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CCD line scan camerasRauscher now has the TDI line scan camera from the Korean manufacturer Vieworks in its sales program. These line scan cameras have hybrid sensors that combine the best of the CCD and CMOS sensor world. The fast Camera Link and Coaxpress line scan cameras have up to 256 TDI stages, which guarantee maximum sensitivity.

Vieworks offers TDI line scan cameras based on self-developed hybrid sensors. These combine the image quality of a CCD with the speed of a CMOS and thus offer the best of both sensor worlds.

Resolutions from 2160 up to 23.360 pixels cover a wide range of applications. With line rates of up to 250 kHz, these cameras keep up with the fastest production processes.

The time delay integration technology with up to 256 TDI stages significantly increases the sensitivity compared to single or dual line sensors. This allows you to work at high speeds, reduces the amount of lighting and improves depth of field by stopping down the optics.

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