Gas springs are important components, e.g. in Automobile- or furniture industry where controlled movements of loads are required. You will also be in the Medical Technology and used in aviation. If a gas spring is incorrectly calculated, this can lead to dangerous and expensive damage to a machine or system. Below you will find information on how to calculate, design and order gas springs online.



What happens if you miscalculate a gas spring?


The gas spring has countless possible uses. For example, it helps to close tailgates in cars or to discreetly close drawers in the furniture industry.

If a gas spring incorrectly calculated it can lead to serious problems for the design, functionality or security of the system. An incorrectly calculated pressure degrades movements due to insufficient force or excessive load on the moving parts. In particular, an oversized gas spring could result in excessive force on the flaps and piston rod, which can cause premature wear and even breakage. On the other hand, undersized gas springs can result in insufficient force that cannot open or close the flap efficiently. The possible consequences include damaged components or, in the worst case, injured people.

When calculating the gas spring, the installation in the final product must also be taken into account. For the correct calculation and selection of gas springs or gas pressure dampers, it is advisable to obtain data and information from specialists. Configurators can also help with this. These are often available online and free of charge.

Calculation programs and configurators

24.04.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX | among the German manufacturers of gas springs, several companies offer online configurators for calculation.

An example is whoops, the manufacturer of gas springs, dampers, Lifting columns, adjustment systems, piston rods and complex drives and actuators. Stobo is a manufacturer of gas springs and offers online configurators.

Likewise is at TSC gas springs an online configuration of gas springs, gas tension springs and gas pressure springs is possible. With the help of the configurators, individual requirements and ideas can be taken into account in order to find the right products for the respective application.

Calculate gas spring for flaps or hatches

The gas spring shop. On the website you can calculate and design yourself in four steps and then order the desired product.

The calculation tool has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and is for normal users flaps or hatches very well suited, but the calculation is also suitable for less standard flaps. The information must still be entered accurately so that the calculation tool can calculate the Calculate gas spring and can determine the mounting points.

Closures | Snap fasteners, locking pins, locking pins

After clicking on an image to select the application situation was determined, the following information must be provided for the calculation:

  • length [mm]
  • angle to [degree]
  • total weight [kg]
  • Gas springs number
  • Width (mm]
  • Temperature [° C]
  • thickness / height [mm]
  • angle to [degree]
  • hinge position 
  • flap material 

The shop offers detailed instructions, tips and hints for the correct gas spring calculation to ensure that the components work optimally.

After entering the data you will get a complete list with the recommended gas springs for the respective application. In addition, an optional Expert who will check the calculation and prepare an installation proposal. A paper protractor can also be downloaded.

Gas spring configurator with assembly support

Also the configurator of the website from Gas spring wholesale simplifies the selection and configuration of the gas spring.

With the help of this useful tool you can quickly and easily specify the basic data of the desired spring, such as length, pressure, force, etc., in order to create a personalized offer. In addition, the configurator generates a custom offer according to the information. It contains detailed technical information on each spring type as well as recommended connection parts for specific applications.

In addition, the configurator also offers support for the assembly and maintenance of the system. You can therefore be sure that all components work optimally together and that the gas spring is perfectly matched to the application.

Online calculation tool with installation suggestion

Also with the company's simple online calculation tool Krause you can calculate the installation of a gas pressure spring yourself and order it right away.

The website's configurator is a valuable tool that allows you to quickly customize a gas spring. With the help of this tool it is possible to specify basic data such as length, pressure level, force etc. In addition, details on the respective spring types and recommended connecting parts for specific areas of application can be called up.

It is therefore possible to create an individual installation proposal that is optimally tailored to the requirements of the respective problem. In addition, you receive valuable support with the assembly and maintenance of the system and thus an optimal function of the gas pressure spring.

Spring force calculation with installation recommendation

With the force calculator of the website Gas struts you can easily calculate the Newton pressure of the gas spring.

