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Liquid ring vacuum pumpEdwards Vacuum presents the new Liquid ring vacuum pump "Elri" for wet, moist and corrosive applications in the industrial and rough vacuum range. The technical features are of central importance in this new development. Impeller, end plates, liquid reservoir and the heat exchanger made of stainless steel make this pump a lot resistant to corrosion and rough process gas. Internal injection channels reduce the risk of leaks.

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Space missions are among the most expensive research projects of humanity and can quickly cost billions of euros. In order to ensure that the corresponding components also function in the vacuum conditions prevailing in space, these are technically produced with suitable pumps and systems on the ground. Leybold delivers the technology as a holistic provider - right up to ultra-high vacuum.

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When sucking plastic bags or film-wrapped, non-dimensionally stable workpieces with vacuum cups wrinkles, the suction force disappears and the transported goods can fall down. Exactly for this has SMC now developed the vacuum suction cups of the series ZP3P. Thanks to their soft and flexible silicone rubber suction cup, they are suitable for priming this product group.

witte0719Witte Barskamp is the first supplier in the world to offer non-reflective microporous Vacuum clamping plates made of black "Metapor" material on the market. The new plate variants have been specifically developed for use in measurement applications where optical reflections have often been a problem, such as testing transparent RFID films, wafers or films.

smc0519Around 250% higher suction flow compared to a single-stage model, the multi-stageVacuum generators of the ZL112A series from SMC. Based on the highly efficient 3 stage diffuser construction, they are very powerful. The lightweight powerhouses are also 8% narrower and 60% lighter.

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Energy-efficient technologies for the production of blown air and vacuum: This topic presents Becker at the heart of her. The focus is on fast-growing user industries such as additive manufacturing technologies. Here high-quality blowers are needed, which circulate the inert gas in the working space of the machines or take over the pneumatic conveying of the metal powder.