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berkenhoff0919EMO Hall 13 stand D94

Berkenhoff introduces a new generation of EDM wires, the first of which is the patent-pending "Triple Impact Sheath" (Trimpac) process, a newly developed coating technique. The wire coating encases a brass core made of CuZn37 and, due to its wear resistance and surface structure, enables high cutting performance.

fkm10719Thanks to the development of a new finishing technology can FKM sintering technology now refine the surfaces of plastic moldings from 3D printing in many ways. The fully automated process is called "FKM smooth" and is primarily aimed at homogeneous smoothing and sealing.

ebinghaus0619Components in the CDP process are generally hung or plugged onto special devices before being dipped into the different baths. In addition to constructive measures in the design of the workpieces and the construction of this product carrier itself contributes to a good coating result. Therefore, Ebbinghaus Styria Coating pays special attention to the design and manufacture of these product carriers.

OVE0619OVE Plasmatec is the first supplier in the world to offer a color coating with FDA approval. The company mainly coats elastomer components. The in-house development has received NSF certification for FDA-compliant coatings in color variants. In the case of seals, the coating can improve friction coefficients and facilitate assembly. Due to the color, these can now also be used confusion-proof for applications in the food industry.

viscotec0519Der "Preeflow Eco-PEN300 1K "Dispenser from Viscotec Automated application ensures optimal processes and low material consumption. Applications can be found everywhere: on steering wheels and radiator grille on cars, excavators and tractors, on coffee machines, refrigerators and other household appliances.

rio0119RIO has the new one Procedure "Betenio"developed for metal pretreatment, which offer significant advantages over the conventional methods of blasting and acid treatment.