The information must be entered accurately so that the calculation tool can calculate a gas spring and determine the mounting points as precisely as possible.

First, specific requirement values ​​must be entered to calculate the required Newton pressure:

  • Angle to (degree°)
  • power arm
  • Distance between hinge point and center of gravity
  • Angle up ( degrees°)
  • Thickness/height (mm) of flap/hatch
  • Weight of flap / hatch in kg
  • gas spring number

Then, with just a few simple steps, you get useful information about the optimal selection of the springs for the individual purpose such as hatches, flaps or a horizontal application. The force calculator automatically calculates the required spring force to ensure that the system is always safe, stable and efficient.

Gas spring calculation brochure 

What looks so simple at first glance can cause various problems in practice. Because in a gas spring application, many parameters have to be taken into account and even small deviations can lead to the gas spring not working properly or even posing a safety risk.

For Dictator therefore offers a brochure for the calculation and selection of a gas spring, which offers valuable information on the calculation and selection of the right gas spring. With this, an almost infinite number of possible variations can be found.

Calculate and design gas springs online

23.01.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX | Designers can now go to the homepage of ACE Shock the gas spring and Calculate gas spring and lay out.

The easy to use Online Calculation program calculates the most common uses of gas springs in just under one minute. Experienced users can take just a few structured steps to find a gas spring that is tailor-made for their application.

The on Dämpfungstechnik and vibration technology ACE shock absorbers, which specializes in speed regulation and safety products, supplies customers in German-speaking countries with a wide range of damping technology within 24 hours, depending on the request.

This also includes industry Gas Spring and gas springwhich are mainly mounted on the hood, flap, hatch and machine housing. With them, masses of flaps etc. can be reliably opened, closed or put into the hold state without great effort.

Calculate fit calculator and roughness online

When using the new tool to calculate a gas tension and gas pressure spring, the most suitable ACE gas spring and the required mounting accessories are specified exactly. The completely graphical user interface of the software is unique with the possibility of visualizing the gas spring application in 2D or 3D.

The video shows how dead easy a gas spring can be calculated with this online calculation program. First, the user enters all dimensions of the planned flap such as length, width, height, distance in mm as well as mass, number of gas springs, position of the pivot point and the material. 

The program calculates and displays a selection of suitable gas tension and gas pressure springs. Then suitable connecting parts such as hinge, piston rod, etc. are displayed. Complete!


Frequently asked questions

How does a gas spring work?

A gas spring, also known as a gas pressure spring, moves a component automatically through controlled pressing force without the need for external energy. This puts a component in the Raise or Lower state. It is faster than a mechanical spring and offers a damping behavior that makes it easy to handle even heavy components. The principle of operation is pneumatic. A high-pressure gas, usually nitrogen, provides the spring force.

The gas tension spring also works without external energy and applies a controlled pulling force. It is suitable for lifting components, which it holds in their original position. In contrast to gas springs, their piston rod is unloaded in the cylinder.

Your advantages are:

  • compact design
  • easy construction
  • definable speed
  • comfortable power support for easy opening
  • smooth, smooth functional process
  • definable spring characteristics
  • dampening of movement.

How do I find the right gas spring?

When looking for the right gas spring, several factors play a decisive role. Experience and knowledge from the industry and safety shock absorber technology are crucial. Stainless steel gas springs offer particularly high quality because they have special properties such as a grease chamber and a clean cap, which make them more resistant to environmental influences and wear. 

ACE shock absorber GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of industrial gas pressure and gas springs, has extensive experience and expertise in this area. ACE gas springs offer a reliable solution for various applications, from industrial applications to safety shock absorbers.
Interested parties can take specific values ​​such as load, speed and rapidity into account in order to find the right gas spring. Thanks to this comprehensive consideration of various factors, ACE shock absorbers offers a reliable and tailor-made solution for individual requirements.

Source: This article is based on information from the following companies: ACE, Dictator, Krausse, TSC Gasfedern, Stobot, Suspa.

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