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If a mechanically commutated DC motor reaches its limits in terms of life or performance, it is time to switch to brushless applications DC motors convert. The demand for brushless DC motors is unbroken - and rising. This has changed koco Motion and offers a comprehensive BLDC program that leaves (almost) no user wishes open.

koco20118Depending on the application, the electronic commutation of DC motors allows service lives of over 20.000 operating hours to be achieved. Only the bearings are subject to wear here.

The BLDC motors are available in two designs: as internal and external rotor. They are known to differ in the position of stator and rotor: The internal rotor is the permanent magnets (rotor) and thus the rotating part inside. They are enclosed by the windings, ie the stationary part (stator). In the outer rotor, the permanent magnets (rotor) enclose the windings (stator). All brushless DC motors basically have an 3-phase winding.

Internal rotors have a higher power density, which allows a high torque to be achieved in a short space. By contrast, the moment of inertia of the external rotor is significantly higher than that of an identical internal rotor. The type of construction used depends ultimately on the available space and the required performance, which requires the application.

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koco30118bInternal rotor is available in a slotted design and slotless design. In the grooved design, the drive specialist offers motors in the diameter range from 16 to 36 mm and with a square front flange from 42 x 42 to 110 x 110 mm. The motor winding in ungated stator design are characterized among other things by a lack of cogging torque, whereby they offer a very smooth running and good controllability.

In addition, these motors can also be produced in very small designs. They are available in sizes from 8 to 40 mm in the performance range below 1 to approx. 150 W. Typical applications for the ungrounded design are miniature pumps, optical scanner drives, high-quality toys or sensitive positioning applications such as those found in grippers.

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koco40118Due to the special magnet design in the rotor, external rotor BLDC motors offer a very high power density with minimized overall length and a small overall high power volume. They are suitable for a variety of applications: In electric mobility, the external rotor are used for example in drones and direct drives or they are used in household robots. But they are also predestined for z. As optical devices, actuators, blowers, suction and pumps.

These external rotor motors are available in diameters from 13 to 98 mm, whereby the largest motors can already achieve performance in the single-digit kW range. Further dimensions, sizes and customer-specific adaptations are a pleasure for the specialists in Dauchingen. And so an integration of controllers in the drives in many cases is possible.

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koco50118The actuators of the BLDC motors can be used for sensorless motors or for motors with Hall sensors respectively. The basis for this are various electronics that can be customized to meet customer and / or project requirements.

For example, the speed control via a PWM (pulse-width modulation) or analog signal. The respective control voltage to be applied is customizable. In many cases, you can also work at a fixed speed or integrate the controller into the drive.

The concepts range from simple speed control on a board to the integration of, for example, membrane keyboards in the drive concept. A solution as a simple control board up to the housed solution for the control cabinet assembly is possible on request at any time.

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