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koco Motion extends his family of miniaturized drives. The new stepper motor VSM08-15 combines low space requirements with very high performance. This allows the simplest positioning tasks to be realized. Its compact external dimensions of only 8 mm in diameter and 7,9 mm in length, the stepper motors have enough space even in the smallest of installation spaces. The simple control of the 2 phase-PM stepping motor is provided by simple controllers that only have to switch low voltages and currents.

The high acceleration and the resulting high dynamics keep the running times for positioning tasks low, even over longer distances. The application areas of the mini motors are found in medical technology, microscopy, security technology and everywhere, where mobility, size, weight or accuracy of the device and thus mass and energy supply play a role. Specifically, the VSM08-15 are suitable for implementing valve adjustments in automation or for display devices in the automotive industry.

The small size of the stepper motors accommodates all connections. The holding torque is 0,25 mNm and the dynamic torque is up to 0,2 mNm. The open-loop operation allows a quick and easy implementation. In the standard version, the miniature drives can withstand operating temperatures from -10 ° to + 60 ° C. On request, there are numerous modifications such as connection technology or mechanical attachments such as pinions and mounting plates.

The step angle of 18 ° gives an idea of ​​how filigree work must be done in order to achieve the 20 full steps per revolution. This means that the drive can already be positioned very precisely in full-step mode. By means of a microstep resolution, positioning can be refined many times over and the concentricity is positively influenced. The small step angle of this design allows a very good working with the cogging torque, when the position has been reached in full step and the motor is to be kept de-energized to save energy.

By means of a spindle, the drive can be converted into a linear drive and, as an actuator with a spindle pitch of 0,5 mm per revolution, achieve high dynamics. The drives are also always customizable.
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