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vibration problemAn actual vibration problem could ACE Shock with a Online toolquickly get out of the way: In the Medical Technology a customer uses a spiral conveyor for pre-sorting, arranging, conveying and supplying parts. Vibrations occur during operation, which lead to an unpleasant humming sound.

kisssoft1119In vehicles, the transmission from the steering wheel to the steering of the wheels is often performed by a pinion rack and pinion. KISSsoft has integrated a calculation option in the 2019 release with the ZE7 module to calculate the helical gear with rack.

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Already during the construction of an injection molded article, every detail counts. Only with the correct design of all components, the production process runs off optimally and the product quality meets the requirements. An important factor here is efficient heat and energy management. Hasco has therefore extended its app with a new tool.

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Especially in the initial phase of a project, the designer must be able to model different variants of possible solutions quickly and compactly, and then compare them with respect to their main criteria. With "Kissdesign" by KISSsoft a simple, fast and uncomplicated model construction is possible. This system program is available from the current Kisssoft release 2019.

elmeko0519When it comes to designing control cabinets faster, better, and easier, the WSCAD Planning Tool finds more and more users. Currently, 35.000 customers use the E-CAD solution. With the "Delta T "module from Elmeko Now users also have the opportunity to determine the appropriate housing air conditioning online.

gwj0319GWJ Technology is the world's first manufacturer of professional calculation software to integrate high-purity steels from the Swedish company Ovako. In close co-ordination, the two high-purity steels 159X and 159Q were added to the Gear modules for spur gears implemented. They are based on the case-hardening steel 18CrNiMo7-6.