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Mayr Antriebstechnik presents new versions of the intelligent modules "Roba-brake-checker"And"Roba-torqcontrol". You can monitor safety brakes quickly and easily or enable the machines to decelerate evenly and gently - even with variable loads. The two Roba modules make brakes fit for the challenges of Industry 4.0 and also create the conditions for preventive error detection and maintenance.

The Roba brake checker is now also available in a version for AC voltage. In a further expansion stage, the module also controls the brake and thus replaces a rectifier. Switching status monitoring and brake control are combined in one device.

With the Roba-torqcontrol module, the company has developed an intelligent and economically attractive solution that allows adaptable braking reactions and allows machines to be brought to a standstill in a defined manner - regardless of the respective load condition. Because so far, the spring-actuated safety brakes, the design only the two operating states "braking torque available" and "brake torque canceled" know, based on the maximum load dimensioned. This is problematic for devices and machines that may have varying loads, especially if they are only partially loaded. So if the load is much lighter than the maximum allowed, then the braking torque may be much too high. The abrupt braking can then lead to damage to the cargo and pose a danger to man and machine.

Braking torque changed during operation

mayr21018The solution lies in the control: The intelligent control module Roba-torqcontrol changes the braking torque during operation. For this, the current and voltage are specifically influenced. The module thus offers the possibility of setting up control loops and intelligently braking movements - ideal bases for use in the smart, networked machine. This allows the brake to be adapted to the current load at any time.

Integrated into a control loop, Roba-torqcontrol can control the brake according to various parameters. Constant braking torques, stopping distances or delay times are thus achievable. There is only one signal generator needed, for example, provides a PLC with the necessary information. This in turn translates these signals into instructions for the roba-torqcontrol module. Older machines can be retrofitted with the intelligent system from much easier.

Permanent brake monitoring

To control electromagnetic safety brakes, the drive specialist has developed the Roba-brake-checker module, an intelligent brake monitoring solution. Both modules are based on the same functional principle. The Roba-brake-checker module is used exclusively to monitor the brakes, the Roba-torqcontrol module also has the monitoring function and can also control brakes. Depending on the application, users can choose the appropriate solution. The two modules work without a sensor on the brake in a protected environment from the control cabinet.

In addition to the switching state, they can also infer conclusions on temperature, wear and Zugweg- or traction reserve, ie, whether the magnet is still able to attract the armature disc. With the new modules, therefore, significantly more processes are being imaged than previously, for example with Hall sensors or microswitches or inductive proximity switches. When the traction reserve is reached, Roba-brake-checker and Roba-torqcontrol send a warning signal so early that a certain operating time of the brake is still possible. During this time, the machine operator can carry out the maintenance in a targeted and coordinated manner to his work process.

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