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baumer1213With the new "HDmag flex"Goes Baumer new ways to precisely measure angular position and speed on large shafts. The tension belt encoder is optimized for any, unlimited diameter, as in wind turbines or large drives z. B. are found in rolling and steel mills. Each variant is available immediately, even single pieces without initial costs. This allows for a patent pending concept:

The precisely coded magnetic measuring scale is made to fit the circumference of the desired shaft and rolled up for transport. For mounting, it is simply placed like a belt around the generator or drive shaft and fixed with a turnbuckle. Even on the biggest waves, one person is enough. The shaft remains fully assembled. Costs for disassembly and adjustments are eliminated.

The factory adjustment of movable sensor units on the scanning head to the ordered shaft diameter ensures optimum sensor arrangement. Intelligent real-time signal processing always delivers the selected signal resolution, regardless of shaft diameter and tolerances.

The HDmag flex portfolio includes incremental and quasi-absolute variants. Due to its low axial depth, the tension belt encoder requires only little space. A large air gap up to 3 mm and an axial offset up to ± 5 mm between the scanning head and the measuring scale are permitted. This simplifies the adjustment of the components and guarantees absolutely reliable measurement results during operation. Thanks to its bearing-free design and non-contact operation, HDmag flex works practically wear-free for many years.

The electronics in the readhead are completely potted and therefore insensitive to dust, dirt, shock and vibration. By default, incremental to 131.072 pulses per revolution are possible. The quasi-absolute version offers a position resolution up to 20 bit and additionally digital speed signals up to 18 bit resolution. A function monitor permanently checks essential encoder functions and visualizes the device status via a multicolored LED. It also assists in setup by indicating too large a radial distance between the scanhead and magnetic tape.
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