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klueber1218Klüber Lubrication presents new water-miscible Bonded coatings without combustible solvents for life-time dry lubrication and for special applications with pre-start lubrication. In addition to the well-known advantages of dry lubrication, the new product line offers significant glide improvement and increased O-ring tightness due to reduced gas and liquid permeability.

Datalogic laser markerMotek Hall 8, 8118 Stand

Datalogic presents its new one Laser Arex 400, Together with the software "Marvis", the user receives a complete traceability solution. The Arex series is a family of compact fiber lasers for high-speed marking on metal and plastic for the automotive and electronics industries.

viscotec0918Bond Expo Hall 6 stand 6419

Spraying is a proven application used, for example, in painting with materials that contain color pigments, or in hard-to-reach component geometries. Viscotec is the new one Sprühdispensers for volumetric spraying.

benseler0918Fakuma Hall A5, Booth 5012

Whether direct and indirect light accents, color-painted accent strips or mirror surfaces: Innovative plastic coating makes it possible to create a variety of components in and around the vehicle. How big the range of feasible with plasma vacuum coatings (PVD) in combination with UV varnish, shows BENSELER.

sic0718AMB Hall 8 stand D30

SIC Marking introduces the laser marker "I103 HD laser", with which direct marks can be precisely produced on metal and plastic parts thanks to the short-pulse fiber laser used. Its technical properties make it possible to label metals and plastics even more contrastingly and with better readability - even for surfaces that are not so optimal.

ebbinghaus0718The KTL coating at Oftec Oberflächentechnik (Ebbinghaus Verbund) offers, for example, particularly good corrosion protection, high scratch resistance and high resistance to acids, lyes, stone chips and salt water. It is therefore suitable for components from a wide variety of industries and can then be painted with common powder coatings and wet paint.