Drive Elements

for power transmission

Save total cost of ownership with efficient gear wheels, drive chains, conveyor chains, toothed racks and toothed belts

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Drive elements: News for efficient power transmission

Here you will find products and applications for Drive elements, part of the Drive Technology. This includes components such as racks, drive chains and also gears, clutches and brakes. Learn how to use efficient drive elements to reduce TCO costs in applications food technology to Automobile Can save manufacturing.

Drive element Tsubaki


Drive chains, sprockets, belts, conveyor chains, shafts, toothed wheels, toothed racks, toothed belts transfer movements, forces and torques from the drive into the machine. With these products of the Drive Technology it depends on the service life, strength, load capacity, etc. Because if they fail, the machine comes to a standstill. The drive elements are therefore maintenance-intensive and often have a decisive influence on the TCO costs (Total Cost of Ownership). We have many great success stories in which replacing a drive element increases machine running times many times over. 

Brand new drive elements

In the following, we present new and further developments in the field of drive elements. Click on the links to get to Transmission, Couplings and Brakeswhich we will deal with separately in a menu. 

Drive elements for special industries


Drive elements for mechanical engineering and plant construction

With a new approach to Product development and product design supported Tsubaki its customers in reducing the environmental impact in their operations and increasing their profitability. With the Eco + Eco, optimized for ecology and economy Drive and conveyor chains the efficiency of plants can be increased and resources recycling and reusability improved. A chain Configurator also facilitates the design of the individual conveyor chain.

Tsubaki Eco Eco


Plastic Gears from Igus ensure lubricant-free power transmission in countless applications. Because of its special material Composition of base polymers, fibers, fillers and solid lubricants is a Gear Made of Iglidur high-performance polymers, highly wear-resistant. Below we present the New developments before:

Igus plastic bevel gear


The Drive chain is often called in industry machine element perceived as a means to an end, while the more complex components surrounding them receive greater attention. And so designers often use cost-effective standard solutions and do not even question a customer-specific development. It offers Tsubaki quite worthwhile alternatives for special requirements.

Tsubaki drive chains


A British one Automobile-Manufacturer had a problem with the maintenance of the conveyor chains that his Hanging strap drive. This is used to transport the assembled carBodySilo equipment. The roller chains had to be replaced too often, otherwise they would have brought production to a standstill. By converting to a special conveyor chain developed by Tsubaki the problem could be solved. Only they had to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) instead of the purchase price.

Tsubaki conveyor chain hanging strap


The drive elements "chain" is in principle a simple component. But once it fails, it can cause high costs through an unplanned production shutdown. Of course, regular inspections should ensure smooth operation. But it is even better if the quality of the chains does not require any maintenance at all. Thanks to its 100 know-how, Tsubaki offers numerous chain innovations that significantly reduce maintenance.

Tsubaki quality chains


When it comes to a lack of service life, excessive wear and tear and unreliability of drive chains, it is advisable to think outside the box and ask an alternative supplier. In the present case, a Dutch steel mill was able to increase the productivity of its heat treatment in the long term. How? Because Tsubkaki has replaced his failure-prone lifting chains with high-tech chains with a service life of up to 15 years.

Tsubaki steel mill drive chain



If you try to insert a rivet link into an inner link in a roller chain, you will find that it only works with the use of force. Although the nominal chain pitch of the DIN ISO 606 standard should be the same, theory differs from practice here. The drive specialist Tsubaki knows why there are obviously two pitches in a roller chain and what that means for the user.

tsubaki10117A manufacturer of insulating glass fiber wool found out that premature wear of the chain installed in a conveyor system was responsible for the deteriorating product quality. He replaced the chain with a premium chain from the leading manufacturer of drive technology products, Tsubaki. This not only solved the quality problems, but also tripled the service life of the system.

The Timing belts is a universally applicable driving element for many industrial sectors such as packaging technology, mechanical engineering, toolmaking, printing technology, textile machinery. The latest new development is the Breco toothed belt from Mulco, which is equipped with a new coating material withstand extremely hot temperatures. Details on this and other innovations can be found below:

Habasit timing belt


Igus03151Whether it is highly resilient, temperature-resistant up to 150 degrees or particularly cost-effective - with the extensive full range of "Drylin" threaded nuts from Igus, the right material is available for every application in the machine tool industry. Under the motto "Savfe 4.0", the motion plastics specialist is presenting its range to an international specialist audience.

Low weight, corrosion resistance, smooth running, minimal maintenance thanks to self-lubrication and last but not least a good price-performance ratio: Plastic gears offer numerous advantages compared to steel models. Norelem has now added numerous designs to its range, which can be used in various industrial areas thanks to the high-performance materials used.

Norelem bevel wheels

tsubaki0218If chain strands in machines have to be operated in pairs or several times in parallel and synchronously, it is necessary that the drive elements have exactly the same length. To ensure this, Tsubaki offers the optional "Match + Tag" service. This ensures that the chain strands have a max. Have a length difference of 0,5 mm.