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peppperl1118SPS IPC Drives Halls 7A, 6 and 5

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Pepperl + Fuchs, Software AG and Dell present a joint showcase. Under the title "Smart Industrial IoT", the three companies show the seamless integration of automation technology and IT systems within an Industry 4.0 production environment. A live demo serves this purpose, in which the trade fair visitors learn how an internationally positioned SMD production can be optimized through the implementation of communication-capable sensors, high-performance hardware gateways and intelligent IIoT software solutions.

Due to the cooperative nature of the live demo, it can be experienced on the exhibition stands of all three companies, with additional insights into the contribution of the individual project participants.

IT bridge between shop floor and office floor

peppperl21118As an edge-computing basis for the exchange of information between the shop floor and the office floor, Dell uses the flexible 5000 Embedded Box PC. This compact and energy-efficient industrial PC can be adapted to meet the exact application requirements. Thanks to its robust construction, it can also be used without problems in process-related environments such as the divider. Software AG and Neoception's Pepperl + Fuchs subsidiary, which specializes in the development of IIoT applications, will be equipping the Embedded Box PC 5000 with the required software agents and Cumulocity Cloud Gateway for communication between fieldbus, IO-Link devices and the IoT cloud manufacture.

Hall 6, 454 Stand

Harness data potentials

peppperl31118Software AG's Cumulocity IoT cloud-based platform is the destination of the data in the application shown. In this solution, process and status data are analyzed and interpreted across locations in order to make new potentials available to users. Data processing takes place at the edge of the network with the edge solution shown here, saving resources - only the relevant data for the application is forwarded. The spectrum of application cases includes real-time condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, production process optimization and field service management.

Hall 5, 360 Stand

IO-Link components as enablers

peppperl11118Pepperl + Fuchs contributes various components from its sensor 4.0 portfolio for factory automation for the exemplary application on a blank separator for assembled printed circuit boards. Modular R10x series optical sensors are used to position the milling head, while a PMI-F90 inductive position sensor supports the stepper motor control. All components, including the stepper motor, are connected via IO-Link to an Ethernet IO module with integrated IO-Link master. This module connects the components via Profinet to a controller and makes the process and status data aggregated via IO-Link available to IT systems on the office floor in parallel via a Dell edge gateway.

Hall 7A stand 330

Voices for cooperation

"With this joint showcase, trade fair visitors will experience a holistic concept that, in addition to our IoT platform, also includes the underlying IO-Link sensor technology and edge computing hardware," commented Werner Rieche, Regional President DACH at Software AG.

"Many companies are looking for ways to use the Internet of Things efficiently for their production processes. Based on this showcase, we present a preconfigured IoT solution that you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively put into operation. It helps them optimize their production efficiencies while reducing the number of their business partners, "said Doris Albiez, senior vice president and general manager, Dell EMC Germany. "The showcase is the entry into further joint IoT projects."

"In the age of 4.0, IT and automation companies are increasingly being challenged to pool their expertise to deliver truly end-to-end, value-added solutions. This demonstrates the tremendous potential of IO-Link sensor technology in conjunction with the corresponding hardware components and IoT software platforms, "summarizes Benedikt Rauscher, Head of Global IoT / I4.0 Projects at Pepperl + Fuchs.

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