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ktrElectric drives are becoming ever more powerful, compact and dynamic. This also has an effect on the torsionally flexible couplings, whose tried-and-tested sprocket assemblies repeatedly reach their limits. As a result, users often rely on sprockets made of peek or other expensive special compounds in harsh environmental conditions. KTR Kupplungstechnik has thereforeRotex "-Klauenkupplungen We searched for a new material with a broader range of applications and found it with the all-round material "T-Pur" after comprehensive test series, which were carried out together with leading plastic manufacturers.

This sprocket mix makes the world's most commonly used claw coupling significantly more flexible in use. The new material is characterized among other things by a larger temperature window: While conventional sprocket materials can be used at temperatures from -30 ° to + 90 ° C, T-Pur is suitable for -50 ° to + 120 ° C. The fatigue strength is significantly better, so that the service life of the coupling system increases and the maintenance intervals can be extended. Even with higher dynamic requirements such as variable speeds and frequent reversing operation proves itself
T-Pur as the better material.

The new material will be used for the standard rims of the Rotec- Claw Clutches from size 14 to size 90 used. Depending on the desired damping behavior, different degrees of hardness or elasticity are available from 92 Sh-A to 64 Sh-D. From size 100, KTR supplies double tooth elements, which are also made from the new material.

The gear rim material was tested under real operating conditions in many common fields of application as well as wherever the standard elastomers used so far could not guarantee the required fatigue resistance or temperature resistance. The desired lifetime has been achieved in practice with the new elastomer. Field trials with customers confirmed the superiority of the T-Pur sprockets.

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