, the customer has set up 90 minutes, now a maximum of 20 minutes. A load of 10 t per module is realized. 4 base modules of size 138 are always used at the same time. It is brought in using a centering aid on the base module for easier positioning of the workpiece using a crane.

The module clamping system 138 is compatible with the previous sizes of 50 and 80 mm and can be used universally. as XXL version enables attachment up to M 60 thread.

Horizontal, vertical and push rod quick release skewers

Kipp push rod quick release16.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Heinrich Kipp factory has new quick release skewers in its range. Made of Steel or stainless steel they offer a long service life due to their wear resistance and the oil-resistant handle in the signal color red. In addition, they are easy to handle.

Thanks to their wide opening, they enable fast and unhindered removal of clamped workpieces. A little manual effort is enough to high clamping forces to achieve.

Three different designs are available: horizontal, vertical and push-pull clamps. The horizontal toggle clamps have a low overall height, while the push-pull clamps are very compact and offer high holding forces. The range also includes Bow and hook clamps, which are suitable for sealing molds and containers. The clamping height of all toggle clamps can be easily manually adjusted to the corresponding area of ​​application using pressure spindles.

Pneumatic clamping elements for high volumes

Pneumatic tilt

24.01.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Heinrich Kipp plant has a wide range of new ones clamping elements added to the existing range. The functionality of the new products is pneumatic. The clamping elements are particularly suitable for use in processing machines. The partial automation simplifies processes considerably.

The mold clamp pneumatic (1) consists of a clamping body made of heat-treated steel and a collet made of high-strength aluminium. After the clamping body has been screwed onto the desired device, the collet chuck is pneumatically unlocked or closed using compressed air at the "Open" or "Close" markings. A simple change of the collet enables workpieces of different sizes and with irregular contours to be clamped quickly and safely.

chuckChuck innovations for efficient metal processing

The use of pull tensioner pneumatic (2) sees a Gland of the workpiece with a clamping bolt. It is then opened and closed by applying compressed air to the marked connections. Another connection is used to blow out and clean the contact surface. In addition, this interface can be used to query whether the workpiece is lying on the surface. The tension clamp can also be used as a zero-point clamping system.

Significant differentiator of the products pull-down clamps pneumatic (3), swing clamp pneumatic (4) and side tensioners pneumatic (5) is the direction from which the workpieces to be machined are clamped. With the pull-down clamp, the clamping takes place from above. The swing clamp has a swing function that allows the workpieces to be inserted, removed and clamped from above. The side clamp allows optimal accessibility: Due to the lateral clamping, the upper processing surface is free of projecting edges.

Flexible zero point clamping system for XXL workpieces

Tilting zero point clamping technology19.09.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX | The Heinrich Kipp factory has expanded its existing range by the 5-axis module clamping system extended in size diameter 138. The system enables complete machining of large and heavy workpieces from five sides without any interfering edges.

It is also suitable for clamping workpieces that are larger than 1 m. The modular structure of the system is suitable for efficient and collision-free machining of the workpieces significantly reduced set-up times. Simple handling enables quick changes when the machine is heavily used. The workpiece is fixed in various ways using a thread and a snug fit. The product is therefore a fully-fledged, mechanical zero-point clamping system with the highest repeatability.

The module clamping system 138 is compatible with the previous sizes 50 and 80 mm and can be used universally. As an XXL version, it now enables attachment up to thread M 60. The maximum support weight for the individual base module is 10 t. All modules offer maximum clamping force, since the workpiece is connected to the system with a positive fit. Process-reliable processing is thus guaranteed.

Combinable, modular, mutually compatible clamping systems

Unilock05.09.2017 | The Heinrich Kipp factory offers several modular clamping systems that are compatible with each other. An example of this is this UNI lock 5-axis modular system combined with the UNI lock zero point clamping system. With the combination of both systems, a highly efficient machine utilization can be realized.

The machine table is with the zero-point clamping system fitted. Other clamping systems, such as the 5-axis module system or even the 5-axis vice, can be changed in a matter of seconds. The attached 5-axis modular system is very well suited for the 5-sided machining of complex, small and medium-sized workpieces. Workpieces can either be clamped on the 5-axis modular system or directly on the zero-point clamping system. Unproductive non-productive times such as re-clamping or aligning the workpiece are completely eliminated.

The repeatability of both systems is in the range of 0,005 mm. The central element is the clamping pin, which is used consistently for all clamping systems. Due to the large selection of bolts, almost any workpiece can be clamped. The clamping bolts are positively locked with the clamping element.

The 5-axis modular system is available in system sizes of 80 and 50 mm due to the expansion. Both can be combined in one clamping. This opens up a wide range of further possibilities workpiece attachment. Advantage of the 50 system: The 5-sided machining of small workpieces without any interfering edges can be accomplished optimally. The clamping force here is up to 10 kN.

Fix workpieces flexibly with eccentric quick-release modules

16.03.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX | When assembling, milling or drilling, things often have to be done quickly. So it's good if the workpieces can be fixed easily - and even better if you don't even need a tool for this. ruwi effect new clamping modules designed to make that possible. The eccentric clamping modules are produced by the Heinrich Kipp factory, where they are now part of the standard range.


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