Measurement technology for heat, humidity & Co.

Infrared thermometer, temperature sensor, resistance thermometer, temperature sensor, thermocouple, pyrometer or thermal imager

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News on industrial temperature measurement and humidity

Warmth, heat, cold or humidity: Here you will find technology for them Temperature measurement and humidity in industrial applications. The thermodynamic measured variable temperature plays a major role in numerous processes in industry such as in the metallurgy, Energy Technology, in mining or in the Automotive industry.

Temperature measurement Optris


Temperature measurement technology is used, for example, for Condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. Measuring devices like Infrared Thermometer, Temperature sensor, resistance thermometer, temperature Sensors, Thermocouple, pyrometer or thermal imager, even that thermometer for the Medical Technology are used to ensure the correct degree of heat or to measure an existing temperature precisely, be it in degrees Celsius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit. Don't forget: The temperature measuring device must be calibrated beforehand so that the measured value can be displayed correctly.

Brand new measurement technology for temperature measurement

In this category we report on the latest developments for the determination of temperature and humidity parameters from Optris, Turck, Elmeko ua In the first block you will find industry-typical innovations, in the second part the products and applications for the Plant and mechanical engineering.

Temperature measurement in special industries

  • According to the ZVEI, almost every fifth German already uses networked functions within their own four walls, including those for controlling their heating system. The new generation of the individual room control NEA Smart 2.0 for surface heating and cooling from Rehau is well suited for this. The entire control technology can now also communicate with other KNX-capable building technology components and there will be a further development from July 2022.  
  • The coronavirus pandemic leads to an increased need for measurement technology with which the body temperature can be determined quickly and reliably. Optris presents a new IR camera for measuring fever. With the PI 450i, software-supported and based on infrared measurement technology, the surface temperature on people's faces can be measured even as they pass by.  
  • With the new STB sensor from Sontec, heat generators such as boilers, combined heat and power units, steam generators, compressors, industrial systems and kitchen appliances such as stoves, deep fryers, etc. can be protected from overheating. The STB safely switches off the device if the temperature is exceeded. 
  • Steady Sense's "Femsense" technology continuously records body temperature in a simple, precise and hygienic way.

Temperature measurement in mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Online Thermal imager Systems for industrial applications are a specialty of Optris. From condition monitoring in outdoor areas to quality assurance in the Glass manufacturing the areas of application are diverse. the infrared cameras are constantly being further developed and adapted to the requirements of the systems and applications. Below we present the new developments:

Optris thermal imaging camera


The temperature transmitter or measuring transducer converts the input signals from temperature sensors into a standardized output signal. In industrial applications, the transmitters are predominantly digital and therefore intelligent, network-compatible, precise and much more. Here we present new developments and applications such as: Hydrotrans transmitter by Jumo for the railway engineering or the temperature transmitter for simple RTD and TC by crown.

Jumo temperature transmitter


Turcks extensive portfolio of temperature sensors, also in combination with humidity measurement or vibration measurement, offers a wide selection for a wide variety of applications. The comfortable temperature sensor The TS+ series, for example, is very flexible, easy to assemble and quick to commission. The new combined temperature/vibration sensor CMVT also offers results with high accuracy IO-Link. Below you will find innovations for temperature measurement:

Turck temperature sensor


Thermal Imaging Cameras are used for non-contact temperature measurement in research & development and in production. the infrared cameras have to meet a wide range of requirements from use in the high four-digit temperature range to the highest resolutions for microthermography through to Communicationcapability for Industry 4.0 applications. We present them here New developments before: 

Micro Epsilon thermal imaging camera


Temperature sensors from Ephy-MessFor the Remote monitoring | effect Ephy measurement Temperature sensor developed, for example, in mining systems, on motors for excavators, vans and elevators or on offshore wind turbines up to cable cars for surveillance security. Wherever the temperature can be measured absolutely reliably at exposed points, it bears temperature sensor to measure reliability.

For a current turbine test stand of ocean and tidal current systems Ephy measurement temperature sensor Developed with rotary encoder and clock. With him she should Temperature of Planetary gear and the Rolling can be determined at four measuring points.

Ephy measuring temperature sensor


balluff0117With the BTS, Balluff has now developed a new infrared temperature sensor with IO-Link interface and two switching outputs. With it, temperatures between 250 ° and 1250 ° C can be monitored in a non-contact and reaction-free manner, even in inaccessible or dangerous environments, hot objects can be detected even in motion and temperature values ​​can be recorded.

raytec0115The non-contact temperature sensors from Raytec determine the temperatures of workpieces, materials and production systems in the range of -50 ° to 3000 ° C with the greatest possible precision by measuring infrared radiation. The devices of the MI3 series can be flexibly integrated into any application. With a length of only 28 mm and a diameter of 14 mm, the IP65 measuring head is the smallest independent infrared pyrometer in the world.

Optris offers several compact and high performance Infrared thermometer Versions for the industrial Temperature measurement at. These can be operated via PC and app. Below we present the new developments of these infrared thermometers, including the CS Cision ratio pyrometer, the CT Laser 4M and CT 4M pyrometers for high-speed applications, and the CS Micro for the OEM sector.

Optris ratio pyrometer CSvision 

Fluke0319Fluke Process Instruments presents its new data logger "Datapaq DP5" for inline temperature monitoring in reflow soldering processes. After the product was launched at last year's event, series production is now running. The loggers are available with a wide range of accessories and are based on the established "Datapaq Reflow Tracker" system, which also includes specialized analysis software.

jumo0519The "Dicotemp 100" is a smart fitting from Jumo, with which a diverse temperature measurement with a thermostat or dial thermometer and a platinum-chip temperature sensor can be realized at just one measuring point. The resistance signal is converted into an analog or digital signal via a transmitter.

datapaq0314When the sun comes out on a rainy tournament day at Wimbledon, the roof over Center Court can be retracted. To do this, however, the 1000 W floodlights, which are mounted directly on the roof racks, have to cool down sufficiently, as the folding roof comes very close to this heat source when it is retracted. Temperature measurement technology from Datapaq was used to determine how quickly the headlights can reach the critical 100 ° C.