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Five new models with 10 GigE Vision compliant interface to use optical cables extend the range Industrial cameras of the LX series by Baumer, The cameras are suitable for applications that require a high bandwidth of 1,1 GB / s over long distances. Depending on the SFP + module used, long-haul solutions up to 10 km can be realized - completely without a media converter.

This saves system costs in combination with the inexpensive cables. At the same time, the system structure is simplified and very flexible. Series production of the new models with 3, 5, 9 and 12 megapixel resolution starts in the 3. Quarter.

By using the proven in the IT and telecommunications fiber optic technology applications can be tapped, which could be realized because of the limitations in the cable length of, for example, 100 m for Gigabit Ethernet only cumbersome, z. B. in large production facilities, in transportation or in motion analysis in sports. Another advantage for industrial image processing is the insensitivity to electromagnetic interference, such as when used directly next to motors or other industrial equipment. This reduces the sensitivity of the entire application.

The cables are very robust, flexible in installation and can be bent heavily, which simplifies the integration, especially over long distances. Compared to the 10GBase-T transmission via copper cable, they exhibit a lower power loss, so that less waste heat is generated and cooling measures can be reduced. With the support of IEEE 1588, the LX cameras in multi-camera systems work absolutely synchronously.

The 10 GigE models of the LX series are suitable for demanding inspection tasks that place high demands on the accuracy of image acquisition and throughput at the same time. Their robust industrial design withstands mechanical stress and ensures reliable, long-term stable image processing. Thanks to Liquid Lens support via RS232, they are also suitable for applications with varying working distances, for example when controlling 2D codes on packets of different heights. The cameras have four opto-decoupled power outputs with pulse width modulation and an output power of up to 120 W (max 48 V / 2,5 A) for the direct control of lighting without an external controller. Thanks to the optional patented tube system, the cameras offer IP 65 and IP 67 protection without external housings.

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