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The search for practical vehicle solutions for the future of electromobility has come to fruition. Apart from the established players, however, it is precisely the start-ups who put clever ideas and unconventional approaches to interesting concepts. This is how the "Cit Card " from Johannes Kremer and Time a range of 200 km, a load volume up to 420 l and a payload of 300 kg.

Jonas Kremer (picture above) had already 2013 the idea for this Kettcar for adults - of course electrically supported. Together with a friend, the inventor built a first prototype. Father Dr. Werner Kremer was infected by the idea. Father and son then turned to the Agit in Aachen. Among other things, this institute supports founders in the implementation of their ideas, the business aspects, the way from the prototype to the market launch, the patent protection. To this end, the institute works together with a network of specialists. Through the mediation of Agit came Jonas Kremer and the Wissen Technological Institute Time together. The closed consultancy agreement includes advice on the selection of materials, support with constructive questions and all so-called make or buy decisions. "With our expertise and our technical know-how, we have accompanied Cit-Kar to pre-series maturity," says Time-Managing Director. Ralf Polzin.

For private transport, parcel service and craftsmen

time203181Already with the 2. The Kremers are making prototypes public: They are presenting the Cit-Kar at the trade fairs Velo in Hamburg and Maker Faire in Berlin - with very good response. "We also made it into the final round of the Eurobike Award, took second place in the reason-live ideas competition and were nominated for the" Best of Startup "award," Jonas Kremer proudly notes.

In essence, Cit-Kar differs from the competition by the weather protection, but also by the ride comfort. "We also have a range of 200 km and can load up to 300 kg," explains Kremer. The load volume of the transport box is up to 400 l, depending on the size. Also conceivable is a Hubbox with 420 l capacity as z. B. is tested by Amazon.

And Cit-Kar can also pull a cargo trailer or Kinderjogger what makes the electric vehicle for the inner city parcel service as interesting as for the safe transport of the kids. But also craftsmen and service providers are among the target group. "With regard to the range and the possibility of using cycle paths, driving up to the outskirts of cities is no problem", Dr. Polzin sure.

750 pre-orders are likely to start production soon

Meanwhile, the Cit-Kar patent is in the release phase. The 3. Prototype is finished and soon goes into the test phase. "We already have about 750 pre-orders and have been selected for a test series at a large delivery service," says Jonas Kremer, who has meanwhile become an election Berliner. Plans for a production in the Berlin surrounding area are already well advanced. The first vehicles could be delivered in the middle of 2018.

"The operating costs for the vehicle will be about 60% lower than those of a small car," the Kremers have calculated. Because gasoline, wear, insurance, taxes, etc. omitted. The inspection costs are much lower. And the Cit-Kar can be moved license-free - like a bicycle.

Independent suspension, disc brakes and on-board computer

time30318Technologically, the Cit-Kar has a lot to offer: For a high suspension comfort provides the independent suspension of 18 "-large wheels with special springs. Fully hydraulic disc brakes with brake light ensure short braking distances. The racing steering wheel is equipped with all important controls and a driving display. The on-board computer displays the speed, the battery level, the kilometers driven and the current time. A mobile phone can alternatively be attached to the steering wheel.

The 250 W mid-engine is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 48 V / 17 Ah and 1.5 kWh capacity and accelerates the Cit-Kar to a maximum of 25 km / h. The light vehicle with its body weighs 60 kg and is priced significantly more attractive than the known Cargobikes.

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