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Laser parts onlineNortec Hall 3A, Stand 331

bent parts and Laser parts online shopping: presented just over two years ago Laserhub its digital platform for automated order and order management for Sheet metal working such as laser cutting, folding, powder coating, deburring or bending sheet metal parts. In 2020, the startup will present an innovation in the cloud-based offerings. It expands the strategy and capacities towards large series orders.

CopperCopper is an efficient material when construction planners are looking for a sustainable material. Important changes in European environmental certification are now recognized according to German copper institute the contribution that copper can make to the circular economy. The changes to the published in October 2019 Standard EN 15804 contain core rules for product categories (PCR) for type III environmental declarations for every construction product and construction work.

Precision shaftsMinitec manufactures Precision shafts now also in series. The provider of a modular system with aluminum profiles and linear technology offers cutting, axial, radial and milling machining for this. To this end, the company has equipped itself with the latest technology at the Waldmohr location in Rhineland-Palatinate. The latest CNC machines, constant further training of employees and comprehensive quality management are the basis for precision, efficiency and reliable adherence to deadlines.

dreckshage1118Dirt Shock offers now stainless austenitic steel 1.4404 as bearing material. Due to advances in the production of stainless steels, especially the lowering of the carbon content to very low levels, 1.4404 has replaced almost all 1.4571 titanised grades.

Tanaka1018Tanaka Precious Metals has developed a nano-silver wiring technology to produce high-quality flexible touch displays on film substrates. A new nano-silver ink, which can be sintered at 70 ° C, is suitable both for printing invisible conductor tracks on plastics and for producing flexible metal films for etching using the ITO process.

laserhub0118FMB 5 Hall, Booth A29

The supply chain of the mechanical engineering industry should not falter even in times of strong demand. For example, sheet metal parts must be always available quickly, reliably, in high quality and at acceptable cost. This task is the focus of the startup Laserhub.