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Rodriguez10216Thin section bearings from Rodriguez care in a laser terminal for best accuracy in data transmission. With the new laser communication system can be in aeronautical applications large amounts of data transferred. So Aerial photos can already be transmitted to a ground station during the flight - even over very long distances.
Rodriguez0216Automatica Hall B6, Booth 314

Thin section bearings for confined spaces and linear technology for each motion task are the focus of the presentation of Rodriguez, The customer-specific system solutions in linear technology and roller bearings provide added value, because the users get a ready solution that is precisely matched to the respective systems.
nsk0116NSK bearings offer a particularly high durability, high permissible speeds and reliability. Thus they ensure world for a more productive and dynamic operation of machines in paper mills, This can be seen for example in the wire section in modern papermaking. There threaten water penetration and ever higher speeds demanded premature bearing failure and related production disruptions.
nke10116Success Story

NKE Austria presented for challenging operating conditions optimized bearing cages with DLC coating (Diamond-like Carbon). Compared to brass cage designs, the DLC-coated steel cages are characterized by high resistance and durability. Two application examples demonstrate the advantages of the cage and describe the step from prototype to series production in a niche product.

Igus01162Is ESD suitability wondered offers Igus the dissipative material "Iglidur F2" at. Especially in the textile industry, or where there are no electronic components may be adversely affected, the use of this material is suitable. This allows customers to manufacture special parts as cost-effectively as possible, the Motion Plastics provides specialist semi-processed Iglidur F2 in new sizes, thereby allowing a more efficient material utilization.
skf10415Success Story

SKF has developed a high-performance bearing that forms the core of a new generation of machine tool spindles. These enable users to increase their productivity and quality and help machine tool builder Vigel SpA develop new markets.