imi10216IMI Precision Engineering introduces the new 51D electronic pressure switch from IMI Norgren. This is suitable for all standard pneumatic applications in which it works precisely with an overall accuracy of ± 2%. The pressure switch can be used in pressure ranges from -1 to 10 bar and -1 to 1 bar and has two electrical outputs (2 x PNP and 2 x NPN).

Above all, users benefit from simple, intuitive operation via three keys with a defined pressure point. All parameters can be set via two menu levels. Basic functions such as switching and reset points are defined in the first menu level. The second level sets advanced features such as on / off delay times, zero suppression, or an electronic lockout code that prevents inadvertent or willful modification of settings.

In addition to the standard threaded screw connection, the 51D can be mounted on a DIN rail profile via a mounting clip. Alternatively, there is a wall / floor or a control cabinet mounting kit as an accessory.
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