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Here you will find the latest connection technology such as adhesive technology, Soldering and welding or mechanical fasteners, including screws, rivets, hinges for detachable and non-detachable connections in mechanical engineering - a secure hold is guaranteed!

Brand new connection technology

by Heinrich Kipp Werk, Pflitsch, Rampf and others

  • Viscotec carried out customer-specific tests for microdosing in the Preeflow technical center. The fully automatic production of fiber optic cables was checked using a 2K dispenser. The customer requested the repeated application of 5 µl of a two-component material in a volumetric mixing ratio of 8,5: 1. The epoxy adhesive EPO-TEK353ND was used.
  • Specialist article With the rapid increase in e-mobility, a topic is gaining in importance that, although it has always played an important role in the automotive industry, has tended to be concealed in practice: thermal and mechanical joining / joining of sheet metal parts, assemblies and components. With its e-clinching, Tox Pressotechnik offers a technology that takes increasing electrification into account.
  • FMB-Süd Stand F4 With the ball lock pins from Heinrich Kipp Werk, components can be quickly fixed and connected. Two new versions with head locking now also enable connections over large distances, while the continuously adjustable ball lock pins are designed for varying component thicknesses.
  • Misumi sells a large number of hinge bolts through its online shop and can meet all specific requirements in this area. Hinge bolts are used in machine and plant construction and are suitable for the precise rotatable bearing, for example of cylinders and cam rollers. A large part of the components can be delivered from batch size 1 within a few days.
  • Böllhoff presents the next development stage of its "Helicoil" thread technology. The functions of "Helicoil Plus" and "Helicoil Tangfree" were combined in the "Helicoil Smart". The thread stained blue and provided with a pin that does not have to be broken. The built-in spindle bends it back when spindling and then compresses it. Broken cones and cones removed.
  • Welding hall DC, booth 206 Yaskawa is expanding the “Arcworld” portfolio with two very compact, turnkey, robot-based shielding gas welding cells. Motoman robots, positioners, controls and power sources are combined on a platform to save space and are ready for immediate use. This means that the robot cell can be moved quickly and easily if required.
  • K Hall 5, Stand C03 The new "EVO PT" screw from Ejot was developed for plastic direct screwing. This connection can also be calculated in advance, taking into account the relevant operating conditions, thus allowing early verification of the system in the early development phase of the design.
  • Motek Hall 6, Booth 6104 Tolerance sleeves are slotted sheet metal sleeves with beads that are stamped like wave crests. The standard material is stainless steel spring steel, which can withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C. Special designs can even be used at temperatures up to 450 ° C or in aggressive chemical environments. Dr. Tretter presents its tolerance sleeves or tolerance rings built into a robot arm to show what they can do.
  • Weco manufactures PCB terminals with overlong, angled or double solder pins. Produced at the headquarters in Hanau, the pens can be applied to a straight or angled surface. This guarantees an optimal casting of boards with components without any restrictions. The products that are used in heating technology, for example, offer a wide range of variants.
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