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Pneumatics: News for compressed air supply in Industry 4.0

analog microelectronics0519Sensor + Test hall 1, 215 Stand

Analog Microelectronics extends its AMS 5915 digital board-level pressure sensor series with I2C output with special variants for pneumatic applications. These ladder-plate-mountable sensors in the DIP-08 ceramic body are designed for manifold mounting on flanges with O-ring seals. They are only about 4 mm high.

mannhummel0419"StarboxXT"And" Starbox2"Are the new spin-on separators from Mann + Hummel for air deflation of compressors. The separator series ensures clean compressed air and at the same time reduces the energy requirements of the systems.

orimar0219Loads up to 4000 kg per m² can be stored on the "fixed glide" ball roller elements of Orimair be promoted gently and virtually frictionless on an air film. This is particularly advantageous in the case of soft and sensitive surfaces, since the load is absorbed flatly and not at points.

kipp0119Hannover Messe Hall 3, booth M43

Heinrich Kipp Werk has a wide range of new clamping elements added to the existing range. The new products are characterized by their pneumatic operation and are particularly suitable for use in processing machines. Partial automation considerably simplifies processes.

rsc1118RS Components has greatly expanded its range of pneumatic components. Added to this is a complete assortment of very reasonably priced products Private Label "RS Pro"And now also delivering to the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. In addition to the previously available pneumatic systems in the series, new products are aimed at maintenance technicians and mechanical engineers.

friedemann0918Motek Hall 3, 3301 Stand

The pneumatic linear unit Friedemann Wagner's LSM-3 is a precise and repeatable mini-linear slide for the pneumatic automation of especially small workpieces. The load to be moved is safely guided and carried by 2 carriages with sealed recirculating ball bearings.