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With the new Linear gantry robot "LGR-3" offers Fibro Läpple a modular system for loading and unloading machines and for handling workpieces. This allows a wide variety of customer requirements to be implemented flexibly. The company uses the electrical design of the portal to secure the vertical axis electromagnetic brakes "Roba-linearstop" from Mayr Antriebstechnik.

Whether for the loading and unloading of machine tools or machining centers, for the parts transfer or the transport of devices, tools or machining systems: The new modular axle and portal construction kit from Fibro Läpple Technology GmbH (FLT) is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications Applications designed. "The special thing about FLT is that we manufacture automation solutions for a wide variety of industries and for all machining and handling processes," explains Boris Bind, Head of Design Mechanics + Development at FLT in Hassmersheim. "Our modular concept allows us to respond flexibly to customer requirements."

Safety for man and machine

electromagnetic brakesOne component of the proven modular system is the new linear portal robot LGR-3 for machine assembly and workpiece handling. "With the gantry robot, we can automate individual process cells," says Bind, describing the area of ​​application. "The advantage of the construction as a portal is that it is constructed above the machine tool. This leaves access to the machine and the work area free - unlike a classic robot that takes up space.

Depending on the design and construction of the variant can be spanned as a surface gantry robot and larger workspaces. The portal may also cross areas where people are, "explains Bind. "The linear brake in the vertical axis reliably prevents the axle from sagging and people being damaged. The portal is therefore also safe for these applications. "

Security through fail-safe principle

In the electrical version of the linear portal robot, FLT relies on the electromagnetic Roba-linearstop safety brake from Mayr power transmission, the specialist for clutches and brakes from Mauerstetten in the Allgäu. In the event of a power failure or emergency stop, the brake reliably holds the axis in any position. It works according to the fail-safe principle, which means that it is closed when de-energized. The braking force is generated by compression springs.

Electromagnetic brake with zero-play power transmission

electromagnetic brakesAs a compact brake unit, the electromagnetic brake can also be integrated into existing machine and system designs easily, quickly and without complex adjustment work. It acts on a separate brake rod. If the brake closes, the rod is kept free of play. The Roba-linearstop works without self-reinforcing wedge action and thus acts in both directions of movement. Because the force is generated without a self-reinforcing wedge effect together with very short reaction times, the axis does not sag when it closes.

Although other linear braking systems that work with self-reinforcing wedge effect, generate a high braking force. However, the wedge effect only works in one direction and to create the wedge effect, the brake must "reset" when closing. If the wedge effect of the brake is not limited, the braking force increases to infinity. This shock must be absorbed by the machine design. In addition, the clamp for releasing the brake must often be freed with enormous force. This is not necessary with the Roba-linearstop.

"What's important to us is that the peak load that occurs when braking is not too big," adds Boris Bind. "We need a constant force curve when braking, then the console can be smaller. In addition, the brake must be compact, because there is little space overall. "

Proven quality with 100 percent traceability

electromagnetic brakesThe linear brakes available on the market today usually function as static clamping units and are designed to hold the axles at a standstill. However, persons can also be under suspended loads during commissioning, maintenance or even during the production process, without first transferring the load to the mechanical linear brake. If the drive fails completely in these operating states, the linear brake alone is responsible for safely decelerating the load.

That is why the Roba-linearstop safety brakes, which are available in electromagnetic, pneumatic or hydraulic design, are more than just clamping units. They are designed to hold the load safely and are also suitable for emergency braking.

Before a brake leaves the factory of Mayr, the required force is adjusted with appropriate safety. This value is checked and documented and is therefore assigned to each serial number in a comprehensible way. To make this possible, the company has a variety of modern testing capabilities and can draw on decades of experience in development and design. The electronic database, where the measurements are archived together with the corresponding serial numbers of the product, ensures 100-owned traceability.

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  • Ferdinand Mayr (r.), Fritz Mayr's grandson, is the fifth generation to join the management of Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG. In the future, three managing directors will stand for security, reliability and innovation across generations in the company founded in 1897.
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